I live in Toledo, Ohio.  Toledo has a recycling program that was put into effect a few years ago. Since that time there has been much ado about the garbage collection, and recycling. This last year our city refuse collection was parceled out to a private company instead of being part of city services, and someone new took over the recycling collection. I like that they give us a big bin to throw reclying in, I do not like that they charge you a punitive fee if you do not recycle.

This new recycling company sent out cards and you could register online here: .  I do like this. They have little coupons on things that you can print out or use online. I’m all for discounts! Some of them are for local stores and restaurants which is very nice. I have never used any but I ran across something today that I think I will buy for a present for someone. It’s a little more expensive but will suit the occasion, and the code will give me 15% off. I wish I could show you a picture of the perfect present but it is going to someone who occasionally pops over here and that would not be good! Especially if they said, ,OOOO, that’s ugly!

I love to buy presents for people. Really, I do. One of the things I struggle with is not buying things for people at random times just because I see it and I think of that person.  I had to stop for a few reasons. 1.) It can actually make people feel bad. They start feeling like they need to reciprocate. 2.) It can make me feel bad because I start feeling like they need to reciprocate! (I was unhappy with myself when I felt that way) 2.) It makes the standard gift giving occasions difficult if you’ve already given them their presents beforehand.  I do not like it when I can’t think of what I want to buy for someone when I need to give them a gift. So frustrating.


Does anyone keep up on Xanga drama? There are all sorts of fun little circles and cliques and sometimes they battle. I’m always just enough aware of it that I know there is something going on but I never quite figure out all the bits and pieces. There are also always battles between Xanga users, and Xanga owners. These are the ones that really make me laugh. People get very vested in their Xangas! Sometimes you’ll see a Dear John letter from a blogger explaining why they are moving from Xanga to another site like WordPress, or Blogger, or Facebook. They never do. Sometimes they leave for a week and come back. I think they just want people to say, please don’t go. Xanga is really unlike any other site. I have accounts everywhere. Mostly so I can read other blogs and leave comments. Xanga is really unique in the way that users find each other and interact. Can you imagine if I posted on Facebook about a problem that Mark Zuckerburg would personally respond to me and let me know when it was fixed? I think not, and I even know people who work for Facebook!



My daughter @chaosconfetti took this picture from inside her house this morning and posted it on Facebook. Love it.





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  1. Our garbage collection took a twist last year, when we were reduced from 2 bags/wk to 1.  You wouldn’t believe all the hoopla as people freaked out.  We were a family of 5 with 3 cats, and had no problem with the limit because of the green bin program and recycling.  Families with babies/diapers or other needs get a special permit to have more than one bag.  It bugs me when I see neighbours use the garbage cans in the school yard to dump extra garbage.  When my son and his partner moved in for 5 months they were terrible at recycling, and it drove me crazy.  I started picking through the garbage can…  Yes I’m a little nuts about compost and such.  Love the squirrel, he wants to come in. 

  2. I personally like xanga i do have a fb but that is because my kids keep me posted on new pictures that way so I don’t have to wait.Yeppers I totally see the drama thing lol oh well life always goes onthat picture is a hoot i just love it

  3. I am usually out of the loop about the Xanga drama but I have been witness to a bit of it with Xanga’s last update.  Cracks me up.  I love Xanga and if you are a blogger Xanga is the best place to blog bar none.I don’t give gifts for the same reasons and plus well, money is kind of limited but I sometimes see things and want to send someone something but I know it can get weird.  I also have the same issues with compliments.  I can be overly effusive and then people feel like they have to compliment back and while they probably mean it, it feels forced and weird.That is a great picture!  Your daughter has a great eye for a good pictures.  Well, and I love, love, love squirrels.  How are you feeling right now???

  4. @skanickadee – You and I are so alike sometimes. πŸ™‚ Right at this second I can’t decide if I’m hungry or nauseated! I totally would have sent you a Kindle fire if you hadn’t ordered it! Just saying.

  5. @tracy – You are beyond wonderful, Miss Tracy!  (I’m not sure why but I seem to want to call everyone Miss today.)  Feeling any better than yesterday?

  6. @skanickadee – Yes. I am feeling better than yesterday. And tomorrow I plan on feeling better than today! πŸ™‚

  7. I love Xanga. I used to blog a LOT, but the kids keep me pretty busy. I hate online drama, and figure if you’re involved with it, ya’ just don’t have enough to do to keep you busy. And satisfied.”Pardon me.  Do you have a cup of nuts I can borrow?”

  8. OMG that’s the best picture ever!!!! I’ve been on xanga for a year now and I’m never too aware of the xanga drama I’m not part of it…I think it’s a little bit sad that xanga is thatmuch of a deal to them to be honest although I know everyone’s different πŸ™‚ I love discountsssssss too πŸ™‚

  9. I’ve only been aware of drama on Xanga once…and the “participants” tried to drag their common friends in.  It was pretty wild.  I don’t even think these 2 had ever met, but it got a little nasty.  Don’t know what the outcome was because I just stopped subscribing.  I’m funny like that.  Don’t really care for drama on here. It’s my sanctuary of sorts.  I try to keep it peaceful.I adore that picture.  It just makes me smile.

  10. that picture is amazing and it is nice to read something good about X for once..

  11. @tracy – When Craig came home tonight, he asked how you were doing (I’ve been giving him daily updates) and he was happy to hear that you are on the upswing now.  I mentioned to him about what you said about the Kindle Fire and he was so touched by your kindness.  Me, too!  I am counting down the days and I look at my Amazon account just to check to see if by some miracle it shipped early.   Haha – a girl can always hope.Well, I hope you have a restful, body-healing sleep tonight!!!

  12. I live in Toledo also and these huge trash containers are so ugly.  I miss throwing all those black bags of grass clippings and chopped up leaves at the curb when I do yard work.  Do you take the quizzes online from the recycling company to earn extra points?

  13. you’re so right, Tracy… Xanga is very special, and unusual in several ways. Thats a very funny squirrel pic !!!

  14. @TheEmeraldPixie – Well Hey! fellow Toledoan. As a officially licensed driver I would like to say, after reading your last post, “Give me your keys!” πŸ™‚   I do miss being able to throw out any & everything and they would take it. I don’t do the quizzes. I haven’t yet redeemed any points though I will this week when I order a houseguest present. I didn’t even notice quizzes, but now I’ll go look. πŸ™‚

  15. @skanickadee – Craig is a nice man. I was going to email Erik to see if he would give me Craigs email so I could make sure no one was buying you one for Christmas when you posted that you ordered it. I thought it would be the oddest email ever, but. eh. πŸ˜‰ I did sleep well last night! I have two things that I need to take care of today so I am hopeful that it bodes well for my day. 

  16. @tracy – Well, I hope your body is cooperating so you can get your things done!  Glad you slept well last night.  Everything is just a little bit easier after a good night’s sleep!You had quite a plan.    I really feel fortunate to have you as a friend.  Your kindness and thoughtfulness overwhelm me but I love it!  Thank you!I went over to @chaosconfetti’s site to comment on the squirrel picture.  I also ended up loving that cat picture she has posted over there.  What a great shot!

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