Cheesy Beards

Well, another few days have gone by. And I am still here. Oh, and I still have hair! I have a few bald spots on my eyebrows, and my hair is definitely getting thinner, but so far no mass exodus.

I haven’t had a chance to try and take a bunch of radiation day pictures so I thought I would just share a before and after.




Say…I look the same! The actual radiation treatments are a breeze. The cumulative side effects on the other hand are starting to become a pain! (in multiple places)

Food has become a test of creativity. I only seem to be able to eat very easily digestable foods. Cream of Rice & Mashed Potatoes have become my new staple. Though, last night I tried some Pacific Foods Concentrated Cream of Mushroom soup. I made it with water instead of milk and that seemed to be okay. Plus I splurged and had five saltines! WOOO! Mushroom soup has played an oddly important role in my day to day conversations the last week or so.

Wow, it’s only been eight weeks since my hysterectomy. I can’t believe how quickly and slowly time has gone. I’m still really sore from the surgery but it’s supposed to be a very long recovery for the kind I had, and then I’m thinking adding the radiation to my healing parts probably doesn’t speed that up. I will be happy when all of the swelling is finally gone from my abdomen. I feel positively puffy.

Last week was a lesson in learning to adapt. I spent most of the week sleeping and or being stupid. Now I know. NUTRITION, NUTRITION, NUTRITION. Water & Protein are the two things my body needs in order to function. Everything else right now is bonus for energy. If I’m only going to be able to eat a cup full of food every two hours, at least every other one of those is liquid protein. I really can’t stress enough how much of a difference it made when I started eating better. It was amazing. I went from almost unable to drive, to almost back to my normal self. (but in smaller doses, still need lots more rest)  I must remember this later.

Today I have been thinking about the changes that this little adventure has made in my personality, or thoughts. Right now the biggest change is in my vanity. I have gotten so use to walking out of the house wearing whatever I can manage to wrap around me that I think the less put together look may be a permanent change. It just seems like such a waste of time. And I haven’t done my hair in two weeks! No blow dryer, no curling. Lots of natural curls these day.

I want to start jotting notes about the people I’m meeting in Radiation. I have to think about this.








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  1. The bangs really change your look.  I really like it!So this must be the end of week 3 of chemo/radiation?  I’ve lost track of time. I think when your energy is limited you have to sort out what you really need to use that energy on.Sending positive vibes! 

  2. @skanickadee – Thanks! The timing is off because they started on a Thursday. This is really the last day of week 2. Tomorrow is Chemo #3, which starts week three. So, next Wednesday. Half way through. Well, mostly. I have another round of treatment coming afterwards that I haven’t really talked about yet, but it’s only a week or so.

  3. Less vanity and still beautiful!

  4. Your lovely, even in your robe :)Hats to be mailed end of the week.xo,~B

  5. OMG…you look like you are in high school!!!!

  6. I know you’ve been feeling crummy, but you still look great!  Do you like cream of wheat?  Look at the nutritional value here:  There are 4 grams of protein and it’s high in iron.  You might want to give that a try.  Big (((HUGS)))!!!

  7. @Ninasusan – Nina you are so right!

  8. You do look awesome. I’m glad you’re finding things that taste ok. How’s chocolate treating you?

  9. As self aware as you are, it’ll be fascinating to see what other things about your personality you notice changing…  it seems to me you are doing tremendously well !!!!!!!   

  10. still looking good!

  11. yep, still beautiful!  keep hanging in there with the positive attitude.  and if you can’t muster it, we can support you, Tracy.j.

  12. Tracy have you thought about what you’ll do if your hair falls out?  I think about that – I mean I am blessed in that so far no chemo or radiation, but you weigh all the options.  I think I’d shave mine.  I wish we’d had lunch way back when!

  13. @MsCatbert2You – Morning Pam! Hope each day sees you feeling stronger. I am ready for hats. I have always wanted to be a hat wearer but because my hair is so fine I really can’t. I will enjoy the search for fun hats to amuse myself for six months. 🙂

  14. You look great! I like the bangs 🙂 Less put together? looks good to me!! but heck you even look cute in that stylish hospital thing!You’re really very inspiring, taking charge and taking care! Exactly what you need to do!! I have always heard peanut butter is high in protein, but don’t know the ‘real’ facts. i know when my blood sugar gets low I eat a PBJ and feel better. (I don’t have diabetes, just forget to eat once in awhile and then get all shaky and have to find something quick I’m glad you’ve found some soups you enjoy. 

  15. have i told you lately you are my beautiful hero

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