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Daisys words of wisdom today: Eh…it’s just a word. You can live with it.


She promptly went on to talk about a birthday party where all the ho’s wear white.

On to the next week.

I had a particularly disconcertingly horribly bad week last week (don’t worry you’re not getting out of it that easy, you’ll be hearing about it ad nauseum soon) which was topped off last night with my dog having to be euthanized.  Now, I’m not actually that sad about my dog.  Not that I didn’t love my dog, but she was very old and has been going downhill for a very long time. She had a heart murmur, and she had inoperable tumors. 

She had a seizure yesterday and then just never really came back to herself.  She wasn’t responding to our voices or our touch. Luckily my daughter was there and was able to help us. She is a rock star when it comes to dealing with sick animals. So, I’m glad my Polly was able to be taken care of and I’m glad I didn’t wake up to a dead dog or worse. 

I have two other dogs and the big one was confused last night. I think she thought we might have locked Polly outside.


In order of Sillyness, Mili the big black dog, Jesse the Beagle, and Polly.


Take care of yourself my friends.

if I were a cruel person

My first public blog would be in Rodney Dangerfields voice.

Yeah, had such a bad week last week. Got diagnosed with cancer, then the next day found out I need a hearing aid, and then my dog died!




Nothing wild and exciting. Just an easy day of grocery shopping and eating.

Lunch at Noodles of course!  They were very crowded.


People cutting back on their drinking should not go to Trader Joes.

People trying to eat food with less chemicals, should. 🙂


Rocks. 🙂




This is what I do when a song comes on my husbands radio that I want to remember to grab. This is a great song.



This is the guy who makes all my instant food that I so love! His book was on display at Whole Foods.


I’m adding Orange Juice into my diet.  I bought this one and it was SO GOOD!



Yes, these are my legs.  In the car my skirt looked exactly the same color as my legs and I thought it was a funny bad fashion moment.  In the picture they don’t look the same color.


Enjoy your Sunday guys!

A graceful passing…

So I’ve been thinking about all those movies where wonderful lovely actresses die from cancer. I think to myself, I want to be that lovely person. I mean really, did Susan Sarrandon ever look lovelier than in Stepmom? Once I started thinking about how I want to act over the next few months as we see where we stand it occurs to me that the one thing that all these women have in common is that they DIED!  So, nope. I’m going to continue on being me. 

It’s the small things, really.

I finally got to try the Goody Spin Pin. Think big bobby pin but the side form a lose spiral. I’ve been looking for them for months and my niece  told me to check Walmart. I got the very last pack! I suspected they would work well on my extra fine hair.


So now I know I can put my hair up quickly for yoga or workout without rubberbands breaking it or pulling it out. I also know that it’s difficult to take a picture of the back of your head without a mirror. I’ll need to keep an eye out for more because I am sure I will lose these quickly. They’re prices so I will also be keeping an eye out for anything similar at a much lower cost.


Off to yoga than a day of shopping for healthy food!

Looks like you need some pictures!

We just had an amazing storm roll through! The wind blew so hard that it pushed rain through the window seals on windows that don’t open. I hope everyone is safe and sound.

The pictures did not do it justice.


Yay…look where I spent the morning.  This is my ENT’s office. I had my hearing retested. No real change though they did find out that the previous test was wrong about one thing. My ear drums are moving. The problem is that my ear canals are abnormally small. I can not tell you how shocked I am that something else on me is not built the way it’s supposed to be. (NOT!) They had to use infant tips on the ear drum machine to get a correct reading. So, I am a candidate for a hearing aid. Pretty excited to think I may be able to get super sleuth hearing. I just found out how much they cost. Yikes!

Pretty boring shot here. Not much exciting in this kind of office.


This is the sign explaining that my doctor uses a microphone and a virtual assitant.  Kind of cool.


I never think it’s a good sign when a doctors office has signs telling you their rules and practices all over the waiting room. Just makes me nervous.


I don’t know why my storm pictures ended up front & end!

Sorry for the boring stuff!  I promise it will get much more exciting next week.

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