This is our boat dock.  They are not boats. 🙂  This is my oldest niece Allie and her friend Nikii.  I took this while standing on our lanai. 


When my husband and I planned a trip to a riverboat casino in Bettendorf Iowa last year a block before the casino we got hit by a semi.  Sadly it was a hit & run, (dirtball).  It was a horrible way to spend two days in Iowa.


So yesterday, while driving the car they replaced the aforementioned car with we were driving up the right hand lane and a woman who was driving the opposite direction decided tht she wanted to turn left across two lanes of stopped traffic and one lane of flowing traffic.  Well, we were flowing in it, until we came to a rather abrupt stop against her car.

So, here we are in Port Charlotte Florida, due to leave on Saturday morning, and our car is now undrivable…again.

We had my two nieces and Nikki in the back seat of the car.  Luckily every one escaped mostly unscathed.  Just some bruises and one hurt toe. 🙂


We are not good at vacationing.


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  1. Oh my! We had better never go on vacation together. My luck is pretty bad too! Hope the lady had insurance.Looks like your car is totaled. Sorry.

  2. I’m telling you, next time we are wrapping a thick layer of industrial bubble wrap around your car!I am just glad everyone is ok.  We don’t do vacations well, fortunately not because of car accidents.  I feel really bad for you.

  3. Oh, it’s bad and glad to hear you are alright!

  4. So glad that you are all OK, but how scary and aggravating!

  5. Oye vey!  Glad everyone is okay.  Hope the rest of the vacation makes up for it.Also hope the lady is well insured.

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