Oh wait…. πŸ™‚


Seriously I am starting to think I might just be a loon. It helps me feel less anxious and destress, probably because it gives me something else to concentrate on.

I really liked the Doctor. Very professional, but very friendly and personable. The office is amazing! 

Seriously, they have cookies! Not that I ate any. My body was just one big ball of nervous. I felt so much better after the exam was done. He did two cervical and one uterine biopsy. That really is just as much fun as it sounds.  Lots of ibuprofen today.

I bet you were scared I was going to show you pictures of that, weren’t you? After the exam I had my blood drawn and then Corey and I sat at the little Cafe’ section of the waiting room until it was time to consult with the doctor.

I swear I expected someone in a black apron to come ask me if I cared for a latte.

Had a good conversation with the doctor.  I should be getting the biopsy results within the next 3-5 business days, but based solely on what he could see it looks very promising. I have an appointment tomorrow for a cat scan to look for any spreading into the abdomen or lungs. Based on the results of that, plus the biopsy we’ll determine what kind of surgery I need. Best case scenario there will be minor surgery and we’re done. No further treatment. Mostly likely though there will be a slightly less minor surgery but still no further treatment. I really couldn’t have asked for better in the hopeful news section today. I’m still ready to deal with the worst but now I’m not quite so positive that it will be the worst!

It’s been a lifesaver and anxiety saver for me the last few days to read all of your comments both public and private, here, and on facebook. It’s amazing what a different it can make. I hope none of you ever have to deal with anything more severe than  a cold, but if you do I hope I can be at least close to as supportive as you all have been.

Keep fighting the good fight guys.




Comments on: "What kind of person would take pictures at an Oncologists office?" (0)

  1.   I could almost cry, I feel so relieved for you.  I know you still have more to deal with ahead but it really sounds like a best case scenario.

  2. Oh, and I have heard those biopsies are hard.  Rest and take ibuprofen!  

  3. What good news! I will keep on praying that it comes back the best it possibly can~!

  4. I believe you’ll be fine. Wish you all the best!!!

  5. Tracy,  I’m glad you got such a promising pre-prognosis! Also liking your onc. and the staff makes all this a little easier.  I think all of the tests and waiting for results is actually the worst part of this. I’ve lost track of how many I had. Obviously, it’s all doable. 

  6. @ic1950 – I love the word Pre-Prognosis! That’s exactly what it is. I mean, I could still pop up here on Tuesday and say, oops…they were wrong, but it’s nice to be able to share the good & the bad whatever they may turn into. You know I think I have five different women on my facebook who all previously had breast cancer, and one with cervical. The amount is startling, but even more astounding is that I do not know anyone personally who did not survive breast or cervical cancer. Science is amazing.

  7. @skanickadee – Well I wasn’t ready to cry until I read this! Thank you MB. I am truly grateful for being able to send you random messages from anywhere I am and know that you will always be on my side.

  8. It all sounds very positive and especially you! Hugs

  9. Always holding out hope for the very best and sending good thoughts your way.  It sounds very promising!  Before you know it, this will all be behind you!!

  10. I would’ve scoffed a billion cookies out of nerves haha and probably vomited on the doctor lol good pics! and good news..fingers crossed for the other tests x

  11. Sounds so promising.  Hope with you for all good things.  You’ve been on my heart and in my thoughts all day and I breathe a prayer your way super often.   I was with a girlfriend of mine for similar biopsies.  Hope you’re not in too much discomfort.  Take good good care!  ❀

  12. Tracy, it’s so good to hear that things went very well today!  I’m still praying and crossing my fingers for everything to go well again tomorrow, but things sound good!  I think it’s neat that the oncologist’s office tries so hard to have a comforting appearance.  Obviously, people going there are going to be stressed at best, and cookies, coffee and a warm atmosphere help make the best of a place no one wants to visit!  Here’s to more good news tomorrow!  And try a cookie…I’ve just got to know if they are any good!  LOL  Now, who’s the loon?  Kathi

  13. Keeping my fingers crossed for you, Tracy. Now, did you mention cookies ????   

  14. Fingers crossed for best case scenario for  you.  Many hugs your way.

  15. I am pissed…I was expecting some exam pics….at least instrument pics…and where is the feet in the stirups picture…I’m very relieved..this is going to be okay…I feel it.Wish I could say the same for the cat scan experience today.  Hope it went well…I’m totally freaked out with cat scans but they have told me drugs are available…I’ve taken off my helmet but still seat belted in for the ride!!!

  16. You’re awesome!  Stay positive!

  17. @Ninasusan – I’m drinking my first dose of barium now. Cat skan in four hours. I wonder how many calories are in Redi-Cat? I don’t think CAT scans bother me, I had one before. MRI’s are HORRIBLE! I wonder what the Dr would have done if I whipped out my cell phone when he was doing the exam and said, SMILE!

  18. Wonderful news Tracy!! So happy to hear. I think docs can tell a lot by what they see, it is what they do! Will be saying a prayer or 3 for you!  that does look like a nice office….I always love your random pics. maybe next time you go you can enjoy a cookie…you deserve it! The stress alone has got to have counteracted any cookie calories Enjoy your weekend! πŸ™‚  

  19. this really is an interesting office.  I would have pocketed a few of the cookies. what kind?btw, on your last post, I forgot to send my good thoughts regarding  your biopsy.  thinking of you guys.j.

  20. @ofunlo – Thank you.  They were chocolate chip!  I was not so stressed that I didn’t look. πŸ™‚ 

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