I received a surprising message on my Facebook today. It was from a neighbor of mine letting me know that she was in her recovery stage from cancer and that she wished me well. It’s funny how something like cancer can form an immediate bond. 

I know I’ve talked about this before, I am not close with any of my neighbors. I am basically a friendly person but not really outgoing. Does that make sense? My husband on the other hand would be whatever is the polar opposite of friendly with neighbors. He’s friendly enough with people he will never see again but if there is a chance that they may become “too” friendly he will withdraw very quickly. (sorry honey!) Our house has always been private. It’s only for us. We don’t have parties, we don’t have company. If we want to socialize we do it elsewhere. So, this of course all leads to not a whole lot of neighborhood friendships!

So you see why this was a surprising message to me. Isn’t it nice though? Just one person acknowledging another’s troubles and offering support. The world would be better if more people did that when they think about it.



I did eat that Onion Ring yesterday. OMG! It was so good! And I was so sick afterwards. See, the problem isn’t that I’m not hungry. I am HUNGRY! The problem is that they are pummeling my digestive system with radiation and it does not want to digest food. So anything that’s difficult to digest in any way shape or form makes me very very sick. In some ways it’s a good lesson in self-control. I can have the immediate gratification of eating whatever I want, but the long term effects are bad.  Not much longer though. As of tomorrow I have three weeks of radiation to go.


I think I’ll go start my Zombie book now.

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  1. just three weeks left that is cool then do you get a rest? right now the medication i am on is messing up my digestive systen but i need to get the swelling out of my shoulder tomorrow i will find out if my shoulder will need to be operated on or what

  2. I just finished my zombie book and will be starting the second one soon I think. Who needs vampires in love, seriously.

  3. That was nice of your neighbor to send a note.I have the same kind of husband.  We have the nicest neighbor who would love to be friendly with Craig but Craig heads in the house when the neighbor comes out.Sorry you ended up sick.  Glad that you have that end date to look forward to!

  4. I’m sorry the onion ring made you sick. But I am glad you’re hungry!! only 3 more weeks already? well probably doesn’t seem like “already” to you! I completely understand what you mean about being friendly, but not outgoing. I am exactly the same. It was nice of your neighbor to send that note. And you’re right, the world would be a better place….Take care and stay away from onion rings for a few more weeks! —oooor chew and spit, no swallowing 😉

  5. That’s really cool   I get the friendly but not outgoing thing.  I think I can be either or depending on my mood.  Lately….not so much on the outgoing   Glad you’re still hungry, but sorry you can’t just eat what you want.  3 more weeks! that’s great!  Light at the end of the tunnel.  Take good care.

  6. We are pretty private too.  We’ve made only a few exceptions over the years that we’ve lived here.  However, a family moved in across the street about 18 months ago.  This woman has evidently never met a stranger.  She waves, stops by (when I am outside and she is walking her dog), chats me up every chance she gets.  Hopefully you will be able to eat whatever you want soon.  Keeping those good thoughts coming your way!

  7. that digestive problem has got to be a pain…. but you’ve got the right attitude !!!!  

  8. Only 3 more weeks! The good guy is a stay at home kinda loner guy. I on the other hand am a  lets get out there and meet everyone and see who we really like and can hang with. Boy does that make it hard some times. I think that’s why I like Xanga so much. I can visit folks and enjoy their sites and he doesn’t have to bother. He is very family oriented though. He will do any thing for anyone in the family! Gotta love that! By the way, glad the onion ring was good going down!  Just think the next time you eat one make it after the 3 weeks! Keep on Trucking girl!

  9. We are painfully private as well, but do have people over, once and awhile.  Over-friendly neighbours on one side balance out the evil that lives on the other.  Stick to the tomato soup!  And of course you can wear tights and skirts, my daughter is short and she does all the time. 

  10. Wow, only three more weeks! Then you can truly eat what you want. It’s ALL gonna taste like heaven.

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