Taking a nice yoga class today with my husband and sister. I went to one six weeks or so after my surgery. That’s when I found out that radical hysterectomies are very painful for a long time., this will be my 2nd class since July. Weird after 18 months of doing two 90 minute classes a week. This is a workshop on yoga & relaxation. I don’t think I’ll like it as much as just a nice slow flow hatha (sorry niki!) because I’m pretty good at relaxing. I do however think it will be a nice class for my husband so I hope he embraces it. The only thing I need to allow myself to relax usually is a quiet room.

My digestive system is still not healed but it’s on the right track. I have good days, then a bad day, then good days. My bad days are certainly not as bad as they were! I think today is a good day. I may be thinking P.F. Changs for dinner.

I still have a huge numb area at the top of my right leg. It’s normal after that kind of surgery. In the last week it’s really started to have some crazy feeling at the edges. I’m sure it’s the nerves starting to reconnect but it is crazy painful for a few seconds then it stops. Like someone touching your leg with a bundle full of live wires.

Started working out again this week. yay! Starting very slowly. 15 minutes on the elliptical then 15 on the recumbent bike. I still have trouble making it to my office on the 2nd floor. I think next week I will start walking up to the 3rd floors’ restroom. You don’t get stronger if you don’t push a tiny bit. 

I have been collecting resumes in preparation for hiring someone (really I guess there isn’t any other reason to collect resumes!) and now I’m scheduling interviews for the next two weeks. All resumes were submitted via email, and within 24 hours I responded to each one with an email asking additional questions. I am astounded by the number of people who don’t respond. 

I am still so far behind at work. Uhg. Of course if someone from my company were to read this they might think, well why aren’t you working instead of blogging, to which I respond, uh…..

I feel asleep with my hearing aid in. I think that’s odd, but I knew it would happen eventually. One of my biggest fears is getting in the shower without taking it out.Last week I got in the shower with my glasses on. Water is death to hearing aids. I do have a replacement warranty though, so that’s good. If you are going to get a hearing aid I would absolutely recommend you buy a membership to Costco and buy it there. You save the membership cost plus a whole lot more just on one hearing aid and their warranty is so much better. I love my hearing aid. 

Okay, enough randomness!  Enjoy your Saturday!



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  1. Thanks for putting my day in perspective!!!

  2. Great music clip.  I’ve never heard this before.You sound like you are getting stronger every day.  You are right.  It always takes baby steps.  I think you’ve come tremendously far in such a short period of time.  Speaking about yoga…a new YMCA facility is opening near me after the first of the year and they will be offering it at a time that both my daughter and I can go.  I am really excited about that.  It keeps me centered and I think this is just what she needs to keep her stress level down.I can’t imagine anyone submitting a resume and at least not responding to you.  That speaks volumes right there.  Good luck in the employee search.  They will be lucky to have you as their boss.  (PF Changs sounds amazing…but it’s cold and rainy, so it’s a veggie soup night!)

  3. I have been trying to walk but my arm and shoulder starts aching at about 10 minutes into my walk but I try to push it to 15 or 20 I keep thinking it is my shoulder it shouldn’t hurt to move around …but dang it does a bunch…It is good to see you are doing well I will keep right on praying

  4. thats sweet and nice your husband and sister will do it with you i want to do it but have no one to go with me

  5. @Baby_TX_Grl – I wanted to try yoga for years and put it off. A few years ago I finally tracked down someplace that was giving classes that could fit my schedule and started going. I want by myself for the first two years. It’s better if you start out by yourself. It’s not a team sport, it’s about you.

  6. I’ve been begging friends to take yoga classes with me but they always refused.  I thought if it was done “buddy system” that I would stick to it.  Glad you made the comment about it not being a team sport.  And I’m more glad you are getting better every day.

  7. Oh… I forgot to mention this post made “Featured”.   You are a star!

  8. You are amazing πŸ™‚ I’m starting back into exercise too…though obviously out of my own laziness and self conciousness issues not surgery….you are my inspiration, got to  look after your health first. Health is happiness πŸ™‚

  9. I had a numb area on my left (I think) leg after one of my c-sections.  It stayed numb for a very long time but I never had the nerve pain there.  Your doctors know about the numb area and the nerve pain?I could use a relaxation class.  I am not good at it.  I hope it works for your hubby.  OK – that is just bizarre that the people who sent resumes didn’t get back to you immediately or at all.  How did the Changs work out for you?  We have one nearby but have never been.  Not sure why.Never heard of Brett Dennen before.  The song sounded great on my new computer speakers.

  10. @skanickadee – I do not think  corey got anything out of the class. I think the numb nerve thing is pretty normal. From what I have read the lymph node removal kicks it up a knotch. 

  11. I was ask to lead a yoga class yesterday. Uh??? I have never done yoga in my life. I wonder why she thought I knew it? Anyway, I told her I didn’t know it so she said take some classes and learn it. Then teach us?????You have talked about how great it is so now with the above going on I may just start in a class the first of the year.

  12. @GoodGuyTheBoss – I guess you’ve just got that Yoga look about you!

  13. Nerves reconnecting is so bizarre.  Hot itchyness drives me crazy…

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