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Gotten a bigger Dumpster!

Good way to end 2011 – clearing out the junk.

and another neighbor story….

The other day we found a cell phone in the driveway. I turned it on, went to contacts, found one labeled “Mom” and called it. I left a message explaining and said give me a call.

She called, we spent a day exchanging texts & voicemails and she stopped by tonight to pick it up. She drove to my house and knocked on my front door. I gave her the phone and she burst out laughing and said “you know, I live right there!” and pointed to a house exactly 35 feet from mine. So she drove out of her driveway, across one width of one small front yard and pulled up to my house.  OOPS!

She was very nice, and a good laugh was had by all. 🙂



A day late

Bed early
Slept badly
Woke Up
Checked my email – received the worst response to my introductory email to a job applicant, EVER.
Looked in my mirror and my eyes are bright red!  Both of them. Don’t know why. Thank goodness for eyedrops.
Went and got my bloodwork for my thyroid levels. Why I didn’t think to present that paper at one of the 23 other blood tests I’ve had in the last three months, I do not know.
Arrived at work (on time somehow)
Taking the guys out for lunch today for Christmas. Tomorrow lunch with my sister.
Next week we’ll do a company lunch for the holiday.Somehow we ended up two weeks behind.
HA!  Pushed up my sweater sleeve and just noticed the lab put a bright blue crayon bandage on my arm. How did I not notice earlier?
I have a dumpster being delivered to my house today. Closet cleaning time. 🙂
Forgot my iPod!
Oooo! All three of us in the office have red eyes!
We suck.

That was yesterdays blog, which I forgot to post. 🙂
Today we start with, Forgot my iPod!

It started as a normal post…

I think most people want to tell you their secrets. Sometimes they leave you clues. You just have to pay attention and see them. I am not speaking about myself today. I have enjoyed watching some people on facebook though with their careful placement of clues. I understand that some people want privacy.

I on the other hand blather on about the most miniscule pieces of my life. Well, maybe not so much lately. I’m a little more introspective than normal only because I am too lazy to type.

Things are as they have been. I’m still healing and still sick for a percentage of time. Luckily the percentage gets lower and lower. I’m still terribly nervous every time I feel more tired than I think I should, or find a new lump or bump. Which for some reason keeps happening.

I am buying a new car this week. Been talking about it for a year, finally doing it.

Haven’t worked out in a week and a half. Taking this week off too!

I had a wonderful time on my mini vacation in Florida. I can’t imagine a better vacation, oh wait, perhaps if I had not gotten off the plane in Florida with a brand new cold. Other than that, wonderful.

So, I don’t normally spend a lot (any) of time on adult websites, but I was looking up a website that I had heard referenced in a news story, and it had an adult section. And it was funny! Then I wandered over to their “Forums” and that’s when my jaw dropped. I’ve never really thought of these two topics being grouped together. I did a screen shot so I could share with you. Perhaps it’s only my warped sense of humor.  Laugh, or not!




Husbands Christmas Present! (Now unprotected)


Bless their hearts they sent it international priority!



 Merry Christmas!





Winding down.

After spending three months cold and not being able to get warm I have apparently found the solution to chemo cold, just a tiny bit of sunburn.



It’s not bad, though the picture makes it look redder than it is, but i am warm and toasty now. Perhaps instead of giving you massages at the chemo lounge they should give you an airline ticket.


My sister and I at the boat dock. I don’t think I’ve stopped smiling since I got here.

Today is out last full day in Florida. 😦 Up & at em early tomorrow to get to the Airport. 

I feel bad for the person sharing our row on the plane. My cold has moved to my lungs. I’m a’hackin’ now.

The first day we were here my sister walked out wearing the same outfit I had set aside for me, now she just walked in wearing an identical navy blue tank top to the one I was going to wear today. Fine! Tan & Green it is.




Mostly Photo’s.

I am on a little vacation in Florida. I came here with my sister. We are staying with my sister’s, sister-in-law and brother-in-law. They are such wonderfully nice people that I think if all of you figure out where I am and show up, they will offer you a glass of wine and breakfast and see where they can fit you to sleep.

I thought I had better do a blog and catch up before we go out on the boat today and I take another 50 pictures.


This is my room. It did not come with the beer bottle and the box of kleenex. It is lovely and as I am typing this I am watching the sunrise from my bed while looking out my sliding glass doors onto the lanai.

They feed me things like Ice Cream with homemade hot fudge & red wine. 🙂

This is by the 8th tee on the gold course behind their house where my sister and I walk. If you look very closely you will see HUGE birds roosting in the trees!

Sadly, this is me. I could not get warm the first couple of days.


This is my sister at the same time. Doesn’t she look good in her hat?



Their home is beautiful and I feel very very comfortable here.

More Golf course shots.



Always feet for Nina!

My first Florida purchase. I got on the plane in Detroit healthy (well, you know) and got off with a full blown cold! Not even a little cold.  I big ass giant cold. Today is day four and I think it moved into my lungs. I don’t know for sure because I’m afraid to breathe too deep. Bastard cold!!





Christmas at a Florida farmers market. Wonderful! My sister and hostess picking up tomatoes.  And the handsome fella in all blue with a dapper cane is our host. If you had told me that I could be this comfortable staying in someone else’s house I would have said you were nuts.




Yes, she did make the towels look like duckies. And there are fresh flowers in the bathroom.   Come on!

Oh wait, did I mention she is a fantastically good cook AND they’ve been eating vegetarian all week with Erin & I?

Off for a cup of coffee (from freshly ground beans of course) then into the shower so I can look presentable for the boat trip to the park. With a stop to scope out dolphins in Lemon Bay.

In Toledo snow & rain and cold. In Florida, not.

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