I’ve noticed over the last week or so that I feel like I’m constantly twitching. Like there are little tiny electrical impulses running in my legs or torso. It’s very odd.

I finally watched the most recent episode of The Walking Dead. I do like that show. I’m also reading the third book in a trilogy of Zombie books.

I bought a bra this evening. This is almost notable because of why. Somewhere I lost a bra. I am confused by this. Somewhere in a hospital or a hotel in Texas maybe? Just gone…

I also ordered some tights. Black and Brown. Someday soon I will go buy a plain brown skirt, and a plain black skirt and I will wear skirts with tights with quirky shoes for the winter. I don’t care if it doesn’t look right. I will do it anyway. Because Lois said I could. I have been Christmas shopping online for the last two weeks. I don’t want to have to worry about it in December. I want to spend December recovering and feeling good.

My sister gave me instructions to make what “they” call a pancake. it’s not. It’s one egg, and a half a banana with some cinnamon & vanilla. Toss it into a food processor then cook in like a pancake. It actually comes out like a beautiful crepe! I was so happy. One more food to add to my list of things I can eat. I doused it with maple syrup and it was so good. I can think of all sorts of other things to combine with it when I’m back on normal food. I would most certainly make it again.

I am mostly sitting here killing time until it’s acceptable for me to go to sleep. I am tired. I will not have my car tomorrow so I will stay home in the morning and my daughter will pick me up at 11:45 and take me for my radiation treatment and blood work and then she will take me to work. She is also going to come hang out with me all day on Thursday for chemo/radiation.

I have The Insider playing on my TV while I type this. I do not like it. I am not really a celebrity news kind of person. 

I also made soup today for tomorrow. I threw a couple of vegetable bouillon cubes into a pan with a handful of frozen peas, frozen carrots, frozen turnip greens and turnips and a handful of rice. Then I let it cook until everything was mush. It might not taste the best but it should stay in my stomach. 

Good Night! Sleep Tight.



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  1. You can wear what you bloody well wish! I love the funky rain boots. Do you have any?Sweet dreams and good rest, lady!

  2. Tracey- I make a veggie soup in the crockpot.. you just fill the crockpot 3/4 full with all your favorite veggies, pour a large can (22-24 oz) of crushed tomatoes over it, stir in about a tablespoon of mrs dash and cook on low all day… it is so good! you can use up leftovers this way, or start from fresh…Feel better!

  3. I hope you are resting easily and peacefully right now.  OK, the twitching thing is odd.  Have you mentioned it to doctors or nurses?  Maybe it is “normal”?Three cheers for wearing tights, and skirts and tshirts!!!  I think people should dress for themselves and not for anyone else.  If it makes you happy, that is all that matters.The bra thing cracks me up!  Once my dad found a pair of fairly new sweat socks in his laundry.  None of the family claimed them and he never went to the laundromat.  Life is weird that way.  I am so glad your sister found such a great recipe for you!  It sounds like it was wonderful.I have a confession – please don’t think less of me – when my pod still worked, I would read TMZ on it before bed.  Hahaha!  At least I don’t pick up the Enquirer like Craig does.  And yes, he does – in front of everyone in the line.  Well kiddo, I hope you have a good night.  Yay for your wonderful family for taking such good care of you!

  4. I’m so glad you have your daughter there for you πŸ™‚ I’m always there for my mum, she would be a lot sadder if she only had sons I think haha women are just more caring adn thoughtful naturally I think than men….good luck for your treatment tomorrow. That ‘pancake’ sounds delicious..although I have a cinnamon obssession going on at the moment! haha πŸ™‚

  5. sweet dreams….. that pancake sounds yummy !!! 

  6. @skanickadee – Corey will pick up those magazines right in front of everyone too! Men. Hmm, you know I don’t mind the print celebrity gossip columns. I will occasionally read them. It must be just something about The Insider. They were kind of odd, the hosts I mean. I have slept unusually well the last two nights! I’ve been unusually tired so it worked out perfectly. πŸ˜‰

  7. @tracy – I know one of those celebrity shows has a woman with a really unusual look but I am not sure which one.  Well, Corey and Craig have something in common.  Hahaha.  We were in line the other day and Craig was reading one of those magazines and the woman ahead of us was just looking at Craig like he was crazy.  You gotta love our wonderful guys!Good sleep now that is a good thing!

  8. Your winter wardrobe sounds pretty awesome to me! So does that “pancake.” I want that! I’ll send the recipe to my gluten-free friend.

  9. Tights and skirts rock!  Actually, I’m more of a tights and long jumper or sweater dress kinda person – when they fit…and boots   I’m sure I’d be on What Not To Wear all winter long, but meh, who cares?!   I just bought some tights online.  Wayyy too big.  I guess I’m not the size I think I am in my head.  Glad you found something else to stay in your stomach.  Sorry you’re feeling so blah!  Not much longer, right?  Back in the day when W and I were “dating” and going on picnics and such, he would buy every rag mag on the rack and we’d sit and snack and read all day at the beach or a park or wherever.  pretty funny.  lots of aliens and cellulite.  hahahaha  

  10. I love People Magazine but have no patience for Access Hollywood and that stuff.. those tv gossip shows don’t actually give a lot of news they repeat the same stuff over and over and OVER. I lose patience. I think I need to be able to flip through on my own time.That ‘pancake’ sounds really delicious.I hope you have a good day today!  Oh, and i bet you’ll end up finding that bra somewhere behind something or folded in something. I lost pants and was totally flummoxed. I mean, who loses their pants?! but then sure enough, they had fallen behind the dresser…

  11. I hate it when my bras go missing.  I only have 3, and when one vanishes I go into a panic because I hate bra shopping.  The lighting in the change room makes everyone look terrible, and all those lovely reminders of 4 births and 49 years just pop.  Usually my bras turn up in some clean laundry hamper somewhere in the house, and nobody has bothered to return it to my room.  Maybe my kids shudder at the sight of my bras, I don’t know.  I knew this girl who had regular electrolysis treatments and her arms and legs would twitch.  Take care!

  12. I love wearing tights with long skirts.  It may look a little odd, but it keeps me warm.  I also wear my boots with them, so you know I look especially appealing.   I don’t really care, as long as I am warm and comfy.  The food sounds yummy.  It’s going to be really cold here tomorrow…veggie soup sounds like it might be on the menu!Take care!

  13. Sounds like myloclonic jerks/twitches. Something to look into, and there are many causes(some of which i’m sure don’t relate ot you) but one cause can be a lack of sleep and/or increased levels of stress. Often they go away simply from an extended period of relaxation, or sleep adjustment. Wish you well, take care.

  14. that pancake sounds pretty good. hope you’re eating it with “real” maple syrup : )  I started trying to make soup this year. my sisters make it but it’s so salty I decided to try it myself. Have been doing it in the crockpot, I have been using canned broth, but adding water to it. It’s pretty easy and fun to experiment with. This is probably a dumb question, but they are keeping track of your thyroid levels thru all of this right? When mine gets way wacky i get this tingling weird thing in my hands and fingertips…which has been happening lately so just had some bloodwork done today and that’s probably why I thought of that. i’m sure it’s probably included on all you bloodwork, but since it seem everything affects those thyroid meds it couldn’t hurt to mention it. take care and sleep when you want, don’t worry about acceptable! πŸ™‚

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