I didn’t take as many pictures yesterday as I should have. It was hot and it just wan’t a good day to be running around.

As requested. Picture of Tracy. At least part of me.  I love my little phone.

The tiger lillies on the right corner should be about five foot high by now.

The side yard.

I have been seeing this stuff at a local store and finally broke down and bought some. Very tasty!  Much better than a rice cake.

This is my jug o’tea. This is new for me. I’m not normally an ice tea drinker but I discovered iced camomile tea is a good substitite for alcohol at night. I am not a fan of plain camomile, but I like Eqyptian Apple & Camomile by Twinings. I was pouring boiling water into a plastic container to make tea but I’m pretty sure that’s a bad idea on so many levels. So we found this big Mason type jar instead.

I was happy to see this display at a local store. Now everyone in Toledo can try the spread made out of cookie. So good.

Went out for mexican food last night. I use to just call in Sunday dinner.

I love guacamole

I ate a lot.


This is my hydrangea. I bought it about seven years ago and it never ever bloomed again.  But look!  down there at the bottom.

One little cluster of blooms!  I dont’ know if it’s finally going to start blooming now or if we just had the perfect storm of conditions and it produced this one tiny little beautiful thing.


This wording amused me.  I support the use of renewable wind energy as well! But that doesn’t mean I use it or do anything in any way productive.




This picture keeps going to the bottom of my blog. I love it to the top, it goes to the bottome.  This is our front yard.  Isn’t it sad? One misplaced cigarrette out a window and we won’t have to worry about mowing grass next year



We will end like we started. Tracy in a mirror.

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  1. Like your pictures. I can learn something new. I wasn’t in the taking picture mood this past weekend, lol…, so no pictures from me. I guess I’ll have more Mexican food next week during my road trip. 

  2. A picture of you and you are smiling.  Well, today is a good day!Haha – I see peach Fresca in there!  Yum…I haven’t had any in awhile.  I love chamomile tea.  After reading your post I decided to read about this tea and I found something really interesting in the Wiki article – “German chamomile is used medicinally to treat sore stomach, irritable bowel syndrome, and as a gentle sleep aid. It is also used as a mild laxative and is anti-inflammatory and bactericidal.”  Maybe my body knew that chamomile was good for it.  That guac looks wonderful.  I wish I had some right now.I see a lot of yards with dying grass now.  Too much rain early on so that the grass didn’t develop deep root systems and now not enough rain and too much heat.  Fun picture blog! 

  3. yay!  pictures of you.  : )  that is a funny ad about wind energy, or a bag of cereal.  at first I thought it was a bag of pea gravel.  : P  duh.  I wonder if their factory uses wind generators, or that the energy comes from a series of them.  ?I wonder if the heat for some reason keeps your hydrangea from blooming?  I know our tomatoes and peppers won’t set and produce because of the heat, although they are blooming.guacamole is the bomb.Lipton has a powdered peach tea that is wonderful.  don’t know if powdered tea is more or less healthy than brewed tea or not.  ?j.

  4. Your eye looks very merry in the first shot.  I love the smell of hydrangeas.  My garden and my yard are just a hot mess…and not even in a good way.

  5. You have the most rascal lookin’ smile:)

  6. great pics… That first pic is very cool.  

  7. Love the first pic !

  8. I think I have the mind of a 10 year old boy! Wind energy ( giggle) Got wind? (giggle). And on another note. I have NEVER been able to grow a hydrangea! Keep smiling!

  9. I enjoyed Day in the Life segment…you should do this once a week…

  10. Pretty lady! The guac looks great. I’ve been enjoying food and thinking about food, but I know I need to make some systematic changes again. I haven’t made time to be at home preparing food, so lunches and dinners have suffered, although I’m having a great time dining with friends and sometimes even cooking with them. If there’s time this afternoon, I will be looking up legume-based crockpot recipes again. Loved the crazy miracle noodles your ‘ster shared.

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