Stuff (and nonsense)

Feeling a little out of sorts today. Don’t know why, just off. I just moved myself out onto the front porch with a cup of tea. I did at least take off my hoodie so people wouldn’t think I’m completely crazy in the mid 90 degree weather.

 I think I’m still healing up well, though of course I wish it was faster. I have a full day tomorrow and I am a little nervous about it. I have to do a little bit of work to finish up some things from today, then I have to go to the DMV and get my license renewed, then lunch with my sister, then I have a hair appointment.  It wasn’t supposed to work out this way. I tried to only schedule one thing a day, but my week went wonky! 

I had a nice conversation over IM with my boss this morning.  I am very lucky. I don’t know that your typical US company would have the same attitude towards my sickness that my lovely Swedish bosses do.

Insurance adjuster showed up and then eventually the tow truck showed up to take away my mangled car. Be interested to see what the estimate shows up as. Body work is so expensive and I don’t know how much internal damage there was. Couldn’t even get the hood open to see. It occurs to me that there may be a person who is not on my facebook seeing this and wondering what the heck I am talking about. We woke up the other morning to find that someone had smacked into my car while it was in my driveway. Missed my husbands newly repaired car by inch. I think the car that hit me was white so whenever I am outside I’m watching every car that goes by for a mangled front end.

Drinking my tea using the Stevia w/glycerin that everyone is raving about. I’m not too sure. I like that it’s plant derived instead of my chemical splenda. It took me a week or two to get used to splenda in hot beverages to I’ll try this for a week or two.

All the muscle is gone in my arms again. 😦  It’s been four weeks since I really worked out. Oh yeah, I have to call Daisy tomorrow too. Just to check in. She sent me a nice card.

My neighbors just walked by. Very odd. I have never seen them out for a walk before. Wonder if they are missing a dog and on the prowl.

Now my big dog is running around like a crazy dog. She thinks the flies are attacking her. Have you ever seen a dog afraid of flies? It’s nuts.


Night guys.




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  1. Sorry to see you’ve been ill. Get better ASAP. You’re fortunate having a boss that cares – my workplace couldn’t give a “flying fig” about it’s employees, unfortunately.

  2. More car issues, and it wasn’t even your fault in the least.  UGH.  Understanding employers are a blessing !!!  Try not to over do it tomorrow. 

  3. it’s good to know that you are healing.  I want a photo of you in your hoodie on your front porch.  sorry to hear about your car.  our street is a convenient cut-off for people going from one bar to the other, and more than once they have hit a neighbor’s car, and then driven off.  it’s nuts.yes, you are most fortunate to have such a good boss.listen to your body, and don’t overdo it when you’re out and about.  okay?j.

  4. I’m worried about this whole car thing.  There is something really wierd about your car luck…is this some type of universe message?  

  5. It sounds like you are already doing a lot, for all you recently went through!  Don’t overdo it – you’ll be more sore later!  :-pKathi

  6. Good that you care to write something, nice to hear all the stuff.

  7. I feel bad that you have to go to the DMV today but that must your birthday is coming! Take it easy as possible today.  I’m glad your company and your boss are good to you.  At Craig’s work if you get sick and you need to take time off long term they dump you.  Not even fire you so you can get workman’s comp, they “separate” from you and it makes you ineligible for comp.The whole car thing must be maddening.  I wish you could find the bugger that did that to your car.I ran out of splenda and just have been drinking tea without any sweetener.  Not great.  I’d love to hear if you end up liking the stevia.I have never seen a dog afraid of flies.  She sounds special!Have a good day!

  8. @skanickadee – Craigs work environment sucks. The stevia was fine in my coffee this morning, so that only took one day!  This isn’t regular Stevia. This is a liquid that they add stuff too. I can’t stand straight Stevia. Tea is always tricky. It’s such a delicate flavor.  DMV wasn’t bad at all! We have one a mile from our house and they are always very nice there.

  9. Hey tracey, find me on facebook under Lois Morgan if you like.  Bizarre about your car, wonderful about your employers. 

  10. @tracy – As for the work thing, you take the bad with the good.  Some of the benefits are outstanding, such as the free tuition.  He has over 900 hours of sick time that keeps rolling over but if he was ever that ill I don’t think they would keep him on.I’m glad the DMV went well.  I guess I pictured ours which always has so many people waiting.  The wait time is really long and the employees are less than happy.As for the Stevia, is it a national brand or something you buy at Trader Joe’s? What is the brand name?

  11. Glad you had lunch with your sister. Hope you stay as active as you need to but no more!

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