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I installed Picassa and discovered the collage feature! 

Oh, and I am about to go post private. :O


Day 4?

Spent Saturday moving slow. 

Went to Daniel Boone State Park and saw Cumberland Falls. beautiful park. Driving up and down the roads was similar to being on a small roller coaster. So this day was a 2 fer.



The falls were really beautiful and accessible. I got to climb around on rocks and get up close and personal with pools of tadpoles.



I love pathways and steps and there were some great ones here.

I think we pretty much are eating our way home. This was the dessert case at the Italian restaurant where we ate dinner. I was trying to get a good shot of what appears to be a brownie cheesecake.  The crust is chocolate, then it looks like chunks of chocolate or brownie in the cheesecake, brownies piled on top, then chocolate poured over.  I will also tell you that wandering around this town yesterday it has to be one of the most obese towns I have ever seen.  Easily 85% of the people I saw were big, very big.

This was my dinner and I thought it was ingenious. They called it their Vegetarian Pasta. It’s linguine in some sort of cream garlicy sauce and then they just threw on all of the vegetable already available for their pizzas. Sun-dried tomato, diced tomato, green pepper, mushroom, black olives and green olives. So simple, but so so good.


We ate at the original Colonel Sanders Kentucky Fried chicken. Sadly we just had some sides. 🙂

The weather on Saturday was PERFECT. I haven’t looked at the weather forecast but my limited view out the window (I am five feet from the side of a very large hill) looks kind of dark. 

Yesterday Sean sent me a pic of the empty robins nest. All of the baby birds have flown off.

Driving home today. We thought about staying somewhere in Cincinnati tonight but decided against it. Corey has a twisted ankle from jumping off a rock yesterday. We’ll do a long weekend trip next month or so to a zoo and stay in a very nice hotel to make up for our less than four star accommodations on this trip. I really like nice hotels.

Playing with Picassa

Florida to Ohio with Stops along the way


Day 2?

Picked up the car this morning without incident.

I think you guys were right.  I was a big ball of anxiety driving out of the city in the car.  I was just waiting for someone to hit us.

We’re just outside of Atlanta now, and OMG is this hotel in a sketchy neighborhood! Warning signs in the parking lot about high crime alerts.  Now I have to worry about the car again. 😦 We ran into a pretty bad storm about 45 minutes from the hotel so we had dinner and tried to wait it out. Just rain now. I hope it clears tomorrow.

We ate at a Ruby Tuesdays and I check in on Foursquare.  It said there was one other person there, turns out it was the woman in the booth directly in front of us.

Random pictures from today, then back to my Heineken and M&M’s.  Living the good life.


I love these trees




Skyway Bridge

We pulled over at a rest stop so I could at least see the ocean before we left Florida.  It was stinky here. 

Car retrieval odyssey days 1 & 2

Back in Florida.

Flew out of Toledo yesterday amidst lightening and power outages. Power outages in a public place are such an interesting phenomenon. It’s fun to listen to people react as the power comes on and off. Flight got in about an hour late which isn’t too bad all things considered.

Was our first experience on Allegiant Air. It was fine. I would do it again, especially if I came back to this area. Flying out of Toledo is nice. It’s so small and easy. 

Morning Pictures;

Variety in the nightstand drawer, and sunrise.




Hey Brad!  Look…if we had an office in this city we wouldn’t have to modify the picture.

The silver car on the left is our rental. Toyota Corolla. Nice little car.

I don’t know why I didn’t take pictures of the storm at the airport. They would have been interesting. Yesterday I woke up with a feeling of dread about this trip. I don’t know why. When we were on the way to the airport Corey told me he was very anxious as well. I hope it’s just anxiety about getting the car and making sure everything is taken care of. 


Off to start my day..bright and early and storms following us the whole way home!




Apparently one of my office mates has had enough of me!

He’s been working with editing some photo’s I’m using for my wall decorations at work and got a little too creative! I pick on him mercilessly. For those of you who read my private posts you can probably guess the other poster he made. 🙂  I ordered the frames yesterday and will probably order the prints next week.  So in about three weeks I’ll do a shot of my office so you can see how everything came out. I had a test print made from Came out great!  And you can’t beat the price! I’ll order 10 or 12 prints, and it will be a flat $10.00 shipping.  so $40.00 for everything.  Perfect.

Got my annual (ish) blood draw this morning.  They’ll check all the normal stuff plus thyroid & kidney function.  Also got my allergy test blood draw. Can’t wait to see what that says.

My sisters boyfriend is still in the hospital. Scheduled for surgery in the morning.  For those of you who don’t know her and him, he was in a boating accident over the weekend. He’ll be fine eventually but he’s got a lot of healing to do. I ditched my workout with Daisy today and will go have dinner with her at the hospital. 

We are leaving for Florida tomorrow afternoon. Sure hope the car is fixed correctly. The body shop has been sending us pictures. I swear it’s a different color. It’s probably just the lighting, but wouldn’t that be horrible if they painted it the wrong color?

My husband is now going to yoga with me.  I bought him two private classes, just me and him and the teacher to get introduced to it and see if he absolutely hated it. He didn’t, so last night he went to his first class with me. It’s a new class on the schedule so the only people in it, were me and him and the teacher! I think he will be fine.  In a few months he’ll be all bendy.



Others misfortune

My sister won tickets to see this:



I joked about her ditching her daughter and taking me!  Now, sadly her long term companion (I think I will use that phrase from now on) was in a boating accident last night and is hospitalized so I am going, and taking her daughter.  I feel horrible at getting something good out of someone else’s misfortune. I think most people would.  I will I’m sure enjoy the show, and I know I will enjoy spending the time with my niece!  I adore her.


But, I hope Erin gets some rest and I hope Doug is doing well.




Tempeh Experiment!



Plus This



Plus something like this (I couldn’t find an image of the brand I had)


Makes a fantastically tasty healthy lo-calorie meal!


LOVED the Trader Joe Tempeh!  Need to think of more things to use it in.



Medical Issue Log number 187,456,12.2

Remember when I use to blog every day while eating lunch?  I wonder why I stopped.


Today was my appointment with the Ear/Nose/Throat doctor.  They kept me waiting for 50 minutes.  Luckily I liked the doctor.

He had some speech patterns that I wouldn’t like if I had to see him a lot!  He kept calling me “my dear”. Which is charming in an eighty year old man, but annoying in a person considerably younger than yourself. He was also bubbly and friendly and quick to smile. He asked me a lot of questions and gave me a lot of information. Almost too much information, which is something I never thought I would say about a doctor. I’m sure I missed some of the things he was saying. Here’s what I remember;

  • The hearing test showed that I use to have exceptionally good hearing, much above normal. (they say this because of how vastly different my ears hear now, or some such thing)
  • The majority of my hearing loss is in the sound spectrum of human speech. (duh)
  • When it comes to very low pitched noises one of my ears is still exceptional and the other one barely registers the sound (which is why I get so crazy when I’m around a lot of low pitches, makes me feel off balance)
  • Sadly no quick fix of popping holes in my eardrums (no obvious fluid)
  • Some of the hearing loss is probably permanent but hopefully I’ll get some back also
  • I have a deviated septum (but not too bad)
  • I appear to be having some major inhaled allergen sensitivities (ordered an allergy test, three days of steroids, salt water baths for my nose, and an anti-histamine spray)

First step is to fix the allergies or at least get my sinuses under control and then another hearing to test to see if I get any hearing back, then we discuss what “procedures” may need to be done to “optimize my remaining hearing”. (they won’t do anything until after spring allergy season because allergies can be so bad that it messes up all the test results) I waited this many years, I guess a few more months won’t make much difference.

Time to start tagging posts again!  It’s a great way to keep a time line of medical visits and who said what, when. Or when you first started new medication. 

We’re going back to Florida next week to pick up the car which they have assured us will be done this Friday.  We will stop in two places on the way back, Stone Mountain in Georgia, and Cumberland Falls in Kentucky. I hope it’s not rainy on Falls day, it looks like a great picture taking opportunity!






Sunday Plans

I would like to go see this today:

  • 10:35am
  • 12:55
  • 1:35
  • 4:05
  • 4:45
  • 7:05
  • 7:40
  • 10:10

You may only be seeing the list of times. Something weird going on with the linkage.  I also want to go buy two pairs of pants today.  Probably Kohls.  You ask, “why does she think we care?” Well, one of you is probably my husband sitting in the other room. 🙂


Our yard is a huge meadow! so much rain.

Mike, the guy I work with gave me a bike.  He picked one up for $2.00 at a garage sale.  It’s a nice simple bike. My son then replaced the tire and tightened bolts and such to make sure it was safe. Now I have a bike for inside on a stand, and outside on the road for random moments of glee. I would probably take if out for a ride this morning instead of indoor riding if it weren’t for the rain! Maybe it will go away by the time I’m ready to get up?

Going to buy a new car in the next couple of months. My car is paid off and it’s beat to hell outside but with low low mileage so need to trade it in quick! I am going to get a small SUV.  Probably the KIA Sportage. I love my KIA’s.  The 2011 actually gets the same mileage as my Spectra. I’m tired of not having a car big enough to haul stuff around in the back. I am thinking that since I should have a pretty good trade-in value I may get a decked out version. We’ll see. I think I’ll do it via email again. That worked out really well for me. No pressure and they have time to start looking around for the car I want instead of only getting what they have on the lot.

Oh, and I want to make pizza’s to freeze today. I’m going to try my crescent roll dough as a pizza crust. I think it will work. Maybe I’ll do that first (if I ever get out of bed) and have one for breakfast.  I forgot to check if there was mozzarella still in the fridge. Maybe it will be dinner instead. 

LOL, I’m blogging what I’m thinking. That could get random.  I did that once many years ago.  Did a whole train of thought blog. It was weird.

Wednesday is my appointment with the Ear/Nose/Throat Doctor!  I am SO excited!  I can not even begin to tell you. I’m sure if he fixes my hearing everyone will hate me for weeks.  I imagine I have adjust so much to my lower hearing level that I will be yelling at people to TURN IT DOWN!

I guess I gotta get up now.






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