I was feeling a little rough this morning. I wrote cancer poetry in my head from 4am to 5am. I now picture cancer as red. It looks like the creatures from The Village.


This morning eBags let me know that bags were 25% off today so they were trying to cheer me up. Then I did something I don’t normally do and when my husband, and then later my son, asked me how I was feeling I told them I was feeling kind of sad.

My husband did the Bluto dance. (from Animal House, not Popeye) then let me discuss my love of purses. I love to just look at Anuschka bags. I would never buy one,but they are beautiful. Then he went to work on my iTunes library and cleaned it all up for me.

When I told my son I was feeling sad he told me to install the Steam program. It’s a site filled with games! I love games.

I am feeling better now.


Oh, and as a public service announcement, Phyllo dough, spinach & feta pie does not reheat well for breakfast.



Comments on: "Cures for “I am feeling Sad”" (0)

  1. Don’t be sad! You are too cool to be sad.

  2. @chaosconfetti – I’ve always thought you were very wise. πŸ™‚

  3. I’m glad your hubby is nice to you.

  4. @TheCrimesOfDougMoe – I would kick his ass if he wasn’t.

  5. What a great family you have!  The Bluto Dance!  LOL.  Hope you are feeling better.  Sending you lots of (((HUGS))).

  6. xo Trace… I want to get on my bike.

  7. @Emme402 – I am feeling back to my normal happy self. πŸ™‚ Every once in awhile it just catches up to me.

  8. @Muzwah – Endorphins are wonderful things.

  9. This will be philosophical words from my therapist…I’m glad you can feel sad and accept that you feel sad and not feel like you can’t share that emotion…that is very healthy…

  10. I think you should make a wish list and put some of your favorite bags on it.  I bet your hubby would love to surprise you with one of those bags.I’ll have to look up the Bluto dance.  I never saw Animal House.  It sounds like a very funny thing to do.We have spent a lot of money on Steam over the years.  I don’t know what they play but both Erik and Dave there and they talk to each other through the site.  Dave says he has “hundreds” of games.  I think Steam has really good sales from time to time where the games are really cheap.  Have fun there.I hope you are feeling better.

  11. @Ninasusan – I like what your therapist said.

  12. @Ninasusan – @skanickadee – It was a very big step for me to say it out loud, twice. πŸ™‚

  13. Purses are cool.  I haven’t heard of an Anuschka bag, so I will google them later.  It rhymes with “babushka”, which reminds me of a story I was read as a child, about “Auntie Katushka who wears a babushka” or some such nonsense!  LOL  Your post also reminds me that my grandma called a purse a “pocketbook”, my mother called it a “handbag” and I call it a “purse”.  Just a little silly trivia for your Monday morning, hehe.And I’ve gotta ask…Did your hubby squish a beer can on his head?  LOL!  That would HAVE to cheer you up!Kathi

  14. Your public service announcement made me smile this morning! It is gloomy and rainy out. You know rainy days and mondays… well I have both right now so the smile was a blessing! thanks

  15. @Still_groovy – Happily no beer can squishing. Don’t want to ruin his pretty face!

  16. @GoodGuyTheBoss – In honor of that comment I think I will play The Carpenters all day. πŸ™‚

  17. Sometimes honesty and openness breed awesomeness. I am sorry your spanakopita (or relative thereof) did not reheat well.

  18. Awesome!  When they ask you how you feel – it’s usually because they really wanna know.    Glad you said something so they could bring on some cheer for you   My son is on Steam.  He plays on there allllll the time. 

  19. Sounds like you have great family support!  That is awesome!!  I hope the sad days are few for you!

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