Okay..I know…

this is going to sound disgusting. Really I do.

I have had this recipe sitting around for a while and finally tried it last night.  I was really curious what it tasted like and since it’s easy and inexpensive to make I did!  I figured if I hated it I would be out 20 minutes and $1.50.  Tops.


Fried Cabbage, Southern Style

Ingredients (use vegan versions):

    2 tablespoons oil
    5 cups cabbage, coarsely shredded
    1 medium onion, chopped
    1 tablespoon salt
    dash nutmeg
    1 1/2 tablespoons sugar
    cayenne pepper, to taste
    2 tablespoons vinegar


1. Heat oil in large skillet.  Add cabbage, onion, salt and nutmeg.

2. Cover and cook slowly about 20 minutes.  Add vegan sugar and cayenne pepper to vinegar and mix well.

3. Pour over cabbage and cook 5 minutes longer.

Serves: 2-3, Preparation time: 15 min. or less


I made half the recipe, or at least I used a half a cabbage and about half of everything else, I didn’t really measure anything.  This come out to maybe 50 calories for a huge mound of it.

IT WAS GOOD!  Tasted like sweet and sour something.

That was yesterday, I had half left over so tonight I cut up a quarter of a package of the Trader Joes Tempeh and fried it up with this leftover Southern Fried Cabbage.  It was So So So Good! It tasted different than when it was fresh.  Fresh you could really taste distinctive Sweet, Salty and Sour.  Reheated with the chopped up Tempeh it was mellower.  I want more.

AND as a bonus, it’s really healthy and low fat, and low calories. Maybe 200 calories for six inch round serving piled up a little.



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  1. I love cabbage so I envy you.  I don’t think I could eat it,  Glad it turned out so yummy for you!

  2. I really wanna give that a go! mm tempeh! love it

  3. Not bad. I cook in a similar fashion, I do an all veggie stir fry.  I would lose the vinegar, switch the salt with low sodium soy sauce, add basil, chop carrots maybe add peas for a little more taste. Sometimes I add roma tomatos for a slight stewy taste. But that’s just me. 😀

  4. Cover and cook slowly about 20 minutes???  I wonder what they look like? Sounds like a good dish for senior people!  Btw, how do you measure calories?

  5. OMG! I grew up with my mom and aunt making this stuff! Yes, they were southern cooks. The main difference was they cooked in lard. They did use “excotic spices” just salt, pepper, and a little vinegar.

  6. @isitreal_no – The tempeh I buy has a lot of grains & seeds embedded into the outside of it.  Such a great flavor when you saute it!@wematter – As I was eating it I was thinking of all the different variations you could make. Though, I would not get rid of the vinegar.  It added such a unique flavor. @wildberrytea – It looks like a lightly cooked cabbage! Still retained a lot of shape and firmness.  I measure calories by adding the calories of all the ingredients. I use most of the time.@GoodGuyTheBoss – When I looked up the the Southern Cabbage online after cooking my vegan version the first step is always BACON! 🙂

  7. @skanickadee – It’s certainly an exciting vegetable for anyone with any kind of digestive issues. I would not eat it very often. 🙂

  8. I’m glad you found such an awesome recipe. A friend and I were actually talking about cabbage last night over dinner. It’s amazing how dense those suckers are! You never run out of cabbage!

  9. this sounds delicious.  I’ll have to try it!

  10. yep.. had it, and liked it !!!   

  11. @tracy – I see. I’ve never measured anything out or counted calories. lol…I just checked out the website. It looks good.

  12. I don’t really like cabbage, but this might taste better.

  13. @tracy – Yeah, sweet/sour dishes are awesome, sorry I tweaked your recipe a lot but I still forgot the pinch of garlic. 🙂

  14. @wematter – mmm, Garlic would be a nice addition!

  15. @bittersweetreflections – Cabbage is a very odd vegetable!  Stong flavor and smell.

  16. It sounds delish!  Might do it with some red cabbage.

  17. I love fried cabbage..I just fry it with butter until it turns toasty brown – I also throw in onions to carmelize..then I used to put a small amount of cheddar but now I just like balsamic vinegar.  We do the same thing with brussel sprouts..cut them in half and fry them…

  18. @Ninasusan – I’ve never found a brussel sprout I liked, but I keep trying!

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