Xanga is very very quiet this week.  Change of seasons?

I dunno, but I am stuck in bed so you all better start posting!

The hair below is attached to my head! I flipped it over my eyes and realized how nasty it is getting.  Once I’m done with Chemo and radiation I think I will probably end up getting the bottom three or four inches cut off to clean up the really bad damage.


That is all I have today.



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  1. Yay!  Finished with the chemo and radiation!  Soooo glad for you!You have such a head full of hair.  Mine was about mid-back until a few years ago and I keep it at shoulder to collar bone length now.  I really liked long hair, but it probably looks a little better on me at this length.I’ve been meaning to ask…Have you ever lived in OK?  If not, you have a “double” that lives here.

  2. @Emme402 – Yay, almost finished. Not quite yet! I have never even been through OK! πŸ˜‰

  3. @tracy – A lot of people don’t care for OK, but I love it here.  The sky on  my profile pic is a sunrise I took one morning at work.  I happen to think the sky here is even bigger and more blue than anywhere I’ve ever been.  (So you definitely have a twin here!)

  4. Even though I haven’t been here, you are never far from my thoughts! We have this stuff still going on with my fil.  He seems to be mostly fine but still is in the hospital so there are a lot of trips back and forth to the hospital.  This is definitely a time when Craig being an only child is a disadvantage.  Hopefully, he will be coming home today or tomorrow.How wonderful that you didn’t lose all of your hair!  That sounds like a lot to take off of the ends but hopefully that will do the trick.How are you doing today???

  5. How long has it been since you have had shorter hair?  The color is still awesome!!!!!Not that I was expecting it to turn sky blue pink or anything.

  6. @Ninasusan – I have been letting it grow for about seven years. I always had hair your length before that. The WEN I use really helped it get stronger and hold color better.@skanickadee – I’ve been thinking about you a lot the last two weeks. You’ve been so very quiet. I hope your FIL comes home soon. It’s just better to have everyone close. I am not doing so well this weekend. 😦 Stuck in bed with out the ability to hold down food. I’m trying some Sierra Mist now to see what happens. I wish science had come up with that magic pill that allowed you to get all your calories and nutrition without eating. 

  7. @tracy – Awww…I am so sorry that this is rough for you.  Have you tried sports drinks like Gatorade?  I bet you have.  My hope and prayer is that this passes quickly and you can get some good nutrition in your body.You should have been at that party I was at last night.  My dear niece convinced me to try three different wines.  Really only sips but that was enough for me.  I get very chatty and loud when I have alcohol in me.  Yikes!

  8. @skanickadee – I wish I had been there!  I would love to see you all chatty and loud.  FlipFlop Moscato. The wine of laughter. πŸ˜‰ I have powdered gatoraide ready for when I can keep it in. It’s a great way to rehydrate after but it’s a little too strong while in the midst. It occurred to me this morning while looking through pictures on everyones facebook that I have never been to a Halloween party!

  9. @Emme402 – I actually know a number of people that moved to Ohio from Oklahoma, and now they have all moved back! So I think you may have the right idea.

  10. I am still working on growing out my badlt layered haircut  just as soon as i have all the mess grown out i want to let my hair grow out some

  11. Tracy, sorry your feeling bad. Just a thought about the nausea, try to cut back on sugar.  I had to stop using sugar in my tea when I was on chemo. You’re so lucky to still have hair!  Mine stared coming out after my 2nd rnd. It was so weird. Have you ever had a headache where even your hair hurt? That’s what my hair felt like just before it started coming out.Stay strong!

  12. @ic1950 – Thanks. I have to be honest, if I didn’t have sugar I’m not sure what else I would eat at this point. I’m living on Boost & puddings, and squished bananas and sweet potatoes. My big issues are all intestinal and seem to be mostly from the radiation, but then once the chemo drugs start working their way out all hell breaks loose (literally) for a couple of days. Almost done! That’s odd about the hair headache. The night after my 3rd chemo I woke up in the middle of the night and my hair was soaking wet and my head felt like someone had thrown an electric spike on it. I though to myself, okay, this is it. I’m going to wake up in the morning lift my head and my hair will all still be on the pillow. I can’t tell you how shocked I was when it didn’t. The chemo drug, Cisplatin, seems to be a 50/50 shot for hair loss. 

  13. @skanickadee – I would love to see Skanicker…loud and wild

  14. @tracy – @Ninasusan – Haha!  Sorry girls but it wasn’t quite to that point.  It was a family party and our family parties don’t get quite like that.  And really you probably wouldn’t have know I was being chatty but I did feel like I was louder than usual. Anyway, I can never get really snookered because of my meds.I do wish I knew what that first wine was – I really did enjoy that.  It was from a Michigan winery.  It was a light red wine, just a bit sweet. 

  15. I’ve always been so vain about my hair, but lately I’ve come to realize hair is not what defines me and it’s not what defines you. The outside package is just that, it is a ‘package we prepare everyday so the world will accept us’. Since I’ve retired, my life has changed dramatically. I am accepted without the packaged deal. I’ve found that people don’t turn away because I didn’t spend a half hour doing my hair each morning. Washing it and living with the curly frizz is not the worst thing that has happened to me.  Tracy, your hair is just a small part  of who you are every day to many people  And you are beautiful to me every day. I know it is easy for me to say since my hair is not becoming thinner with every shampooing. But I honestly believe that people will love us with or without hair,long or short, blonde or brunette or redhead, we are the same inside as we were yesterday, hence we can truly accept ourselves. Plus because I’ve been wearing  my hair long since 6th grade, you are making me want to give short hair a try. Go Figure!

  16. @TNuts – I’m pretty good either way with my hair. I joke about it, and I pamper myself when it comes to my hair, but it’s just hair for me.  When I first had my surgery & started treatment I gave up and stuck it up on a bun for most of the duration. It’s fun to play with now that it’s long, but if it’s gone, one less thing to deal with. I hope you’re enjoying your retirement! 

  17. So sorry you’ve been stuck in bed.  I hope you feel much better real soon!!!

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