This morning I went in to get my staples removed and the awful drain taken out. I really really hated that drain. It was gross and irritating and painful. I was quite nervous about having the staples removed, and really nervous about having the drain removed.  

The drain looks like a clear plastic hand grenade attached by a long clear tube to your abdomen, it’s held in place by a black stitch that is at the small opening into you.  The tube extends for a bit into you. It’s gross.  The nurse said my tube inside was quite long, which is why it was also so freaking annoying. Every time I moved it was rubbing on things on the inside. Very glad it’s gone. I now have stitches on my incision with little pieces of tape that will fall off in the next week or so and over my drain hole I have a plastic bag that kinda looks a disposable IV bag right down to the tap at the bottom.  It’s just in case I spring a leak and my drain hole becomes a blow hole. I can peel it off after 24 hours. Thank goodness! Now I have to try very very hard to stay calm and unmoving for awhile longer to make sure everything heals up.  My husband is terrified the incision will somehow burst open and all of my insides will come spilling out like an unzipped bean bag chair filled with those little static filled Styrofoam pellets.


Enjoy all of those images. πŸ™‚

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  1. This is trying your patience, isn’t it?  Keep resting; keep healing, and I’ll keep sending good health vibes your way!

  2. Well sweets evey day you get closer to being back romping around just rest and be safe…Hugs and prayers to youMae

  3. YIKES!  It all sounds very awful!  Yet you have been so brave and stoic.What a lot to go through!  I know you can’t wait to be back to 100%.

  4. I’ve seen these things many many times. Hope you will get well soon!!! 

  5. Super fascinating stuff. Sounds like you’re healing at a good clip.

  6. Hang in there, thanks for the visual πŸ˜€

  7. Hope you stay down and rest like you are suppose to.

  8. I have to say, I am so glad I read this right before eating. That was the best idea ever. I really do have the best timing.

  9. Oh, you should really torture the hubby.  After sitting still for a bit, suddenly sit up and shout, “Oh no!”  Then surrepticiously poof a small bag of downy feathers into the air.  Ths would be even funnier if you happen to have a whoopy cushion.

  10. @to_be_creative – Nice. πŸ™‚

  11. @Mom_with_a_Chainsaw yes it is. It’s the forced slow down. I hate anyone telling me what to do.

  12. @SisterMae – Thank you. I am looking every day at each thing that is better that day. Luckily every single day there is something to add to the list.

  13. @wildberrytea – Poor you! πŸ™‚ Thanks.

  14. @BoureeMusique – I aim for the good, the bad, and in this case the ugly. I think I am a quick healer.

  15. @wematter – You’re welcome. πŸ™‚

  16. @GoodGuyTheBoss – I really am trying.

  17. @Koriar – At least I’m not there in person making you look at it. You know if I were, I would.

  18. @tracy – Just checking in on you today sending you a big old hug

  19. @SisterMae – Thank you!

  20. Hope you enjoy the “freedom” now !!!

  21. Loved the details…I love to pop zits…need I say more!!

  22. wow.  I’m amazed they took the stitches out so soon.  the dr. says you will stay together, though, right?if your insides come out, take a photo, cause I’ve never seen anything like that.  not meaning to be gross or anything.other than that, how are you feeling?  sick?  weak?  sore?

  23. @ofunlo – I still have lots of stitches!  I had stitches & staples and they just took out the staples. They throw like a dozen pieces of tape on to replace the staples and you just let all the stitches & tape fall off as it will. It’s pretty damn gross, but still better than staples.  Did you see the picture of the stuff they took out? I don’t think I ever linked to it here did I? Only on my facebook.  I’ll go upload it and post the link. I personally thought it was amazing, but for some people it’s really really gross. Yes, sick, weak, sore. I think you covered all the bases! I am just covered in bruises and welts and strange cuts and puncture marks. I do not recommend a radical hysterectomy as a fun summer plan.

  24. @tracy – i was going to ask about the photo of the stuff they took out, but thought it might be rude to ask.  even with the bad feelings and all, I’m glad you’re better, and recovering.  

  25. @ofunlo –  Snapfish does some weirdness to the size on upload, It’s much less icky in non high resolution!'s everything they took out except for the lymph nodes.

  26. @tracy – wow.  that’s a chuck of human body parts.  no wonder you’re feeling as you are.  

  27. and it says, “save this photo or order a print”.

  28. I hated it when my drain was removed, it felt so creepy.  And took a long time heal.  Felt like a tampon being removed from my side. 

  29. @LaMorganna – I’m glad I’m not the only one who hated it. It’s still an ugly ugly mark. Big scab and red all around.

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