To Post or not to Post

I’ve been in a non-posting frame of mind lately.

I’m very up and down. One minute I feel great and full of positivity and energy and the next minute I curl up under a blanket and feel sorry for myself. I have to keep reminding myself that it’s only been a week since my last high dose radiation so I can’t be expected to be healed yet. I think in my head I really did believe that as soon as I was done I would be all back to normal. It’s very frustrating. I make a thousand plans for things to get done in a day and get so annoyed when I don’t get them done.

The nice thing about today is that if I’m feeling this low now, I’ll probably feel great this afternoon. Nothing is more predictable than change.

People seem so mean lately. I assume it’s the season, but geesh. The other day I had an issue with a book I bought for my nook from Barnes & Noble. I had to email their support and I was so surprised when I received an answer within 24 hours and it solved my problem on the 1st email. Isn’t that horrible that it’s when things go well it’s a surprise?

Well, that’s as much as I can take! I’m freezing! Back under my blanket with my book for a bit.








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  1. People are beating each other, shooting each other and spraying mace at each other in the stores and I myself did not go out until after sundown on Black Friday and I did not set foot in a store.  I set foot in about 3 different bars though, and ordered 1 beer in each of them.  Then I went home, and drank some cheap wine and ate some leftovers.  And watched television with my wife, who does not drink.I’ve been sort of wondering about how your sex drive is affected by the kind of medical issues and treatment that you’ve been having, but you’re a fine lady and I don’t know if you blog about these kinds of things on Xanga, this seems like a very G rated Xanga site indeed.  Maybe you blog about your intimate life on livejournal instead.  Just now, I got a little more snoopy and stalker-ish than I should have, and went to look on your oldest entries, you were talking about being on Beta blockers so I guess that Xanga is where you talk about your medical problems.  But I don’t really like being snoopy and stalker-ish.  I know that you’re a fine lady.

  2. Not much positive feedback from me today…I’m in a funk!  

  3. Tis the eason, you know.  They seem to get really crabby this time of year.  I’ve noticed that too. 

  4. I’m sorry.  That really is frustrating.  You’re done and it is hard to wait to feel better. Soon, though.I’ve been trying to be especially nice to people in stores.  Way in my past, I was rude to sales people and I happened to be with a friend and she gave me such a look and I saw my mean reflection and I hated it.  I’m not naturally nice so I always have to think about it but it is easier after years of practice.And it is a sad commentary when you are surprised by niceness and good service.  We went to Sam’s this morning and I have been having (computer) mouse issues.  I picked up a nice wireless for less than 10 bucks!  Wahoo.  It is really nice.  I also found some pie plates that I had been trying to find since mine broke awhile back.  Those were my little bits of happiness this morning.  Oh, and one more thing — as we were walking out of Sam’s the bell ringer was singing.  She had the most amazing voice.  It was really sweet and people were enjoying it.I hope you stay warm and feel better!

  5. @Ninasusan – Love and hugs Nina.  I hate days like that.  I hope you feel better.  I hear playing lots of words with friends cheers a person up! 

  6. know we’re thinking of you.  big hugs.j.

  7. @TheCrimesOfDougMoe – This is definitely a G rated site.I cross post from here onto my facebook with all of my family including young nieces, and a large percentage of my co-workers. I do however occasionally post on the protected tab of Xanga. I think I have four blogs, though I really only post here regularly. Xanga for me is really a journal that I talk to people about rather than a “oh, I want to be a writer and create posts to win friends and influence people” so it definitely reflects where my life is currently at, which for the last year has unfortunately been filled with health stuff! I honestly can’t remember if I’ve every blogged about my sex life on the protected tab, or if it’s just been conversations with other Xanga people on their sites talking about sex.I added you to the protected list, but you won’t find my lasciviousness over there.

  8. @Ninasusan – Hopefully by now you’re just feeling funky. šŸ™‚ 

  9. @tracy – Oh I don’t really think I’d be looking for it, you have a hubby, if he was on Xanga he would be the one who should be looking for it.  25 years you two are together, huh.  5 more years than me and my better half.

  10. @TheCrimesOfDougMoe – He is, and I’m sure he does. šŸ™‚

  11. I had a good experience at Kohl’s yesterday. Makes me happy people are still kind, when you hear of the ungly newsworthy folks. The sister in law is thinking she can be back to normal after knee replacement less than a month ago. She pulled a muscle in her other thigh and suffering with it! Gotta take it slow ladies! Let the body heal by it’s self. Good vibes coming your way. Raise the blanket and let them in!

  12. Listen to your body and rest when you need to. Mood swings are normal, I don;t think the time of year helps either. You either wanna kill those singing Christmas songs already or hide til Spring. Keep your spirits up please you lovely lady xx

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