When I have significant news I usually wait two days before I make it public on here. It’s a habit I got into. I might type up the blog, but then I mark it private for two days. I go back, reread and make sure that I’m saying what I want to say and not more, or less and then I update the time and switch it to public. 

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could do that in real life?

So, I updated my Friday blog to public a few minutes ago. The problem with this is that I want to type again now, so two posts it is.

It feels like I have been bombarding the world with information, constant blogging and constant facebooking, but when I look back it doesn’t appear I have been. Blogging dysmorphia?

I think people who have dealt with different cancers in their past attach more significance to cancer being found in the Lymph nodes than people who haven’t run across it before. I picture the lymph nodes as sort of the Turnpike of your body. (I don’t really know how accurate my information is, and I’m not going to go check right now) Once the cancer cells jump on the lymphatic system it gives them access to hop off anywhere around there is an exit. Hopefully the cells that were found in mine were just starting their journey. I do know that this upped my chance for reoccurrence later.  Bummer that!

I am so grateful that we all have such a bizarre sense of humor and can joke our way around the ugly parts. We’ve already had all the jokes about my probably drastic appearance change. Yeah, that’s right, seven years of letting my hair grow and investing in ridiculously expensive hair cleansers and it’s all going to fall out.  Uhg. This then turned into the dilemma of hair color. I am in need of a color and cut. Do I invest the time and money to have it done even though in all probability it will be gone in eight weeks? I decided yes. I have some things to do in September and I want to look strong and confident. I will try and get in next week to get that taken care of. 

And now I am done!

See ya.



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  1. You have a lot going for you you are beautiful so no worries

  2. I think that is a good idea to take care of your hair while you still have it.  You should feel comfortable in your daily life with your hair until it is gone. And I haven’t felt that you have blogged too much.  Not at all.I think it is good to be able to use humor.  It is a really good way to get through the tough times.

  3. smoke ’em if you got ’em.  or….color it while you have it?     a sense of humor is a fabulous thing to possess.  it’s what helps get ya through.  the boy and I can be having the worst day on record – and then somehow we manage to get a joke or two in there.  it adds a splash of color.  ❤

  4. what color?  I think you should go for a bright pink and spiked mohawk, like the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

  5. Tracy, I’m sorry about the discouraging biopsy results, bu you will get through this and be well again!  H did it, and not wanting to “one up” you (although I guess here is a situation where one wouldn’t mind being “one-upped”, lol) but having non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, his lymph nodes were full of it, in addition to the tumor site.  All over, up and down the chain of glands, and he is doing very well.  Even being a guy, he hated losing his hair.  But you both have that same “git ‘er done” attitude, and he has always found that helpful.  I know you will, too.  I am so glad you feel like sharing with us.Kathi

  6. Many many moons ago, I met the coolest lady named Alma.  She had been diagnosed with some sort of cancer or another.  She was in her 70s at the time.  She asked our minister if he thought it would be wasteful for her to buy new clothes.  He assured her it wasn’t.  She went out and bought the most incredible wardrobe.  Bright colors, prints.  The styles were awesome.  We went to a church where we were vastly in the minority.  She bought tribal type clothes even though she was whiter than me.  She looked fantastic!!  I cherished our friendship for the next 6 years.  She was there for my second child’s christening.  She got her money’s worth out of those clothes.  I don’t know if she was like that before her diagnosis.  I didn’t know her then.  It may have been the diagnosis that opened her eyes to all the possibilities out there.  What ever it was, I loved Alma!  Still do really. 

  7. Don’t worry about your hair. They’ll grow back for sure and thicker.

  8. @Still_groovy – I am so glad he’s doing well! That’s some impressive healing. And you’re right, I don’t mind being one-upped not even a tiny little bit!

  9. @to_be_creative – Shit. I have to stop reading your comments before I have my coffee. Two in a row made me tear up. Very unusual for me.

  10. @wildberrytea – It’s just vanity. 🙂 I’ll get over it. I have the finest hair imaginable, you have now given me something to look forward to!  Maybe it will be thicker and fuller. Thank you!

  11. I can see the turnpike, makes perfect sense. I’m sorry you’re gonna have to deal with the chemo and radiation, that just sucks. I know a lot of ppl who have, don’t we all…and have come thru just fine and I will be sending lots of prayers and good vibes! Speaking of hair…have to tell you about Sarah…the florist we used for my daughters’ wedding. Young beautiful 20, possibly 30 something year old. Had the cutest hair. It was funky short and curly. She made a comment to my daughter about missing her long hair (Shanna has long straight hair) we kinda looked at her like huh? and she told us how she’d spent the last year going thru chemo for breast cancer, that she was fine, but her hair had been long and straight when she lost it and it came back in curly and she was still learning how to handle curly hair.  So I’m thinking all that expensive stuff you use to give your hair body now…who knows you might not need any of it in a few months! (did I tell you this already? as I’m typing it, I feel like I did..sorry if I already did)  Humor is a great thing and you have a GREAT sense of humor. I know that will help you deal, keep those crazy moments close! .

  12. @strawberryfieldsgirl – Aww, how fun for her to have whole new hair! I am going to be concentrating on the joy of seeing what happens afterwards rather than the process.

  13. When you heal a little, will you have to massage the sites where they removed your lymph nodes? I’ve heard of that happening.I don’t think ANYTHING that makes you feel better is wasteful at ALL. *hugs*

  14. @Mom_with_a_Chainsaw – I hadn’t heard about that.  Off to google!

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