This is the black hat Betsy @Muzwah made me. Okay, I probably could have retaken this picture but you all are stuck with what you get.

It’s a nice cap.


This is me changing hats really really fast.




This is the green hat Betsy made me. She put a little white flower on it! How cute is this?


Speaking of cute!  My daughter had the picture of herself and her dog in her car so she gave it to me. I like that it matches my wall so I stuck it with a baby picture in a frame. 


I must now go on a brief mini-rant about insurance. I had to start taking anti-nausea medicine this week. I was kind of holding off because the medicine I had been prescribed is really heavy duty and known to knock you on your ass. Thanks to some well given advice from a friend who happens to be an MD and some others who had gone through chemotherapy I asked my doctor for a different pill. Specifically Zofram. Actually I asked the nurse first. She explained to me that it probably would work very well for me but that I would most likely have trouble with my insurance company. They do not prescribe it first because most insurance companies fight it, then they have to call, and then it costs a lot for the patient. I said, that’s cool, I’ll risk it. I should only need it for another couple of weeks, worth the money.  So then my Dr came in and gave me the same lecture. He wrote the prescription for 20 pills, and then added multiple refills so it wouldnt’ cost me too much up front if I ended up not needing them all.

So, got the script filled and it cost me $5.00. And it works well. Though it really does make me sleepy and kind of loopy. So once again, because I am lucky enough to have good insurance, I get to feel good. I wish the Doctor would rewrite it for the max and I will fill it, and refill it and then find someone who doesn’t have my insurance.  It’s just not right.


Of course, now it’s 6:00 pm and I’m waiting for some of these drugs to wear off enough that I can get some work done. I have things I need to do today and tomorrow and I can’t focus!



Comments on: "Sleepy, Dopey, and five others" (0)

  1. You look adorable in that hat.

  2. How cute!!!!  I love them!  You look so cute in those!I am so glad that you don’t have to worry about getting the right meds!  I am grateful that you work for a company that has such great benefits.  It is sad that some people have to do without or fight their insurance companies during a time in their life when the only battle they should be fighting is to get better.What a nice picture of your daughter and your granddog!  That would be a cheerful picture to see while you are taking it easy.

  3. love the hats!!!!

  4. That green cap is soooo cute!!!

  5. CUTE caps!  They look great!  I think how fortunate I am to have good insurance too.  I am thankful for it every time I just blindly fill one for the boy – w/out insurance they would run over $1000k a month – which probably means he wouldn’t be taking them.  My sister and her family have no insurance, or not any kind that covers anything like preventative care, etc.  Just plain crazy and so wrong.  Hope the pills do the trick and keep you less sick feeling. Take care!!!!

  6. Wow!  I adore the hats (especially the green one)!  Wish I looked good in hats.  You just have to have the right face for it.  I look pretty dorky, no matter how cute the hat is.  I really hate the fact that insurance companies can dictate what medication you take.  After all, doctors go to school and study pharmacology so they know what best to prescribe.  I’m pretty sure the claims analysts at the insurance companies don’t have the same education, yet, we are at THEIR mercy.  Ugh.

  7. Middle Kid tried on a hat just like the green one the other day.  She just loved it.  I should have bought it.  Will have another chance next Saturday.I have Blue Cross Blue Shield.  They SUCK!  Glad yours is better.

  8. I LOVE the changing picture. haha. I also love your walls. And the hats.It is rare that I hear a good insurance story. Im glad that does happy though. $5 is a sweet deal!

  9. you are just too darling i love the little flower on the cap

  10. hey — that green hat is YOU. you look great. and I’m glad your insurance is taking care of you. You’re so right… it’s a sad state of affairs for many.

  11. Oh Tracy, i so hear you on the insurance thing. I have a friend who needs a name brand asthma med, Her ins always insists on generic. Only they don’t MAKE generic of it. She has to fight for months every year and try not to use her meds up before she can get more. It’s so wrong. And like you, I have good insurance and have wished I could just get it for the hats! Especially the green one, that is way cool!! and th pics of your daughter, very cute!

  12. Those hats are so cute!  The green one is especially “youi”!  I’m glad the insurance company is paying for the meds and that your doctor seems to know the best way to write the scripts for you.Kathi

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