Feeling a little low this morning. I’m sure I’ll feel better after the ibuprofen kicks in. I’m sure I’ve posted about this in the past, it just takes on a little more meaning these days.  I few months ago I started getting fevers occasionally. Not a lot, maybe once every ten days or so. Most of them seemed to hit at night. Which makes for a miserable night of sleeping. Have one now. They never go high, just 100 or 101 and they seem to hang around for ten or twelve hours. And of course  you’re achy and headachy. At least now I can be reasonably sure that they are a symptom of the cancer. So hopefully they will be gone soon. I don’t think I’ve talked much about the side effects or symptoms outside of private posts. Have I? Have I been whining? I dunno. Soon I’ll go back and change them from private. I guess my thoughts on it are; if someone else ever stumbles on these who is dealing with this, maybe they can benefit from my experience.  Maybe not. 


I want to go buy this couch today.  It’s very inexpensive and on top of that $200.00 off right now. I like the little chaise end piece. It can be moved from either side. We only have two recliners in our living room. We went through like three sets of living room furniture. Every time we bought one, a dog would eat it. Different dogs too. So, it’s been a few years I think it’s time to try again. I want to have a place in the living room to be comfortable when I’m stuck at home.

Pictures from my cell. Sorry for the repetition if you’re on my facebook. ๐Ÿ™‚ If you’re not on my facebook, please feel free to find me, I think we all know I’ve given up on privacy in my life. 

I know it looks like we drink all of the time! I swear we rarely do outside of home. But there you go. Sangria at Don Pablo’s. I’ve developed a liking for sangria in restaurants because it’s usually cheap and full of healthy fruit!


This is my daughter and a bird at her work. We took her food. My daughter, not the bird.


We saw Rise of the Planet of the Apes yesterday. It was really very good. I found the first hour difficult to watch. We also went to Costco for the first time, but I forgot to take any pictures!


Gluten Free brownie thing. My sister, daughter and I went to lunch on Friday at the tea-house.


Carrot Cake


Quiche sampler with salad.


My Kates and I. Not the best picture I think, but we don’t have that many together so you have to look at it. I love the color of my shirt, and my sister is wearing the same color.  However she has beautiful blue eyes that glow when she wears it. 


Speak of the devil! ๐Ÿ™‚ My sister.


Enjoy your day.




When I hopped on my Desktop this was the random desktop background.  Funny because windows did a perfect edit.

Here you go #skanickadee


Comments on: "Pollyanna! Where are you?" (0)

  1. Ok, I am laughing here because under the picture of the daughter and bird you wrote ” we took her food” I read it we TOOK her food as in we took it away from her! Omg I’m weird!!!!

  2. @GoodGuyTheBoss – It does rather sound like I’m stealing food out of the mouth of my baby.

  3. interesting about the fever…very interestingLove the sofa/chaise…love it.

  4. @Ninasusan – little scary isn’t it? I knew “Night Sweats” were a common symptom of cancer, but unfortunately it’s also a symptom of 100 other things including menopause. 

  5. Night sweats are also a symptom of tequila.  I hope they subside soon.  Love the chaise/sofa.  I really want some new furniture now!

  6. I love the sofa..I really need a new one.  The one we currently have is a “pass-around”.  Someone else’s taste…definitely not mine, but it’s serviceable.  I love the fruit in sangria as well.  I think they should just make a dessert out of the fruit that they’ve soaked in it!  Yum!!Dear Friend!  You have not been whining, but if you choose to do so, I will be here for you.  You have a lot on your plate and I totally understand.  Lots of (((HUGS)))!

  7. I like the sofa (not this color tho, lol…) and  sangria too.

  8. I love the picture of beloved!  Thank you for posting it!  I grabbed it.You did mention the fevers but you NEVER whine.  Really!!!  And even if you did, you have a right to but really, I have never heard you whine.I’m hoping you feel better by now.  I thought of you while we were out for a drive today.  There were the most beautiful puffy clouds and I was hoping that you were looking at a beautiful sky today.I love, love, love the couch, especially with the chaise and the color.  You should have a beautiful comfortable place to recover.The picture of Katy with the bird is so sweet.  I think it says a lot about a person who have such a loving heart for all creatures, like Katy does.Why was the first hour of the movie difficult to watch?  I want to see that movie.  You know one of the guys who “plays” one of the apes also “played” Gollum.I love that blue that both you and Erin have on.  I wish it worked for me but it is wrong for my skin tone.  Erin does have amazing eyes.  My dad had eyes like that in blue and my mom had clear green eyes.  I think those kind of eyes are so cool!The food looks amazing.  I may be making New York style cheesecake tomorrow.  David has requested it.  He has never requested it.  If I make it, I am going to encourage him to help me.Feel better kiddo!

  9. Whoops – thisI love the picture of beloved!should have saidI love the picture of my beloved!

  10. @skanickadee – I did not know that was Gollum!  It was the cruelty in the first hour that I had trouble with.  I did buy my couch today, and a very nice dresser that we were desperately in need of. They even bumped up the delivery date from their normal two weeks to get it to me before I go in the hospital. I think it’s even prettier in person. mmm, cheesecake..I’ve never successfully made a NY Cheesecake.  Good Luck!

  11. @tracy – I saw an article somewhere about the guy.  Very interesting.  Ah, I would have trouble with that, too.  I’m so glad you will get your sofa early!  I have a recipe from an America’s Test Kitchen cookbook.  It worked pretty well before.  It cracked on top but that is why you put fruit on top.

  12. I want photo’s from costco!! haha ๐Ÿ™‚ hope the recliner does not get eaten by another dog, it’s such a nice couch!

  13. great pics……    and I hope you’re feeling better !!!!  

  14. @tracy – ya…and we menopausers can’t be going to the doc everytime we have a sweat!!!  or should we?

  15. @Ninasusan – Ha, that’s the question isn’t it? I think we should be just taking excellent care of ourselves and doing all the checks and balances we are supposed to do.

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