Pet Peeve #2 this week.

I am a rule follower and for the last 12 years I have worked in startup Technology Companies in customer service and Technical support. It is aggravating to me that my long adored Xanga chooses to only allow bug reporting via a forum. I have no objections to forums and they certainly have their place, it’s a great learning tool for new users, however for an obvious issue occurring now that one wants to verify is on a bad photo upload server vs my account it is not helpful as the forums only seem to be answered by other users.

Now, if I was not a rule follower I would send messages directly to the xanga people, I mean @john (he of the cutest little son ever) and @marc seem to be really great guys! I think @eugenia is still there as well and I use to have some fun conversations with her and @natalia who is not still there. Natalia use to be my go to chick for any problems.

I’m guessing if I sent an email to it would work, I said I am a rule follower and they dont’ really seem to want to talk to the Xanga users except though the forum. So it’s a shame that I have no one to tell that picture uploading is really really hitchy this morning, it’s going very slow with batch and not uploading, and with singles it’s hitting about1 out of 4 and popping error messages saying file is to big or I forgot to pick a pic. Tried chrome & IE.

I think if it were me I would hire a tech/cs person and have them work remotely answering emails on a per email pay scale. Lots of people looking for jobs who could really build a nice customer service communication.  I’ve got an unemployed son….:)


Of course, by the time I typed all of this it’s probably working again, they are pretty good about fixing problems.


EDIT – No Xanga bashing in comments please. General bashing welcome as always. 🙂



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  1. Its lucky for us all you’re a rule follower. 

  2. I would say that this is my biggest frustration with Xanga.  Natalia was so helpful and was my go to person, too.  I have been with Xanga since 11/2003 and am a lifer and won’t leave until they give up on running Xanga but not having customer support is frustrating.  Anyway, my dear Tracy, how are you this morning???

  3. @skanickadee – Well, if I can ever upload my pictures and publish my blog for today I will tell you! :)Feeling pretty good for a friday after chemo! LAST Friday after Chemo! How are you doing?

  4. @tracy – I notice that mini isn’t working either.  Hmmm…It must be wonderful to be able to say that you are done with chemo!  We still have Grandpa in the hospital.  And we still have no answers – very frustrating.  I hope we find something out this morning when we go to visit. 

  5. @skanickadee – Oh no! Oddly I just assumed he was out after the stomach pumping.Poor man. I assume he’s still in pain or he wouldn’t be there. Geesh, I hope they come up with something quickly.

  6. @tracy – After they pumped his stomach, they did all sorts of gastro tests.  They determined he didn’t have a blockage.  No pain but weak to the point of not being able to walk.  Well, the physical therapist came in yesterday and helped him walk.  I feel like a lot is going on but we aren’t being told.  Is he being told and not remembering everything –  I don’t know.  He is pretty sharp.  My in-laws are the kind of people who don’t want to make waves.  They don’t want to trouble anyone.  So with all the privacy stuff, we are left in the dark.

  7. @skanickadee – Oh no, that is bad. When you’re in pain or weak, no matter how old you are you just don’t remember everything. Has Craig talked to them about adding him or you or both in for full info? I have pretty much my entire family allowed to hear about me. I wanted to make sure if anything was going on that people were able to look out for me. Maybe he actually did put Craig but no one knows about it?

  8. @tracy – Thanks Tracy!  That is a great idea!  I will find out about that this morning.

  9. I’ve had the same issues with xanga in the past…I never had a go-to person so now I’m feeling lonely and left-out!!@skanickadee Agree with Tracy’s comment – get on his list to hear the details…it probably has never occurred to them that you guys are sitting around wringing your hands not knowing what is going on and what you can do to help.  HAHAh it just popped into my head that Helen never kept any of the physical health things from me – which was good and bad..good because I knew what was going on but bad because I knew what was coming out if you catch my meaning there.Tracy…you are feeling good despite having both rado and chemo…that’s great..I just asked on the other site..should have checked here too.Erin has a sore spot – what did you do?

  10. @Ninasusan – LOL, I had a whole blog in my head about how lumps on your skull take on a whole new meaning when you are undergoing treatment for cancer, and I’m guessing after. 😉 It’s funny because I was telling her yesterday about a lump on the base of my skull and my son telling me his neurologist told him for that you should take an anti-histamine. It reduces the swelling and makes it much better. And the next day she gets the same lump!

  11. There’s a Contact link on the side of the help forum… it should point you here: you contact us through that, Eugy will get back to you as quickly as possible!

  12. @john – Thanks John, I did see that eventually. But it really specifically points to non-technical issues and states it’s for customer service. Xanga Help » ContactContact Xanga Customer ServicePUBLIC QUESTIONSIf your question does not involve private or sensitive information, then the quickest way to get your answer is probably to read Xanga’s Help Forum: you can’t find the answer in our FAQs, feel free to post a question!PRIVATE QUESTIONSIf you have a question about Xanga that you’d like to ask in a more private manner, then please use the appropriate link below to contact our customer service team:<li>Password Requests – special contact form for password requests<li>Premium Services – special contact form for questions about your Premium account<li>Parental Inquiries – special contact form for parents<li>Law Enforcement – special contact form for members of law enforcement<li>Other – contact form for all other customer service inquiriesEugenia has messaged me and she is always helpful on the very rare times that I have any problems. But since I couldn’t upload pictures, I would have had nothing to blog about if I didn’t blog about this.

  13. Let me know how you’d like the wording changed, and I’ll do my best to fix it up!

  14. pssh.. i guess i am NOT a rule follower cause I would have emailed any email addy I could find if something was wrong..   I miss Natalia too.

  15. I don’t post a lot of photos, but can honestly say I’ve never had any problems with it.  The only thing I don’t care for are the new ads popping up and floating from bottom to top.  Of courses, I don’t have premium and I know that would take care of it. It’s not anything I can’t overlook, but it’s probably the only thing I don’t care for.  I started with Xanga several years ago and still like it much better than FB.  Whatever they are doing, regardless of their bugs, they are doing right. 

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