Knock Knock..

I miss being funny. I use to make people laugh all the time. Now, not so much.  Life is just dragging me down into unfunnyness.

Hopefully things will be back to normal soon.  I like feeling bubbly and happy and enjoying what I have at this moment.  This very second is one that I will never get to do again. It’s like a beautifully wrapped gift. Once you open it and see what’s inside you can never get that feeling of wonder and anticipation back again. Right this second there was a change in the air flow in the room, perhaps from a door opening down the hallway or the ventilation system turning on or off, and I smelled my hair. It smells nice from my WEN Pomegranate. Or just now I noticed that I am hungry! I don’t feel hunger that often. I eat too regularly. Now I can anticipate the decadent cookie I will treat myself to at 2:00 in our buildings lunchroom while a Costco rep tries to sign me up. And now I can anticipate a trip to Costco! I have been debating a membership and this seems like the perfect opportunity.

Do you have a cache of things that make you weak inside with happy, or joy, or lust, or just any feeling that is good?  You know, memories you can pull out when you just need to do a mood reset? I have some. Most of them involve memories of my children when they were small. Memories of little tiny bodies curling up into my side just to be by my side. I have other memories that are happy, of course, but most of those are not something I could share with friends in print. Goodness, I blush just thinking about it. Some parts of my life are actually things I don’t talk about in public, can you believe it?

If you just keep enjoying each and every second then eventually, it’s Cookie time!





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  1. Tracy… i wanna tell you just how sweet a person you are… how wonderful a blogger, and how much you are valued by me, and Im sure, by the rest of your friends, family and readers…… you are a winner in every sense of the word. Im proud to know ya and to be able to try to cheer ya up. smile.

  2. I’m glad you’ll get Costco membership. They do have good and quality stuff there. I hope you’ll write more interesting entries.

  3. @carolinamuscle – DUDE!  You made me get all watery eyed at work! Thank you.

  4. Well, my post from 7/16 had a lot of those things that make me happy. I’d say I mostly derive my happy feelings from what is front of me.  I have a really poor memory so unfortunately a lot of that wonderful stuff is gone.I wish I could send you a bottle of happy.  You know the game we play on our iPods brings a lot of joy into my life.  Does that sound weird?  I just enjoy the challenge.  I love watching to see what you will come up with and I really enjoy when you find a great word.  Most of the time I have the sound off but when I do have it on and I hear that little piece of music that indicates you have made a move, I think it is so cool that you are a couple of hundred miles away and yet we are playing the same game.  It makes me smile and you make my smile!And if I could I would “like” @carolinamuscle‘s comment because I totally agree with it!

  5. @skanickadee – You know what chickie, you have no idea how much you have brought to my life. It is so wonderful for me to have that connection with you and know you are there.

  6. I love this post πŸ™‚ I’m usually always happy but sometimes life does bring it down to a lower level of happiness haha I hope you have a great day and enjoy that cookie!!!

  7. @tracy – hell, I’d do the Curley Shuffle for ya if it’d make you feel better! 

  8. Hey, thanks for the google+ invite! See you are doing good and making me smile again today. I have a favorite memory when I get in a blue funk. I see myself walking along a special beach in Maui in the early morning. I try to make my water aerobics ladies smile at least once each class. It helps when they actually smile or laugh. Feedback is a wonderful thing.

  9. Hi Tracy. Just dropping by to catch up with you! I so identify with all you’ve said here.

  10. What wisdom! I find myself enjoying today the thrill of busy-ness. And a very brief phone call from my boyfriend to discuss a satellite service call. Simple pleasures.

  11. Okay, this is too cute…There is a puff of air, it makes you smell your hair, which reminds you of a cookie…LOL.  I needed that.  Just feeling a little low tonight.  Probably just too much heat.  I miss the brisk weather.

  12. I would have to say that that things that make me happy are things I don’t talk about, also.  so, I understand, I should tell what yours are.  I’d listen.  : D

  13. That was a great post!  Loving the small things!!!  I agree with somone else up there – you are a wonderful blogger and a sweet person!!!! So you aren’t feeling “funny” anymore???

  14. @Ninasusan – Thanks Nina. I”m feeling funnier today. πŸ™‚

  15. I totally failed at being funny today…think I bordered on rude.  Might have to apologize πŸ™‚

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