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Here’s the thing.  It hurts, and so I’m thinking about it a lot. And so far the only thing that has happened is that we’re ruling out all of the things that could be the most harmless.  We’re whittling the diagnosis down to bad or really bad.


You would think with as much time as I spend typing I would be a better writer. People misunderstand my posts all the time. When I go back and read my post sometimes I see why there is disconnect, sometimes I don’t. It really bothers me because I don’t want to go back and correct them and make them feel bad for misunderstanding, but I don’t like the thought of my opinion being misunderstood. I don’t do a lot of serious posts publicly but when I do I wish I could make sure that they made sense. Nothing to misinterpret here today. 😉

My husband and I went out for a pizza a couple of weeks ago. We don’t do it often but when we do we go to a Pizza Hut in Michigan. We’re in Ohio but it’s only 10 minutes from our house.  We just always have good pizza there. (Medium Thin Crust Veggie with Light Cheese, Extra Sauce) Since it’s a rare treat it better taste good. Michigan and Ohio had very different Public Smoking laws so we were always risking having smokers in the restaurant when we went. Michigan must have changed their laws because there is no smoking in the restaurant now.

Ohio has a perfectly acceptable smoking ban as far as I’m concerned.  I am almost never around smokers unless I want to be. I hadn’t even really noticed until the other day when I saw a headline that used the words Third-Hand smoke damage. I don’t know what third-hand smoke is but I can only imagine that it’s the horrible smell that clings to people that have been stuck for long periods of time in a smoky enclosed area.  Those people that walk by you in the grocery store and you think they surely must have a little cloud swirling around them like Pig Pen, but no, they just smell strongly of smoke. That’s really the closest I get to smokers these days. None of my acquaintances smoke, none of the places I frequent have places to smoke, I don’t have to walk through a cloud of smokers to get in and out of my office or my gym. There are a couple of places that always seem to have at least one person outside the door smoking. I just don’t go there.  Occasionally there is a person or two under the front door awning at my office building hiding from the rain for a smoke on a Saturday. Usually right in front of the no smoking sign. I just hold my breath. For the most part, I am first, second and third hand smoke free. Good job Ohio!


Dr. McDougall’s Asian Entree – Teriyaki Noodle is not my cup of tea.


I didn’t take as many pictures yesterday as I should have. It was hot and it just wan’t a good day to be running around.

As requested. Picture of Tracy. At least part of me.  I love my little phone.

The tiger lillies on the right corner should be about five foot high by now.

The side yard.

I have been seeing this stuff at a local store and finally broke down and bought some. Very tasty!  Much better than a rice cake.

This is my jug o’tea. This is new for me. I’m not normally an ice tea drinker but I discovered iced camomile tea is a good substitite for alcohol at night. I am not a fan of plain camomile, but I like Eqyptian Apple & Camomile by Twinings. I was pouring boiling water into a plastic container to make tea but I’m pretty sure that’s a bad idea on so many levels. So we found this big Mason type jar instead.

I was happy to see this display at a local store. Now everyone in Toledo can try the spread made out of cookie. So good.

Went out for mexican food last night. I use to just call in Sunday dinner.

I love guacamole

I ate a lot.


This is my hydrangea. I bought it about seven years ago and it never ever bloomed again.  But look!  down there at the bottom.

One little cluster of blooms!  I dont’ know if it’s finally going to start blooming now or if we just had the perfect storm of conditions and it produced this one tiny little beautiful thing.


This wording amused me.  I support the use of renewable wind energy as well! But that doesn’t mean I use it or do anything in any way productive.




This picture keeps going to the bottom of my blog. I love it to the top, it goes to the bottome.  This is our front yard.  Isn’t it sad? One misplaced cigarrette out a window and we won’t have to worry about mowing grass next year



We will end like we started. Tracy in a mirror.


I have to call the doctor.  But I don’t want to.  But I have to.  But I don’t want to.

Need to make sure they got the results from the Ultrasound and also need to let her know that I am bleeding again.

Have to….Don’t want to.


Called the doctor. Left message.  🙂

I don’t know why I am so sure that this is going to be bad. I hope I am wrong.


14:00 – Doctors office called. Ultrasound shows one small fibroid tumor, and an abnormally thick uterine wall. A thickend uterine wall can be a thickened uterine wall, or it can be the side effect of cancer. Women with thickened uterine walls after menopause need to have it taken care of as long term it can actually be the cause of the cancer. So, Biopsy is still the next step. 

I think that it’s a weird thing to have something happening that six years ago would be normal, cramping and bleeding, and have to readjust and say that know it is bad.  I mean, if I were suddenly bleeding from my ear and had horrible pain I would now that it was a problem and be all, HEY! fix this! But since it’s my vagina that’s bleeding I”m like whatever, did that for a 30 years , what’s the big deal?  I think that’s why I’m feeling a little more nervous now. It’s like it’s all started really clicking that this is NOT what is supposed to be happening. This is not a “period” because I don’t ovulate. This is an internal organ, bleeding because something is wrong.





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