Phone Camera Cleaning

I decided that even with my current level of Steroid & Chemo psychosis it was probably safe to post pictures. Today was doctor day and I wish they wouldn’t do it on the day after chemo. I’m sure I sound like a crazy person. Had to sit through a lecture on weight loss from the doctor, and before that met with the nutritionist who was amazed by my fantastically creative diet. šŸ™‚ She also made me cry! It wasn’t in sadness about my lack of Mexican food but instead in joy about my wonderful family.

My phone had 483 pictures on it.  Oops.  You only get a half dozen.  Then I accidentally deleted the remain off my phones.  Oops!  This is why I do not work on Friday, I am afraid I would delete a server.

This is the food that is currently keeping me awake and happy.  The all purpose sweet potato. I scrubbed up a bunch then baked them in foil. After they cooled I wrapped them in plastic wrap and threw them in the freezer. I can thaw them out and throw them in my mini food processor and then add cinnamon & honey, or salt & pepper depending on my whim.


This is pureed steamed cauliflower, turnip greens & parsnip. I think the greens were a bad idea. They are not digesting well. But, I like the flavor with a little olivio and salt & pepper.


Pop it into the processor and good to go! Tonight I think I will try peas and carrots,



This was a facebook picture I put up yesterday but it was too cute not to put here as well. My beagle was very upset when I came home yesterday and went to bed instead of feeding her. She kept flopping onto her side and then staring up at me in different positions trying to prove to me that she needed to eat or the circumstances would be dire.


Yogurt, Frozen Blueberry, Frozen Banana in a blender.  NICE!

Memorializing what was supposed to be my very last blood draw in an arm. It wasn’t.




This nice nurse had recently transferred from a different hospital and was learning all of the new equipment. After the four IV try on my already bruised and battered arms a different nurse came and did it.

I would like to say that I caught my husband as he was about to vomit from the grossness of it all, but alas, it was just a cough.

Immediately after they put in the port.

My first chemo with the port! The port site itself is still pretty sore but the chemo drugs did not hurt.  Six hours of no hurt. It was wonderful . Sadly when they took off the dressings for the first time since the surgery they found infection at the top site. Where that band-aid is. It’s just a surface one but 1.) something more to watch, 2.) annoying since that means I got the infection in the operating room.



This is what it looks like now. One very big very ugly bruise! It’s way uglier than it looks in this picture. 

I’m like a little kid aren’t I, showing off my booboos. šŸ™‚




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  1. My question…how i the hell do you get infection in the operating room?  Isn’t everything steril???did I just spell steryl wrong..ooops…how do you spell starill šŸ™‚

  2. @Ninasusan –  and they washed me down with a ton of sterile solution so it didn’t come from me!

  3. As long as you’re showing boo boos and not boobs. thanks you.

  4. Poor lady. Those bruises and ickies are not delicious. But the food is.

  5. OMG!  The food looks wonderful.  I am a HUGE fan of sweet potatoes.  That is such a great idea.  You know…someone really needs to get you some of those sparkle bandaids for your booboos.  That would make you feel tons better! 

  6. 4 more sticks????? If they can’t get it on the first 2 then let some one else try once. I have rolling veins that collapse sometimes. So i feel your pain. At least as far as the blood draws. Keep eating as much as you can, it will help you heal and feel better!

  7. BTW…Your little drama dog is sooooo adorable.

  8. I know these are serious pictures (well, except for your cute, cute puppy!) but I had to laugh at the comment about hoping your hubby was going to hork!  I love your humor, Tracy.  And huge kudos to you for all the good stuff you are eating!  Do you eat the Greek yogurt, too?  I am hooked on that now, but it is so tart that I add a bit of the regular “light” yogurt to it, to sweeten it up a bit and also fruit.  My doctor said it is a wonderful protein source.Kathi

  9. @Still_groovy –  I really dislike greek yogurt but I have been trying to get used to it, just for the protein. Add enough pureed banana and anything is tolerable!

  10. {{{HUGS}}} The images of your port reminded me of my mom and her struggle with breast cancer. Rooting for you!

  11. So I’ve read this post several times and still am wondering why your doctor would be lecturing you, of all people, on weight loss???  WTH!I feel bad for you and your poor veins.  I only had that problem once while I was in labor but I wanted to beat those women who kept sticking me and failing.  Your beagle just cracks me up.How are you holding up?  How is the hair???   You seem to still have it.

  12. @feyenigma – Thank you so much!

  13. @skanickadee – I lost six pounds and they told me, that’s it.  Not one pound more.  My hair is thin, but no clumps coming out so far! I think I’m doing good.

  14. @tracy – Oh, ok – when I read a lecture on weight loss, I thought they were lecturing you and telling you that you needed to lose weight.  That just seemed wrong and mean.  Did they give you some nutritional advice on how to stay at your weight despite getting sick from eating?I know this isn’t easy but you really seem to be trooper. 

  15. @skanickadee – They pretty much told me to keep doing what i am doing, but more. I can only ear smsll portions so i am working on eating more often! 

  16. Only survivors have booboos, so I’d say that’s AWESOME. (Hope it heals fast and feels ok.)

  17. you are definitely my hero!

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