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Now it’s time to talk about IT.

This is my little corner of the world to just dump everything I want to say without boring the actual people around me to tears. I’ve shared a lot of news over the years, good and bad and I seemed to have turned this into a bi-annual listing of new and quirky health problems. This year appears to be no different and I unfortunately have a new one to share with you.  

On July 21st  I was diagnosed with cervical cancer.  You may have seen some entries a few weeks ago about some annoying post menopausal bleeding, after some investigation and some rip-roaringly fun tests here we are. My first appointment with the gynecological oncologist is Wednesday. I’m not sure if he’s the best, or just the only one in Toledo but he was the person my doctor wanted me to go to, and I trust her.  Speaking of trusting your doctor, it was my new doctor that pushed for the testing. I firmly believe that if it had been my previous family doctor I would have had to do the pushing. GET AN AGGRESSIVE DOCTOR. Pacifism is not what you need in someone who is responsible for spotting life or death issues. Hopefully after Wednesday I’ll have a good idea of where we go next.

So now that I’ve had a some time to get used to the idea and done some private ranting and the proverbial pulling of the hair I decided it was time to start sharing all of the gory details with you all. Expect lots of bizarre descriptions of medical testings and procedures and some new and exciting pictures of even more doctors offices. You may expect lots and lots of blogs about food (SHOCK) and things I’m learning about immunity boosting properties of foods & drinks. I’ve discovered that my sense of humor not only survived this bad news but may have actually gotten even more odd, so you may also be seeing some totally inappropriate blogs.


So in the words of the great lady, “Fasten your seat belts – It’s going to be a bumpy night”.



Tomorrow – Niagara Falls pictures.

One Last trip. This is the view from our …



The posting of a video from Google+ to Facebook & Xanga does not work! 🙂


Well it happened. I plugged in my cell phone this morning and found no new pictures to share with you.

 So instead I’ll share an old one. This one has been popping up on my desktop background a lot the last few days.  It always makes me smile.  That’s my niece behind my husband and I.


I’m not working tomorrow. We’re taking off for a weekend in Niagara Falls. I’ll try not to take too many pictures.  Mostly they would all look the same as the pictures I took last time we were there. I will look for unique things, or maybe I’ll only take pictures of people. We’ll see.  I really want to see the fireworks over the falls tomorrow night, and that’s the reason we scheduled it when we did, but I just saw the forecast is for storms.  I hope not.

Last time we went to the falls I was just getting over a terrible cold/flu thing.  This trip will also have it’s challenges. I’m starting to think we should really not plan a third trip.


This is what Tami is talking about in the comments;


Google + has taught me that I really have…

You received this message because Tracy Murray shared it with “Google + has taught me that I really have nothing to say on three places now. Facebook, Twitter & Google +. You all better start posting more so I can at least steal your stuff.”

Things not to do when diagnosed with cancer;

1. Look up mortality rates

ebbs & flows, ups & downs.

I should start carrying my netbook with me. There are so many things running through my head all the time but by the time I get in front of a keyboard they’re gone. This morning I woke up and felt really good!  Lasted about three hours so that was cool. Now I’m back on the ibuprofen. I just don’t want it to get any worse before I get to the doctor and he can start taking care of things. I really don’t like pain.

I stopped dieting.:)  I changed my livestrong calorie goal from losing weight to maintaining weight. I’m still entering food & weight so I can keep track and know where things stand, I just didn’t want it to ever tell me I was eating too much.  I’ve lost two pounds this week. Which is okay, I’m still about 20 pounds over where I should be so I have a little buffer of weight to lose before I’ll start drinking the protein shakes. I’m eating new foods now to bump up my immunity.  Blueberries, and teas and stuff. I also have started taking a lot of Vitamin D and my husband put me on Vitamin E. Did I already type all this? I dunno.

I find it Ironic that I’ve been tracking my food and weight and activity on Livestrong, a site devoted to surviving and thriving after cancer, for all these years. I’ve now sent away for some of their literature and some pretty yellow wristbands.




Nonsense & Stuff



This is my daughter at the movies with me this weekend.


This is my Rose of Sharon after it got assaulted. (by a storm)

This is a caterpillar on my morning glory.


This is my morning glory wrapping itself around my chair. I very very slowly unwound it and attached it a hanging basket. The caterpillar looked happy for it’s amusement park type ride.

This is that one hydraengea that bloomed! It has now turned all pink.  Really pretty. Probably be even prettier if it weren’t the only bloom.

This is my 23 year old daughter looking annoyed because the waiter at P.F. Changs wouldn’t server her Sake because she left her I.D. in the car. Later he just out of no where dropped a bottle of Sake on the table.  I drank it too.




Daisys words of wisdom today: Eh…it’s just a word. You can live with it.


She promptly went on to talk about a birthday party where all the ho’s wear white.

On to the next week.

I had a particularly disconcertingly horribly bad week last week (don’t worry you’re not getting out of it that easy, you’ll be hearing about it ad nauseum soon) which was topped off last night with my dog having to be euthanized.  Now, I’m not actually that sad about my dog.  Not that I didn’t love my dog, but she was very old and has been going downhill for a very long time. She had a heart murmur, and she had inoperable tumors. 

She had a seizure yesterday and then just never really came back to herself.  She wasn’t responding to our voices or our touch. Luckily my daughter was there and was able to help us. She is a rock star when it comes to dealing with sick animals. So, I’m glad my Polly was able to be taken care of and I’m glad I didn’t wake up to a dead dog or worse. 

I have two other dogs and the big one was confused last night. I think she thought we might have locked Polly outside.


In order of Sillyness, Mili the big black dog, Jesse the Beagle, and Polly.


Take care of yourself my friends.

if I were a cruel person

My first public blog would be in Rodney Dangerfields voice.

Yeah, had such a bad week last week. Got diagnosed with cancer, then the next day found out I need a hearing aid, and then my dog died!



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