Come Saturday Morning..

Good Morning,

I hope you’ve had a wonderful week. Did you get everything accomplished that you wanted to? It’s hard to find time isn’t it? I seem to have developed a new sense of time. It goes by so very quickly. The last couple of weeks I felt like I was doing a count-down. The end point being the day that I start radiation & chemo. I know that it will have to take over my life for a couple of months, it will take precedence over every other single thing. While I was working in Texas I got the phone call from my radiation group letting me know radiation treatments would start next week. I was disappointed because I was hoping for one more week to get things taken care of. Then thirty minutes later the chemo group called to say my chemo would start on the same day. I had an unexpected reaction. It felt like someone slugged me in the stomach. The rest of the day it was as if I was re-playing the day that I was diagnosed. I don’t know why. I felt bad for the rest of the people with me.

I felt better 24 hours later, and even better 48 hour later. That seems to be my pattern it takes me two days. My time speed up though has now turned extreme! It’s like a weird Dr. Who thing. I don’t want to waste a second doing things that can be put off. I want to do the things that I might not feel up to doing instead. Today though someone else needs to be taken care of first. My big dog has horrible ear infections so off to the vet this morning to get her ears cleaned. Then home to shower, (don’t ever bother showering before your dog goes to the vet if she is big and a scaredy cat) and then off to the movies and the grocery store.  We are going to see the new Brad Pitt football movie. We both want to see the new Seth Rogen, Joseph-Gorden Leavitt movie but I’m thinking I may have to wait for the DVD. I think it may be too much for me. I may change my mind because it really looks good!

Have I told you how wonderful my family is? Everyone has been concerned and caring and trying to help. My husband has been fantastic. He gives me whatever I want, and takes care of me. My son is concerned and caring and attentive. My daughter is my rock. I know she will always react exactly as I need her to. My sister is perfect, you all know how I feel about my sister. She is my best friend.

I have stories & pictures from Texas. Sadly, they are all on my other computer!

Go do something nice for yourself today.

Best Regards,



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  1. Tracy, I am so sorry you have to deal with all this crap.With cancer.  It just makes me mad for you and your lovely family.  Thank you tho, for writing about it here.  I love your writing…it is so uniquely you.  I will knit or crochet you a hat or beret of you choice and color tho…if you would allow me to do that…or several….or none if oyu prefer.  I will post some pics of suggestions.  xoxoxo~B

  2. @Muzwah – I would like a dark purple hat. Like a deep amethyst or similar. I don’t think I am a fan of berets. I do like small close to the head types, or small rolled brim hats. I will wear it proudly and take lots of pictures!  I am messaging you my address right now. I was just waiting for you to mention it again in case you got busy with your life and didn’t have time. 🙂

  3. You are an amazing woman.  You truly are.  Still teaching lessons in the middle of everything else you have to handle. Good luck with your baby.  I hope the trip to the vet isn’t too traumatic for her and she is feeling better soon.Have a wonderful day.  You deserve it.

  4. this is good.  it’s good to live with an attitude of gratefulness.  even in times like this.  ESPECIALLY in times such as this.  it keeps one in tune with the universe, and aids in healing.

  5. It is so wonderful that you have such a loving, caring family!!!I look forward to hearing and seeing Texas.How is your doggie doing now?  Did they give her meds?  I know when we take my cat she loses so much fur, it is a wonder that she has anything left.I’m sorry you had to get the news while you were away from home.  That must have been very difficult.  Though I have a sense that your coworkers really care about you, too.I hope the Brad Pitt movie is good.  I hope your day is going well.

  6. I don’t what to say …Care and love yourself more …

  7. Geesh, chemo and radiation both on the same day!!! What are they thinking! Will all the treatments be on the same day? I hope it works out for you. Keep on doing what you’re doing and keep your chin up.I will be thinking of you and sending all kinds of good karma your way.

  8. @GoodGuyTheBoss – Thanks. Yes, Monday through Friday for six weeks for radiation, in addition on Thursday there will also be chemo.

  9. @morningwind – Thank you. There is never anything that needs to be said. I just need to get stuff out sometimes. 🙂

  10. Just one more out-there thought – you are giving a lot to your family letting them help you and love you and take care of you!!  They are able to emulate what they have learned from you. It is a gift…it is good.Once you begin the treatment, I will begin a meditation.  Very strong vibes will come as I feel the chemo poison circling around your system Kill Kill Kill Kill.  You may not lose hair…it’s probable but not a certainty..My friend Brett did 3 rounds of chemo for his lymphoma and never lost a hair on his head due to the treatment…

  11. @Ninasusan – Thanks Nina chickie. You know what actually got me, it was losing eyelashes. I had never thought about that.

  12. My time has sped up as well.  We live beside an evil man, and we were going to wait until next spring to move but suddenly I was captured by the need to do it now.  If I’m too ill to move next year, it means my family is trapped beside him.  If I die, my husband would never move.  I can’t bear the thought of them stuck with this neighbour if I die, or being stuck with him longer if I’m ill.  Time and family are most precious.  Take care!  Lois

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