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Soup & Upholstered things

My couch was supposed to be delivered today. 😦

About 11:30 I just had the overwhelming feeling of pissed off and thought, oh, they’re not delivering it today.  So I called and sure enough, something got messed up. They tell me it will be tomorrow.



I bought this soup last month and finally got around to trying it. Flavor was good except it is the saltiest pre-made soup I have ever had. I like salt, but this was too much for me.


Oddly, while I was typing this the delivery people called and said they will deliver my couch tomorrow between noon and three. No word yet on the dresser. I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t buy from them again.


 I’m feeling cranky today.


This song made me laugh even in my cranky state. 🙂



Monday Morning Glory.

I love Morning Glorys. I especially love this color.

Every once in awhile I throw a bunch of Morning Glory seeds by fences. If you throw 50 you get about five plants and then they’ll reseed for a few years. I haven’t done it for a few years and I’m almost out of surprise flowers now. I will try to remember it come spring.  We had a lawn company come in and spend six hours (yes, six) cutting down bushes and trees and trimming things. Yard looks bare, so does my checking account.

I was trying to catch a shot of storm coming in, but no…just a sky.


Why are water fountains so pretty even when they’re not particularly pretty water fountains.?


Took a picture of something out my window early in the morining.  Didn’t work out so well.


Luckily I took a second one. There is a bunny family living under a giant bush in my front yard so there are constantly bunnies in the yard.  Except for above mentioned bush cutting.  They’re probably very unhappy with me now.


My nieces.


Doctors office called this morning and asked if I could move my surgery to Thursday the 18th in the afternoon instead of Friday morning. Sure! 

Wasn’t until after all of the arrangments were made that I realized that I would now have to go until 2:00 pm without eating or drinking that day. 😦

Busy week. Today is work, then workout with Daisy. Then clean out my living room for furniture delivery tomorrow. Tomorrow, work, Doctors appointment, then home to lay on my new couch. Wednesday, is work, then whine like a baby that I can’t eat dinner.  Thursday is the continuation of the whining then get knocked out! Friday, loopy’ness and pain.  Somewhere in there I have to schedule a meeting with a man who is buying our Stevie Nicks tickets. (YAY!) He owns a contracting company and is currently working in a different city.


Word Vomit

I feel the need to create. A space, a picture, a paragraph, a soup; it doesn’t matter. Does everyone get that feeling? It’s like something just starts building inside of me and I need to do something to let it manifest outwardly. I wish I had some very tangible output. A pretty bowl that could be used, or a bracelet I could wear. This is why sometimes I type. I am a typer, not a writer. I don’t have an urge to write a novel and be acclaimed for it even though I have tons of stories in my head, but I love typing on my keyboard and watching the letters that turn into words appear on a screen.  It’s exactly like painting for me. I wonder if I could just type random words and have the same effect.  Let’s see;

Lavender, circles, swirling, swoop, corner, up, black, softly, skin, knee, rounded, curly, squish, lines, angle.

Hmm, the comma’s got in my way.

I slept roughly, waking up every 45 minutes or so for a variety of uncomfortable reasons. I use to get so upset by the nights I didn’t sleep well. I don’t anymore. If I am tired,then I am tired. If I am really tired, I can take a nap, or sleep better the next night. I think I may have actually gotten some appreciation for the feeling of being sleepy. As long as I don’t drive or operate heavy machinery.  As a very wise woman once told me,”You can sleep on the plane”.

My husband accidentally, I assume, had his alarm set for 6:00 am, so up I got. I watched a couple of episodes of Better off Ted on my iPod while I drank a cup of coffee. I think Better Off Ted was one of the most cleverly written shows.  I am slowly working my way through the episodes and it makes me sad that at some point I will reach the end. I should check who is responsible for it and see what other shows they were responsible for.

I got my hearing aid yesterday. Someday I will take a picture of Tracy without Hearing Aid and Tracy With Hearing Aid. I would do it now, but I look kind of scary.:) It was fun suddenly hearing things that I have been missing. The funniest thing for me was the fan on my tower. It’s been sitting in the same position for a couple of years with the tower up on a table and to my right. So yesterday when I sat down suddenly I realized I could hear the fan, which apparently I couldn’t hear before! Who knew. At work it was the sound of my spoon on my paper cup. I didn’t realize it was thumping.

When I am done with this I am going to hit the shower. My husband and I are going to the zoo. This could be my last chance for awhile so I don’t want to miss it. I think I will create one clean spot in the bathroom before I do. Kill two birds as it were.

Yesterday I met Daisy’s son. He lives in New York but is staying with her for a couple of weeks. He hugged me and then just kept saying thank you for taking care of my mother. It was kind of emotional. She is planning on moving to New York soon. I will miss her. We make an odd team, but there you go.

 Eamon just came on my iPod, that will certainly change the mood of the moment.

On with my day.


Yesterday was Pre-op registration and testing day. Woo.

I see why they do it a week before, it’s entirely possible that it could take that long! I had a chest x-ray, and more blood work. Spent a long time going over medical history and then, much like a five star hotel, they sent me home with soap. Apparently before you go into the hospital you are expected to sanitize yourself. 🙂 You are also expected to show up with no jewelry, no nail or toe polish, no lotions, and no make-up!  I haven’t left the house with no make-up since I was 15. They also told me all of the things I must stop, like taking ibuprofen.  That did not amuse me. I have now switched to acetaminophen, which does not work as well.  We had to be at the hospital at 7:15 am, and then after all of that I had an appointment at the oncologist. Again with the talking.:) Just more details about what specifically will happen and what to expect.  I guess it’s a lot better than just showing up.  Right? I don’t have to be at the hospital until 9:45am on the 19th, and surgery is scheduled for 11:15 am.  There is a two hour block set aside for it. I will be in the hospital for a night or two and plan to sleep the whole time. I will take my iPod so if I have coherent moments I can catch up on my words & hanging with friends games. (tlm0000, that’s me).

One of my office mates, Brad, is on vacation today until the 22nd so he left me surgery presents.  A big soft round donut pillow to sit on and a box of ridiculous chocolates. I am usually the share your chocolates kind of person, but I don’t think I’ll be sharing these.

It was nice to come in to. Thanks Brad.


My husband feels neglected because I never talk about how wonderful he treats me.  I promised him a blog devoted only to him, but not today.

And the Winner is…

For Best Google Voice Translation this year;

“Hey Tracy, this is jackass. ………….

I love wifi

I have a very small house. I have a doggie door in the back of the house which leads to the back yard.  I have a fence around my back yard.  I also have a fence around the side & front of my yard but have gates going to the back yard. This allows the dogs to have the back yard and us to have the front yard and not have to share unless we want to.

I am currently sitting on my front porch. I was working, really I was. I have the gates going to the back yard open so the dogs can come at go at their leisure and hang out with me, or go in the house and drink, or go in the backyard to do the things they’re not supposed to do in the front. One the dogs who shall remain nameless keeps running in the backyard and then running in through the doggie door then all the way to the front porch door where she stares at me and whimpers because she wants to be outside with me.  She has done this at least a dozen times in the last half hour. She just can’t seem to figure it out.

The mailman just walked by so she went in the house to get a toy in case he wanted to play with her.  😦 I don’t think he will.




Men VS Women – Life or Death?

How many days in a row do you think I can say the words uterus or cancer in a blog before people start running? I am at home today. I kept waking up during the night because I was so crampy. Both Advil & Tylenol are playing a major role in my day to day life recently. They both serve different purposes in the same region.  I feel pretty good once I can get dosed up enough. I even went out to lunch with my wonderful daughter.  She got a hair cut and she looks fantastic! She was dressed all cute and wearing jewelry even today. Okay, maybe not the Best picture! 🙂


Yesterday I tried hearing aids out. It was amazing! I walked around eavesdropping on people and listening to the tv’s in the electronics area. So cool. The guy was sad when I picked the cheaper of the two that worked well for me. The more expensive of the two didn’t have volume controls on the ear piece. You had to use a remote. I would lose that so fast. So beware all of you mumblers soon I will know what you’re saying!

I have been noticing something about the way men and women have been reacting when I tell them I have been diagnosed with cancer. I’m sure it’s not an across the board men / women thing but in my little circle of people there is a definite difference. Men immediately start wishing me well on my prolonged pain & suffering and eventual death (said in their best eeyore voice). Women give me a figurative hand flip and exclaim, “eh, you’ll be fine” as if I have just told them I got a bad haircut and they are reassuring me that even though I look like a five year old boy now, in a few weeks it’ll be grown out and I’ll be back to my adequate self. I think there is an interesting message here in about how women are expected to respond.

I will not be at work tomorrow either. I have a pre-op testing and registration appointment at 7:15 in the freaking AM at the hospital then after that a doctors appointment. I’m pretty sure that will take up my entire morning. I’m equally sure I will look like hell and be sleepy afterwards.  



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