I am so glad you brought up this point! This is something I really struggle with. I am pretty careful about not posting a lot of things like this. I don’t want to interfere in anyones life. What people do is their business as long as it doesn’t interfere with me and my business.

I don’t really care what anyone eats. It’s not a philosophical question that I can answer for anyone but myself.
I made the choice last year, after being bombarded with images and stories, to stop eating meat. Though, it wasn’t just about the cruelty for me. I have always had issues with the concept of eating other creatures, so even if the animal were killed in the kindest possible ways I would try to abstain. The tipping point came when my wonderful sister watched Food, Inc. and couldn’t take it anymore and then kept graphically explaining to me why.  It’s also different for me since I am married to a vegetarian, it wasn’t exactly a big leap!

So, having said all of that, I still buy meat. My son is not a vegetarian, and I supply him food. So, yup I buy meat and chicken and pork and whatever else strikes his or my fancy.

If something moves me to post on Facebook or here it’s usually not about actually being vegetarian, or eating organic. In this case, it’s about the human nature behind the people who are cruel. Though, looking back on my facebook comment I see I forgot a word.  I meant to start with “I don’t know”. Not, “I know”.  Because my thought was,I don’t know why people behave that way. I don’t understand it and I can’t condone it. I just do not understand why they are cruel, and why it’s okay to be cruel.

I liked the strategy of the people in the article. They went to the grocer and said, don’t buy product from this producer. They didn’t say don’t carry pork at all. They didn’t stand outside of the store and hurl pig parts at people or throw fake blood on people who came out with bacon for a nice tasty BLT.

For me, it is not about letting the pigs roam free on the range eating high on the hog as it were, and then having a gentle slaughter experience, it was about not being cruel. Companies that let their employees behave that way make me nervous. What kind of person throws a live small animal across the room and laughs? Maybe I am overly sensitive to this kind of thing because I’ve always had pets and have always lived in the suburbs where any animal you run across is a pet, not livestock. The thought of someone gleefully throwing my dog across the room because she’s bouncy (she’s a beagle, so she probably is) hurts me and it’s just too easy for me to transfer that feeling to another animal.

It’s always a fine line for me to walk when it comes to saying my opinion publicly because I do not believe my way is better, I just believe my way is my choice. 

The eating organic thing is a different subject!  I do try to eat as healthy as I can within my lifestyle choices. I eat organic when it’s feasible just to avoid the extra chemicals. If I have a choice between a $3.00 good tasting can of organic soup or $2.79 can of non-organic I’ll buy the organic, but my cupboards are mostly filled with Campbells and Progresso! For me it’s a health issue, I take so much medicine and eat and drink (okay, mostly drink) so much garbage that anywhere I can eat healthier I do.

So in closing as I hop off of my non-organic but meat-free soap box, I don’t think my choices have to be your choices, and I would fight for your right to make your own choices, as long as they didn’t intentionally cause harm to anyone else. But I do think it’s important to remind people occasionally that we have to keep the cruelty in check. It’s so easy to be desensitized and I worry that the line too easily gets blurry for the people who are practising cruel behavior. If they do it as part of their job, what happens to their life outside of work.

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  1. I missed that post; now I’ll be obsessive about finding it.

  2. @Mom_with_a_Chainsaw – and it wasn’t even very exciting when you found it was it? I don’t ever want to come off preachy or holier than though about vegetarianism. Man oh Man I miss meatloaf too much to sound that way!  And crispy pepperoni on a pizza.  Is there anything better?  Num…

  3. @Mom_with_a_Chainsaw – This is the comment that I wrote: You know I struggle with the daily postings I see from my vegetarian/vegan friends here on facebook. As someone who would love to have a diet that includes healthier fruits and veggies instead of mainly protein and carbs there aren’t many options for people like me. If I was fabulously rich I might have the option of choosing meat/poultry that was raised in a more humane environment but that is simply not possible at my income level. Do I think this is awful? Of course. Would I like to see it change? Of course. Would I become a vegetarian if it was possible for me to eat only veggies? I honestly don’t know. I do know it is frustrating to be made to feel guilty for something I have no control over and that I can’t change.

  4. I should have listened to my gut and just hidden the post.  Craig is MIA because of a problem at work.  I will come back later.

  5. Craig called and is ok.  I will comment back later.  I am such a trouble maker.  Sorry.

  6. It’s a personal discussion but it’s also an interesting topic of discussion. 🙂

  7. Very thoughtful…sorry for crabby people. 😦

  8. @skanickadee – NO!  You are NOT a troublemaker!  I love that there is something we can talk about that maybe we don’t agree 100% with!  You and I ALWAYS agree. 🙂  Talk is good, right? You have just as much a right to your opinion as I do, or anyone else.  

  9. @wematter – I think so too.  

  10. @tracy -Just as an aside from one who has tried to be a “smart” vegetarian:  I couldn’t do it.  My body CRAVES meat protein, even after weeks.  Legumes, nuts, whole grains…I tried everything except soy, and it just didn’t work for me.  I was tired, depressed, just…blah.  However, when I eat a good balance of WHOLE foods, I feel like a WHOLE person, the trick is to do it as ethically as possible.@skanickadee– Thank you for the re-post.  I did find it. 🙂

  11. Food is such a personal thing. When I had stomach issues( still not resolved) I couldn’t stand the smell of cooking meat. I’m not a big veggie person so that made it hard for me to eat period. I still get queazy smelling some foods cooking and I don’t eat as much meat as I use to, but I could never be a total vegan. Your experiences you have blogged about have helped me learn to eat better. Keep doing what works for you!

  12. @GoodGuyTheBoss – Thanks!  You’re right food is personal. Whole professions are created about people and food. Chefs, eating disorder specialists, nutritionist.  Craziness! I don’t eat much fruit. I try, but it always seems to make me sick. I think it actually might be the sugar content, so I eat it in small doses. And I can not eat iceberg lettuce. Period. Can not do it. 

  13. you got the right to be TRACY, and all that entails. you’re super whatever labels you identify with. 

  14. interesting..i do agree cruelty towards animal shouldn’t be happening..   perhaps those religion that make it a requirement to ensure no (or very minimal) fear and pain was endured by the animal that is being slaughtered does have a market in the future

  15. To anyone who might not know Tracy and me, we are friends.  I have the deepest respect for Tracy.  I think she is an amazing person and I think I am very fortunate to know her.I am pretty well aware of why you decided not to eat meat anymore.  It is a choice that I respect, admire and maybe even envy.  I think it is a choice that requires a lot of self discipline and commitment and these are qualities that I really admire in Tracy.You posted a link to a video.  Something that I could never watch, not because I don’t care but because I knew I would be so profoundly affected it might cause me not to be able to eat one of the few options I have because of my health problems.I am glad that there are people out there who are willing to take the risks to get inside a place like that and expose that awful cruelty.  I just can’t watch those videos.  So what I should have done instead of saying something, was just hide the post and move on.  I want you to be able to be who you are.  I do not want you not to post about something that you feel passionately about.  So post what moves you. I’ve heard that the video has done some good already and some stores will no longer do business with that company.  I am a firm believer in oversight and regulation of companies that provide food.  Some businesses left to their owns ways obviously will not do the right thing.I appreciate how everyone was respectful.  It just goes to show that people can still have a civil conversation.skanickadee aka mb

  16. @skanickadee – You are da’ bomb!  I love how well spoken/written you are and I always know that you’ll information to back up whatever you say.  If people can’t have reasonable discussions and differences then what would be the point of blogging? It would be so boring.

  17. @tracy – It made me blush to be called da’ bomb!  haha! One thing that I wanted to include but forgot to was to say – I apologize if I caused you any grief.  That was never my intent.  K?Well, I hope your Friday goes well and you have a good day!

  18. @skanickadee – Ha, you made my day! You gave me the opportunity to do the one thing I love more than anything else. Talk about myself. 🙂

  19. It’s not just you Tracy. My grandfather had a farm. He milked cows and raised “beefers” he also sometimes raised pigs and chickens for food. They lived life pretty well, ideally really for animals. It was green pastures and lots of food. And NOONE EVER treated them badly. And when it was “butcher day”, it was done fast and (hopefully cuz how can we really know) painlessly. I remember one time when my dad had to butcher a turkey and something went wrong and it took longer for it to die than it should’ve. My dad felt sooo bad about it, it still bothers him just remembering it.Most farmers are not cruel, and they have no respect for the ones that are.  You know some ppl kick their dogs just for fun, farmers are no different. There are just mean ppl everywhere. I don’t understand it and just wanted you to know that you are not wrong in your thinking in any way!

  20. @strawberryfieldsgirl – Thank you Tami!

  21. I hear you on the personal philosophy front, my spouse and I watched and afterwards were even more committed to our locavore movement. Personally I’d love to be a vegitarian, but sadly my body won’t let me and I need a certain amount of animal protien to stay healthy, but that doesn’t mean I have to buy meat products from big corporation where they are treated cruelly.All of the meat I purchase comes from small local farms, farms that I can and have visited to see the quality of life the animal has before it becomes food.It’s also not just about the animals either or the environment, but also about the people who farm having a good quality of life and for me that means buying locally and seasonally as much as possible, that way I can buy direct from the farmer giving them a better living wage.

  22. @autmnmoon – Thank you.  You are very eloquent at explaining why and how you make the choices you make. It’s so much more productive when you can explain without blame.

  23. @tracy – Thank you, I think people have to come to their own decision on their personal politics and should know WHY they choose the things they do.What’s that old saying, “you catch more flies with honey…” I find that simply sharing my own whys or truths, does far more good than trying to dictate what someone else should do. This is even more true when it comes to decisions where there isn’t a single right answer.We are spoiled here in the United States in our food culture, Most of us take for granted the access we have to food, and the ability to purchase what we want. Have a craving for strawberries in dec, why look there they are, all you you to do is drive down to the local grocery store and pick up a pint. Tomatoes in febuary, no problem they are stocked year round, never mind they have no flavor and were never able to ripen properly on the vine and left to develop nutrients. They get plucked while green and stuck in cold storage, permanently stopping that flavor developement and then gassed on the way to the store to ripen them up.Some of the best food I’ve had has been while travelling in other countries that have a simpler food culture, and one that revolves around local farms and seasonal varieties.

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