This is my little corner of the world to just dump everything I want to say without boring the actual people around me to tears. I’ve shared a lot of news over the years, good and bad and I seemed to have turned this into a bi-annual listing of new and quirky health problems. This year appears to be no different and I unfortunately have a new one to share with you.  

On July 21st  I was diagnosed with cervical cancer.  You may have seen some entries a few weeks ago about some annoying post menopausal bleeding, after some investigation and some rip-roaringly fun tests here we are. My first appointment with the gynecological oncologist is Wednesday. I’m not sure if he’s the best, or just the only one in Toledo but he was the person my doctor wanted me to go to, and I trust her.  Speaking of trusting your doctor, it was my new doctor that pushed for the testing. I firmly believe that if it had been my previous family doctor I would have had to do the pushing. GET AN AGGRESSIVE DOCTOR. Pacifism is not what you need in someone who is responsible for spotting life or death issues. Hopefully after Wednesday I’ll have a good idea of where we go next.

So now that I’ve had a some time to get used to the idea and done some private ranting and the proverbial pulling of the hair I decided it was time to start sharing all of the gory details with you all. Expect lots of bizarre descriptions of medical testings and procedures and some new and exciting pictures of even more doctors offices. You may expect lots and lots of blogs about food (SHOCK) and things I’m learning about immunity boosting properties of foods & drinks. I’ve discovered that my sense of humor not only survived this bad news but may have actually gotten even more odd, so you may also be seeing some totally inappropriate blogs.


So in the words of the great lady, “Fasten your seat belts – It’s going to be a bumpy night”.



Tomorrow – Niagara Falls pictures.

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  1. You need to tell Beryl before some body posts in the wrong place.

  2. @irishis63 – I did. Last week.

  3. oh good I’ve been keeping quiet.

  4. I’m ready…helmet on – seatbelt tight…hit it

  5. You’re one of the strongest women I’ve ever known. If anyone can get through this, you can.

  6. You know we are all here for you!  Even if we aren’t actually there we will be with you in spirit!

  7. oh, my.  Tracy, I’m thinking of you.  thank you for sharing this with us … your friends care about you.  even the one’s in cyber space.  if you need ANYthing, let me know.and I like your photo. : )

  8. I’m ready to listen.  Shoot us all the gory details.

  9. aw Tracy…so sorry to hear that. I hope you beat it.

  10. Here for you, to read your posts/rants/food blogs.  And so privileged to know someone so strong.

  11. Well that is not good news, but you have to look at the positive and I choose to look forward to learning about the immunity boosting foods youre going to be teaching me about lol šŸ™‚ You will get through this, just remember to keep that sense of humour!! x

  12. You have such a wonderful attitude and a sense of humor will get you thru this ordeal! I’m ready for the ride lady. I’ve been down this road before.

  13. So this morning I finally read what that yellow band said – LIVESTRONG.  Yep!  Perfect motto for right now!

  14. I didn’t really complete that last comment – the yellow band in the profile picture.

  15. @Koriar – Thank you.  This will not save you from listening to me bitch and whine and talk about my uterus & cervix for six hours out of every day. Make sure your headphones don’t break.

  16. @ofunlo – Thank you! This was a picture my husband took in Vegas last year. I like it too.

  17. @to_be_creative -Oh you know I will. Hopefully with pictures.

  18. @wematter – Me TOO! šŸ™‚

  19. @Emme402 – You say that now, but when I start combining recipes for healthy immunity boosting gazpacho with conversations about surgery you may change your mind. šŸ™‚

  20. @isitreal_no – You betcha! 

  21. @GoodGuyTheBoss – It’s amazing how many people have or know someone who has gone through cervical cancer. Though apparently it really used to be not discussed. People associated it with women who have had a lot of sexual partners.  So, even thought the over 45 group is the really the biggest hit the stigma stuck. I was really startled when I started hearing about that part of it.

  22. @skanickadee – I agree!  I spent a lot of time putting that band on the picture. I’ve always loved Livestrong and now I get to see that whole other side of the organization. I have a huge book from them to read!

  23. @tracy – Erik’s Latin teacher had cervical cancer.  She taught through her treatment.  I didn’t find this out until years later but when she had some tough days, Erik kept the class in line so the kids would get their work done and she could just sit there and put her head on her desk.  I still stop and chat with her when I go for David’s parent teacher conferences.  She has since married and had a baby.

  24. @skanickadee – Cervical cancer is really very different than most other cancers.  Your treatment is so varied depending on the stage.  In it’s earliest stages the only treatment is removal of the cancerous cells and you’re done. Chances are (because of the symptoms and results of pap) I am not at that stage, but hopefully not too far from it!

  25. It’s good that you are keeping your spirits up and can find humor. I’ll keep positive thoughts going for a swift recovery.

  26. @autmnmoon – Thank you.

  27. i hope it is treated swiftly and painlessly!

  28. @lilms_sassy – Thank you, ME TOO!

  29. I hope that they will treat this thing aggressively, and you will be 100% healthy again in no time. It sucks, and Im really sorry to hear about it….. but you got the right attitude.

  30. @carolinamuscle – Yup!  Now’s the time to find out if the last year of working has made my body stronger and able to bounce back quicker.

  31. @tracy – I believe you will be much better off. You are in my thoughts and meditations. 

  32. *hug* You have a license to be as inappropriate as you want, but you also tend to be hilarious in my book, so I only see things improving on that front. I am so sorry to hear this news. A local friend of mine just had a relapse of her cancer, which had subsided (wrong word, but you know what I mean) two years ago. I’ll be Living Strong with you. P.S. I am not the nicest person in the world. I am, however, an editor, so I know how to make myself sound better.

  33. Thinking of you Tracy!  Prayers that this is in the early stages and that the treatment is quick and then over with!  Being strong and possitive is a major plus and you seem to be very strong and have a very possitive outlook.  Bring on the posts!

  34. I believe that all the work you have done towards getting stronger, healthier, and more aware of who you are and where you are in your life, came before the diagnosis for a reason. So that you will be ready and able to overcome this challenge TOO! And the picture underlines that, squint your eyes and look at the picture again.What I see is: 1. you’re smiling as you sit surrounded by sunshine 2. framed in the iconic symbol of healthy strength 3. while enjoying time with your husband 4. he is taking the picture of you using his love filled admiring eyes so others can see what he sees. 5. All of this is on the front side of whole year of concentrated efforts to be happy and healthy. OH BABY~ YOU ARE GOING TO KICK CANCERS ASS!

  35. I am sure I will still be here.  Since my sister passed away from ovarian cancer, I realize how small changes can make a huge impact in my life (and the lives of my family).  I will be here.  I promise.

  36. @tracy – I was too! Even 25 years ago that was a topic mentioned. I’m sure things are much improved since then.

  37. @BoureeMusique – Ah…the editor thing..I don’t believe you. I believe you are actually that nice.

  38. @Connie Dunn – Yup!  I am!

  39. @Emme402 – I am so sorry. I can’t even imagine losing my sister. šŸ˜¦

  40. I am sorry to hear that and I think you are very brave indeed.

  41. Thank you for sharing; it can’t be easy.  I am here sending good vibes and healing thoughts.  *hugs*

  42. well damn. sorry you have to go thru this crap!  If anyone can find humor in it, it’s not a surprise it would be you!! Humor gets us thru a lot. I understand dark humor. maybe you have to go thru some stuff to appreciate it, but when you do get it, it’s funnier than that plain old humor stuff. I’ve had a few friends and a sister inlaw diagnosed with cervical cancer. not fun for sure, but they’re all healthy and thriving. As i know you will be too. Especially as proactive as you are about health matters anyway. wishing you the best always!! and the hell with the seatbelt. I like living dangerously. let’s go. ;D

  43. Tracy, I am just reading this post, as your post for today scared me and I had to look back to see what I missed.  I’m so very sorry you have been diagnosed with cervical cancer and I am going to be praying for you, thinking positive thoughts, and supporting you any way I can.  It is so good of you to keep us in the loop and educate us on this important topic, while relating what you are going through on your way toward healing.  I am glad your doctor was aggressive, and I totally agree that is the kind of doctor we all need!  ::HUGS::  I hope your appointment goes well tomorrow and that you get a good plan and info from the doctor.Kathi

  44. I didn’t mean to make you feel bad.  No need to apologize.  Because of that, I am just more aware and I love finding different recipes to try.  ((HUGS))

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