How many days in a row do you think I can say the words uterus or cancer in a blog before people start running? I am at home today. I kept waking up during the night because I was so crampy. Both Advil & Tylenol are playing a major role in my day to day life recently. They both serve different purposes in the same region.  I feel pretty good once I can get dosed up enough. I even went out to lunch with my wonderful daughter.  She got a hair cut and she looks fantastic! She was dressed all cute and wearing jewelry even today. Okay, maybe not the Best picture! 🙂


Yesterday I tried hearing aids out. It was amazing! I walked around eavesdropping on people and listening to the tv’s in the electronics area. So cool. The guy was sad when I picked the cheaper of the two that worked well for me. The more expensive of the two didn’t have volume controls on the ear piece. You had to use a remote. I would lose that so fast. So beware all of you mumblers soon I will know what you’re saying!

I have been noticing something about the way men and women have been reacting when I tell them I have been diagnosed with cancer. I’m sure it’s not an across the board men / women thing but in my little circle of people there is a definite difference. Men immediately start wishing me well on my prolonged pain & suffering and eventual death (said in their best eeyore voice). Women give me a figurative hand flip and exclaim, “eh, you’ll be fine” as if I have just told them I got a bad haircut and they are reassuring me that even though I look like a five year old boy now, in a few weeks it’ll be grown out and I’ll be back to my adequate self. I think there is an interesting message here in about how women are expected to respond.

I will not be at work tomorrow either. I have a pre-op testing and registration appointment at 7:15 in the freaking AM at the hospital then after that a doctors appointment. I’m pretty sure that will take up my entire morning. I’m equally sure I will look like hell and be sleepy afterwards.  



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  1. No pics of the cute hair cut?I find that very interesting about the differences in the way people react.  Maybe because women know a lot of women who have had it and had good outcomes?  I know I struggle with what I write about it because I don’t want to say anything upsetting.  I find it really hard to wrap my mind around the whole thing and I don’t know if I have even been able (up to now) to type out the word cancer in regard to you.  Maybe we have to be so flip because we can’t wrap our minds around it because I know you shouldn’t have cancer.Ok, hard to make the transition to light and fluffy but here goes.  I am really happy for you with the hearing aid(s).  My sister in law is almost completely deaf without her hearing aids.  I know what a transformation it has been for her as the devices have improved.  We knew she found really good ones a few years back and was able to hear random conversations at family parties.  Yay that the cheaper one works for you!!!

  2. Maybe women are so flippant because “this could happen to ME,” and it’s scary.Do you remember the SNL skit with Garret Morris about news for the hearing impaired? He would shout everything Jane Curtain said. I had a vision of your sales person trying to sell you the more expensive hearing aid like that.I hope you get plenty of rest and get uncramped soon.

  3. @skanickadee – You do not have to worry about upsetting me.  I made a reference yesterday to comparing Harry Potters nemesis Lord Valdemort to cancer.  Everyone was afraid to say his name because it allowed them to be found by him.  I think it’s the same thing with the word cancer. Thank you for thinking I shouldn’t have it! I agree! But if I have to pick between me and about 100 other people I know, I’ll pick me. It’s much easier to have it, and find out it’s still just another “thing” then have to worry about other people who have it.And…segway..(sp?) .the cheap one was still $899!  OMFG!  According to the Internet most places mark their hearing aids up by 300% Costco marks theirs up by 100%.  They also have a much better warranty & refund policy.  I am very happy that I called them.

  4. @Mom_with_a_Chainsaw – I don’t, but that’s funny.  Every person I’ve run into at the three places that deal with hearing aids all the people are VERY loud and speak very clearly!

  5. @Mom_with_a_Chainsaw – Ha ha – I recently saw a clip of that – very funny!

  6. I’m honestly curious – how would you like people to respond when you tell them?  I wonder if I’ve responded empathetically or not, in the past. you just have the daughter?  any sons?  I don’t remember you discussing your chilluns in the past.

  7. @tracy – You are right.  I am looking forward to the day when you will say you are cancer free. I’ve heard from my sil that they are so very expensive.  I had no idea that Costco sold them.  That is amazing.

  8. @ofunlo – I thought about that and was ready for this question, sort of.  (The response, not the children.  I’m always ready for that question, I have a daughter 23, and a son, 25) It needs to be a nice mix of a response. I appreciate the sympathy, mostly because I feel like shit physically, and I appreciate that people understand that it’s serious, but I also want people to understand that it’s not a death sentence. So here is my new line for anyone else who has to say it to me. “I am very sorry to hear about this. I hope your recovery is as quick and easy as is possible and if there is anything I can do to make it easier for you, please let me know.” Then I’ll probably ask all sorts of inappropriate questions. 🙂

  9. @tracy – ha!  I’ll remember this.  now I’m curious as to what inappropriate questions you might ask!

  10. @Mom_with_a_Chainsaw – I agree with the “it could happen to me” possibility. I have to be flippant (and concerned – strange mixture) because i’d want to beat the odds myself. 

  11. I certainly hope I don’t come off as being flippant, because anything that causes my friends or family concern, is a concern to me.  But I refuse to sit and accept things that come my way without allowing hope to be a part of the equation.  By saying it out loud (“everything will be okay”), it makes it seem possible.  (((HUGS)))

  12. @Emme402 – I don’t think any of the women I have talked to have come off as flippant, or uncaring.  Just much more matter of fact about it.  You all have been positively lovely!

  13. @Michael Hillard@facebook – I think it’s very possible you are right Mike.

  14. I wonder if women react the same way when its men telling them?  Women, maybe, identify with each other and hope for the best and anyway, women are always supposed to make the best of it, no matter what ‘it’ is.Best of luck (said meaningfully and not flipping you off at all).

  15. Just left a message on your last post.  I think I am not as afraid to talk about cancer because I did so much when H had it.  And we live every day with the possibility that it could return, as his has a high recurrence rate.  It drives me absolutely insane that he doesn’t eat right and has to be forced to walk.  But I understand so much how important it is to talk about it.  I do wish there was something I could do for you, and if you think of something, just let me know! Kathi

  16. It certainly is interesting — the difference in reaction between the sexes.  

  17. I’m thinking of you this morning, and hoping everything’s going well!Kathi

  18. @SavonDuJour – I think a lot of what you say is the cause, about women making the best of it.  We’re so ingrained to deal with the present circumstances and focus on what we change and just let the rest go.

  19. @Still_groovy – Thanks Kathi – your timing is good. I just got hope from all of the pre-op stuff. Hours of talking and a little poking and x-raying.  Looks like we’re all good to go on the 19th!  Thank you for thinking of me.

  20. I guess I’m strange — I run when you start posting pictures and descriptions of food, not when you mention “cancer” or “uterus”. I hope you find a doctor who will listen to you and take the time to do something to help you. I’ve had a lot of those who don’t care, just want to collect their fees, and the ones who do care are worth… well, what we or our insurance pays them and then some.

  21. @Micheal Hillard@Facebook – I just had surgery on my man-parts on June 29. Just cleaning out a hydrocoel and some epidydal cysts. Yeah, it’s scary, and no, it wasn’t very dangerous. But I didn’t post much about it. Not sure where I’m going with this, but ow.

  22. How are you innards this morning?  You were all crampy yesterday.  I hope all of today’s poking around didn’t add to your pains.I just read your comment to Kathi and it seems like you had a good appointment.  I am glad to hear that. Do you have the rest of the day off?  I hope so and I hope you feel well enough to enjoy this lovely day.

  23. Ok it’s kinda taking everything I have to not say ‘Eh you’ll be fine. and there it is, i said it 😦 but seriously it totally sucks that you have to go thru this…I keep thinking that with your “inconclusive” test results, that has to be from the other problems so hope you’re not too worried about that..although at this point that’s probably easier said than done. i remember when i had my last child and they forgot to take a urine sample, they kept telling me they had to have one before I left the hospital but the nurses kept saying it’s stupid, she’s still bleeding..hellloooo she just gave birth, so it’s just gonna keep coming back…so although totally different, not even close, still kinda like that.I hope that everything goes fast and easy for you tomorrow and this whole thing is behind you very very soon. You are in my thoughts and prayers!

  24. 1.  Get well soon.  2.  If people sound like Eeyore for too long, don’t they have to eat thistles?

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