Let the Madness begin!

My new (and last) Friday normal.Mostly up since about 3:00 am. I just throw on the iPod and catch up on my What you missed in History Class Podcast, then listen to music and drift in and out. I would get up, but I’m usually so tired and feeling so out of sorts that I’m pretty content just laying there.  Today will be a blur of Steroid induced jitters mixed with chemo induced nausea and little naps all day when I can, with hopefully not to much crazy mixed in.

So yesterday was my last chemo Hopefully forever and ever, but I am a both an optimist and a realist and I have to keep in mind that it might not be, just not too soon. Okay? Of course I took pictures. I do most days I just don’t always share them because they all look alike these days. 🙂 If you’re on my facebook, some are repeats. I also added pictures of my sister since she kept posting unflattering pictures of me! (if you want to add me on my Facebook, I am Tracy O Bryan Murray, cause you know you can’t get enough of the excitement that is my life)


Waiting room before they call you back and assign you a chair in the chemo room. Nice coffee. Nice People.  This will not be the last time I see this room!


This was my view for yesterday. It’s really quite pretty outside of the hospital and it’s all windows so you can stare. Lots of geese flocking overhead.


Karma the therapy dog hung out with for a bit. She didn’t really want anything do to with us. She just wanted to sit and let her owner pet her. 

Karma did have beautiful pink toenails.



I don’t know what color my sisters toenails were.


Look away now if you don’t like needles.



This is what an IV needle looks like if you have a port. I had to hold the camera under my chin to get this, so it’s directly below my collar bone.  usually they put the IV in run the hose up over my shoulder. The tape the little needle pluggy thing over the top as you see, then they usually tape it about four inches up on my shirt or shoulder to keep the hose out of the way. For some reason this nurse ran it down, and then threw the other piece of tape under my shirt, and bra. And if you picture my chest (you know you want to!) you can probably figure out where four or five inches lower hit. It was very disconcerting. It could have been used as a half a set of pastys. When it was time to leave, I took that piece of tape off.

This is my sister. She was on the phone with my niece Hayley. My sister was with me for every chemo appointment except one when I asked her not to come, and my daughter came with me instead. My sister has posted so many unflattering pictures of me on facebook during treatments! Lucky for her she takes decent pictures when she is on this side of the camera.

This is what the last of the chemo meds looked like as they were going into my body. 🙂


I fought for years to not go on daily blood pressure meds. Then I ended up on thyroid pills too. Now, these are the pills in my bedroom. I also have bottles in my purse that I carry with me. I will be very very happy when I can get rid of most of these!


My son is currently making me Flan.


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  1. MMMM goobers when I was in Virginia they had stand thar had woberfully flavored boiled peanuts one of my favorites as a kid was honey maple boy does that bring back memories.Well I am going to just stand strong for you, stomping my little foot that this will be the last treatment round for you

  2. WooHoo!  One thing down!  You are doing awesome!  Hang in there!  It will soon be just a memory.Did you say Flan!  Oh yummy!  I had that last night at the Mex restaurant we went to.  That was something I ate several times a day in Mexico.  Hubby hates it.  He had Fried Ice Cream. That was NOT fried.  We don’t usually do desert but were celebrating a bit so we splurged!

  3. So glad that chapter is over… I hope the shakes etc don’t hit too hard today…  you really are an amazing woman… please  know how much I admire you!  I hope that you can put this whole thing behind you very very soon! 

  4. Whew ~ one thing out of the way.  Hope you could hold down the flan!  [I think a flan is a pie, but I’m not really sure.]  I must admit that I read paper books still, but am thinking about a kindle or some such beast.  I worry about reading with one in the tub, though.  I’ve dropped many a book into the water when I dozed off… Take care and enjoy the weekend!  I will be watching zombies tonight.  Apparently eldest son has wanted to try this series, so perhaps I can share with him.

  5. You are brave and strong and I haven’t been reading long but I admire you. Really. Also, i’m glad you’re surrounded by support and love…  and flan

  6. Mmm Flan.   Glad you’re done with one huge part of this.  I think I’ll have to paint my “girls” nails red and green for Christmas now.  Maybe Orange or Rust for Thanksgiving. 

  7. I am SO glad that you are done with this leg of the recovery journey!  Flan sounds really good right now. How are those “alternative lollipops”?

  8. @Mom_with_a_Chainsaw – Pretty good! It’s to get away from fruit flavors.

  9. Yay!  *Doing the ‘No More Chemo’ Dance for you*.  I think my sisters would have taken my camera away if I’d been taking candid shots of them.  (I’ll bet her toenails were pink, too, but maybe a different shade).Saw a therapy dog at Wal Mart, of all places.  Of course, those who venture in there (me-very seldomly), probably need a little therapy.  Enjoy the flan!  Sounds soooo wonderful!

  10. I’ve been at the hospital with my sis in law everyday this week. There was a lovely dog walking the halls there too. I didn’t get to see her nails or know if it was even a girl! Hurrah for no mo chemo!

  11. @GoodGuyTheBoss – I am sorry, that’s not a fun way to spend the week. I hope everything is okay.

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