Nothing new & exciting!

I bet you thought I would be too distracted by my crazy health issues to post about food, didn’t you? HA! You were wrong.

I could have edited this picture so you didn’t see my nasty cabinet, but eh. 

I’ve been having all sorts of stomach & appetite issues since the surgery. The other day I had a sudden craving for Peanut Butter. If my cravings are reasonably healthy, I listen. Since PB is pretty much pure protein and since my body is trying to rebuild some cut parts I thought this was a craving I could cave in to. I really wanted the Peanut Butter on these cookies.  So I did. OMG! So Good!  I love these cookies. I picked them up at Costco a few weeks ago and they were a great find. Just a touch of sweet but still pretty healthy.

I encourage you to try them if you see them.  Think ultra thin biscotti. For some reason they sit really well on my touchy stomach.


This has been my view for a week. I spend a lot of time sitting on my front porch. There are certainly worse ways to recuperate. I have made friends with the mailman who I’m sure, will be sad when I go back to work and he can’t talk to my puppies any longer. It feels like I have been off work for a month even though it’s only been 10 days.

My dresser was delivered yesterday. So now I have had a giant couch and a very large dresser delivered and I am unable to move things. I have a very small house and it is now a maze. I will not be cleared for lifting until the end of September. I will be insane by then.

I have things I need to get this week that are OUT OF THE HOUSE! Scary thought. 🙂

My son left the house and I was sitting in the kitchen when there was a very loud crash from somewhere in the house. I sat there for a second trying to place the sound when I realized I was also hearing water running loudly. I had so many pictures of things that had just happened.  The front runner was that somehow the bathtub faucet had just flown off into the opposite wall and an open pipe was now gushing water at full force. I give myself a C grade on this deduction. The shower curtain rod had fallen down and managed to fall just right to turn on the cold water tap.  That was my excitement for the day.

Enjoy your day!


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  1. Now I am craving peanut butter. My apartment is pretty much devoid of edible food at the moment. I have a few items in the freezer I’ll be heating up for dinner for the rest of the week. Actually did some dishes last night and started pulling some of my boyfriend’s stuff out of the cabinets, stuff I’ll never in a million years cook and eat for myself. As soon as he has an actual address (he’s living with uncles right now), I’ll take him a box of dry goods. But anyway, yes, food is good. Is your black dog very tall or is the fence just shorter than I imagine it to be? Beautiful yard!

  2. I’m glad your plumbing didn’t explode or something.  you’d have been in a fix.  your doggies are cute.  your cupboard looks about like mine.I’d like to see photos of your yard and flowers, etc.  since you’re just laying around these days.  : P

  3. @BoureeMusique – She is very tall.  She is a Black Lab/Great Dane and when she stands on her hind legs she is longer than me.

  4. When I first saw the picture of your dog, I thought it was a picture of a pony and I was amazed that you had ponies in your neighborhood!!!  I am always fighting with my cabinets to keep things neat but mostly I always have things falling on my head when I open them.  I am trying to figure out if that is the brand name above where it says Almond Thins.  They sound like something I would like.  We always have Jiff in the house.  My guys love that stuff.So how are you feeling?  Are you up and around much?  When do you get to drive and when do you go back to work?

  5. @skanickadee – They are called Thin Addictives.   I am allowed to drive but I haven’t done a lot of it.  I’m still pretty sore and I find walking exhausting!. I will have to do some work on Thursday because it’s the 1st, but I am not going back to work until the 6th.  Of course I also just got my first radiologist appt and it’s on the morning of the 6th.  I was thinking today that if I had a different job I wouldn’t be going back to work until the third week in September when I see the doctor and he officially releases me!  It would be weird to have a month off work. I am going out of town the third week in Sept so the doctor got me in a little early to make sure I’m good to fly. 🙂

  6. I have the same shelf paper!     Those crackers look really good!  I don’t know if I could have been very calm, hearing that noise and knowing that no one else was in the house.  I have the most active imagination ever.

  7. I hope you beat this thing quickly and get back on your feet, better than ever!! 

  8. @roscoes_farm – I will. 🙂 Too mean to stay down for long.

  9. @Emme402 – LOL, the water running was what calmed me.

  10. Good thing you were there when that curtain rod fell! how strange! Sounds like you’re recovering well. i’m happy to hear that you’re hungry! I agree with you, I believe there is a reason for cravings too. I’ll have to look for those crackers..or cookies, whatever they are lol We are a peanut butter might have to try that, it sounds goood!Don’t be trying to move stuff! I know you know better. But I also know how looking at something that bugs you for too long might make you want to do something stupid. don’t! Your dog looks like a horse in that pic. ok not literally, but he looks huge! Glad you’ve had good weather to be able to enjoy the outdoors while you’re home. Take care & keep the patience!

  11. Holy Crap.  Just reading back on your blog, and feel so speechless.  Will post more…  Lois

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