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  • I am eating orange cotton candy with a fork so my fingers don’t get sticky when I type. I cut it into squares first. Each one of my cotton candy tubs is 110 calories.
  • My netbook microphone does not work on any google program but does work on MSN & Skype. Very annoying.
  • Valium is a very pleasant drug. My oncologist prescribes it after surgery and I took one last night to help me relax so I could go to sleep, I was very tense. I slept and slept and slept. They gave me like 60 and I’ve used about five. I bet over the next month or two I up that number a little.
  • I got my hearing aid adjusted today. It is amazing what they can do!
  • I do not have my car back yet but I am starting to enjoy this little corolla! (sp?)
  • I had an appointment with my oncologist on Monday. He said I am a model patient. He also hugged me at the end. It startled me. I think they treat me differently now then they did when they thought I had just a few cancer cells on my cervix. Maybe my imagination.
  • After four years of not having to shave under my arms hair started growing again. Dr gave me estrogen gel so I won’t also grow hair on my belly! (his words, not mine!)
  • I had a mammogram last week and today I got a letter from them. I started having a mild anxiety attack and was unable to read it. I had to have my husband do it. I was startled by this because it’s out of my normal character. I think perhaps I have finally reached my limit for awhile. (edit – sorry, forgot to say the results were fine, all normal)
  • I think I may have to take a quick trip to Iowa before chemo/radiation. Not sure yet. Going to Texas at the end of this week for a few days. Really looking forward to seeing everyone. Yay!
  • I bought not one, but two new pairs of shoes today! 
  • I have had a very little headache for days. I do not know why. It was before the estrogen so that’s not it.
  • To all the people who play Zynga Words with Friends & Hanging with Friends with me, sorry! I keep forgetting my iPod.





More upbeat, and with pictures


The long awaited mystery box full of birthday present from my sister arrived while I was at the dentist.  It is filled with gourmet Cotton Candy!

I have not tasted it yet because I just got a fluoride treatment. My son tried the Strawberry Jalapeno and said it was very good.



Some women buy sexy lace lingerie to wear for their husbands. I bought this.

Not feeling very public today!

So I will hide under the protected tab. 🙂


Cleaned off my phone.

Some of these are pictures that I uploaded to facebook, some of them are pictures that I took and can’t remember why. 



Every wonder what $4000.00 worth of body work looks like?  My car started out parked horizontally with the gravel. Someone hit me so hard on the front corner that it went back twelve feet and switched to a vertical parking job. The first picture shows where the passenger side tire dragged along the ground.


Went to my first radiologist appointment this morning.  The blood draw chair was very big! I like the radiologist and he didn’t say anything surprising when it came to treatment. He did say some surprising things about the information from the pathology report. I have not heard it all because I have not been back to my doctor yet. (next monday). They removed a three inch tumor from my  Ovary, Fallopian Tubes & Uterus. So, I guess we know why the PAP never caught early cancer. Looks like it started elsewhere.  Doesn’t change my treatment or prognosis.  Getting a mammogram this afternoon too. I am a glutton.


These are pics fromt eh fance restaurant we went to on my Birthday.  Hard to tell isn’t it?

Tracy reflected in the window!

My morning glories have spread to a bed on the other side of the porch now.

It really couldn’t get much more ovregrown and wild.

Yikes…back to work tomorrow!

I am a little nervous about going back to work tomorrow. It’s strange how just sitting up can be so exhausting. I have Dr’s appointments Wednesday morning, Wednesday afternoon and a dentist appointment Thursday afternoon. I want to make sure my teeth are extra strong before I start any treatment. I am prone to infections and we don’t want that to happen.

My work laptop is over my allowed weight limit so I will take it into work and leave it and use my netbook at home. I have a trip in a couple of weeks so I will take my netbook for that as well.

I think if I am can make it through this week by next week I’ll be back to my almost full strength. I think.

I have never been this needy in my life.

I watched a documentary on parallel universes and string theory last night. It was amazing and intimidating at the same time. My brain started melting at about minute 45.

To balance this out I had a dream that included a cuddly penguin. I have no idea why. I did not see a penguin recently, I have not thought about a penguin, and I have trouble believing that penguins are cuddly in real life. But this one was.



Happy Birthday to me!

I’ve never been a big celebration person and then I married someone who really hates any type of celebration so big celebrations for birthdays fell by the wayside. Some years we barely acknowledge them.

This year is different. I will celebrate the fact that I am here.












Snap Back to Reality

Today we went to Ann Arbor MI for grocery shopping & Lunch.  It was good to stock up on all of our Trader Joes and Whole Foods’ food. I am shocked by how tiring walking is! Every day I am a little bit stronger.

When I got home I found this in the mail. 

I was on the look out for something “really strange” that my sister said she sent me. I’m pretty sure this wasn’t it!


Eating these while filling out the paperwork made everything seem a little better. As did one little line on the first page of the form.

On that one little line to the right, I really want to write “Your Majesty”.

I put Tracy, but I made it really small in case I want to add my formal title in later. 🙂 YEOOOWWWCH!  Right after I typed that last line I adjusted the waistband of my shorts and I accidentally pulled off the top piece of tape on my incision. That was quite a little wake up moment!  No blood though so it must have been ready to come off.

I wanted to go see The Help this evening but I have lost my husband to the Notre Dame Game (which he recorded).I think that’s okay. I’m pretty beat. Tomorrow we are going to a nice fancy restaurant for dinner. The chef has promised he will take care of us vegetarians. 



Stuff (and nonsense)

Feeling a little out of sorts today. Don’t know why, just off. I just moved myself out onto the front porch with a cup of tea. I did at least take off my hoodie so people wouldn’t think I’m completely crazy in the mid 90 degree weather.

 I think I’m still healing up well, though of course I wish it was faster. I have a full day tomorrow and I am a little nervous about it. I have to do a little bit of work to finish up some things from today, then I have to go to the DMV and get my license renewed, then lunch with my sister, then I have a hair appointment.  It wasn’t supposed to work out this way. I tried to only schedule one thing a day, but my week went wonky! 

I had a nice conversation over IM with my boss this morning.  I am very lucky. I don’t know that your typical US company would have the same attitude towards my sickness that my lovely Swedish bosses do.

Insurance adjuster showed up and then eventually the tow truck showed up to take away my mangled car. Be interested to see what the estimate shows up as. Body work is so expensive and I don’t know how much internal damage there was. Couldn’t even get the hood open to see. It occurs to me that there may be a person who is not on my facebook seeing this and wondering what the heck I am talking about. We woke up the other morning to find that someone had smacked into my car while it was in my driveway. Missed my husbands newly repaired car by inch. I think the car that hit me was white so whenever I am outside I’m watching every car that goes by for a mangled front end.

Drinking my tea using the Stevia w/glycerin that everyone is raving about. I’m not too sure. I like that it’s plant derived instead of my chemical splenda. It took me a week or two to get used to splenda in hot beverages to I’ll try this for a week or two.

All the muscle is gone in my arms again. 😦  It’s been four weeks since I really worked out. Oh yeah, I have to call Daisy tomorrow too. Just to check in. She sent me a nice card.

My neighbors just walked by. Very odd. I have never seen them out for a walk before. Wonder if they are missing a dog and on the prowl.

Now my big dog is running around like a crazy dog. She thinks the flies are attacking her. Have you ever seen a dog afraid of flies? It’s nuts.


Night guys.



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