Sunday Plans

I would like to go see this today:

  • 10:35am
  • 12:55
  • 1:35
  • 4:05
  • 4:45
  • 7:05
  • 7:40
  • 10:10

You may only be seeing the list of times. Something weird going on with the linkage.  I also want to go buy two pairs of pants today.  Probably Kohls.  You ask, “why does she think we care?” Well, one of you is probably my husband sitting in the other room. 🙂


Our yard is a huge meadow! so much rain.

Mike, the guy I work with gave me a bike.  He picked one up for $2.00 at a garage sale.  It’s a nice simple bike. My son then replaced the tire and tightened bolts and such to make sure it was safe. Now I have a bike for inside on a stand, and outside on the road for random moments of glee. I would probably take if out for a ride this morning instead of indoor riding if it weren’t for the rain! Maybe it will go away by the time I’m ready to get up?

Going to buy a new car in the next couple of months. My car is paid off and it’s beat to hell outside but with low low mileage so need to trade it in quick! I am going to get a small SUV.  Probably the KIA Sportage. I love my KIA’s.  The 2011 actually gets the same mileage as my Spectra. I’m tired of not having a car big enough to haul stuff around in the back. I am thinking that since I should have a pretty good trade-in value I may get a decked out version. We’ll see. I think I’ll do it via email again. That worked out really well for me. No pressure and they have time to start looking around for the car I want instead of only getting what they have on the lot.

Oh, and I want to make pizza’s to freeze today. I’m going to try my crescent roll dough as a pizza crust. I think it will work. Maybe I’ll do that first (if I ever get out of bed) and have one for breakfast.  I forgot to check if there was mozzarella still in the fridge. Maybe it will be dinner instead. 

LOL, I’m blogging what I’m thinking. That could get random.  I did that once many years ago.  Did a whole train of thought blog. It was weird.

Wednesday is my appointment with the Ear/Nose/Throat Doctor!  I am SO excited!  I can not even begin to tell you. I’m sure if he fixes my hearing everyone will hate me for weeks.  I imagine I have adjust so much to my lower hearing level that I will be yelling at people to TURN IT DOWN!

I guess I gotta get up now.







Comments on: "Sunday Plans" (0)

  1. So what do you want to see?  There is no movie name listed.

  2. You must be envious of my car. 😛

  3. @skanickadee – The Bridesmaids. @chaosconfetti – Exactly! 

  4. Oh, I heard that is really good.  I want to see it, too.  Enjoy!

  5. I didn’t get the picture but if it’s Bridesmaids I want to see it too! Are you out of bed? Don’t bother until time to get ready for the movie! It is Sunday and the day of rest after all!

  6. “Thor” was really good, too!  I want to go see “Bridesmaids” with a buncha women…to a movie tavern.  I think it calls for drinks.

  7. Watched the trailer on TV last night. It seems like my type of movie. lol…Got an email from Old navy. It says all swim on sale, up to 40% off on Sat. So, I picked up a 2-piece bathing suit, and paid for them. Then, I noticed that the bottom was 30% off, and the top was regular price.  

  8. Oh, btw, do you have ear problem too? hahaha…mine is getting better and better, still waiting for the hearing test.

  9. yep just times…but I hope ya got your pants. I love Kohls, especially the sales! cool that you got a bike. i want one of those simple old fashioned ones, might be harder around here with out gears to change and all the hills. But gears gave me trouble anyway, it it’s easier to move the peddles, your legs get tired from going around so fast…yeah I’m a wimp on these hills lolGood luck at the doc!! maybe you shouldn’t tell anybody when it gets fixed for awhile…I heard a joke about a guy who got his hearing aid fixed but didn’t tell anyone and changed his will 3 times. haha Have a good week!

  10. @strawberryfieldsgirl – Thanks!  I’ll consider walking around for awhile just continuing on with my current pattern of saying “what?” :)That’s what this bike is, plain old fashioned no gears, stop pedaling and you’ll stop, kind bike!

  11. How was The Bridesmaids? I didn’t really want to see it, though some of the acting talent looks good. I saw Thor, which is a chick flick for different reasons . You must share your biking adventures.

  12. @BoureeMusique – The bridesmaids was good.  The character building “heartwarming” scenes went on a little long for me, but there were enough funny parts to make it worth a rainy sunday afternoon.  I doubt I will have many bike adventures to share.  I’m afraid I am a bike for exercise kinda person rather than adventure!

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