A day late

Bed early
Slept badly
Woke Up
Checked my email – received the worst response to my introductory email to a job applicant, EVER.
Looked in my mirror and my eyes are bright red!  Both of them. Don’t know why. Thank goodness for eyedrops.
Went and got my bloodwork for my thyroid levels. Why I didn’t think to present that paper at one of the 23 other blood tests I’ve had in the last three months, I do not know.
Arrived at work (on time somehow)
Taking the guys out for lunch today for Christmas. Tomorrow lunch with my sister.
Next week we’ll do a company lunch for the holiday.Somehow we ended up two weeks behind.
HA!  Pushed up my sweater sleeve and just noticed the lab put a bright blue crayon bandage on my arm. How did I not notice earlier?
I have a dumpster being delivered to my house today. Closet cleaning time. 🙂
Forgot my iPod!
Oooo! All three of us in the office have red eyes!
We suck.

That was yesterdays blog, which I forgot to post. 🙂
Today we start with, Forgot my iPod!


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  1. oh boy a dumpster! One of my favorite things, weird but true. I need shirts, not t-shirts….just sayin’

  2. Just as soon as I can lift I need to clean closets out

  3. that was a pidgeon hole post!!

  4. @irishis63 – Cool. I ordered you a mattress for belated Christmas, so maybe a big box of old ugly shirts for Birthday!  Dumpsters are WONDERFUL

  5. I hope you all don’t have pink eye!can’t live without the ipod, huh?  I hope your day goes well.

  6. If you have red eyes with crud oozing, you most likely have pink eye which should be treated with drops from the doctor.  That kind of pink eye is bacterial but you can get a viral eye infection which is basically like having a cold in your eyes.  I get viral eye infections a lot.  Just getting over one.  If you don’t have any serious eye disease you can treat it like this.  Go out and buy brand name Johnson’s baby shampoo, you don’t want generic for this.  Go to a sink with the shampoo and kleenex.  Wash and dry your hands.  Take a kleenex fold it into a square.  Put some warm water on one corner of the square and a small dab of Johnson’s Baby shampoo.  Start on the inside corner of your eye and put the kleenex on your eye and pull out toward the other end.  You are basically disinfecting your eye with the shampoo and even though it is “no more tears”  it might sting a little.  Don’t reuse the kleenex use a clean tissue for the other eye.  You can do this three times a day.  Wash your hands when you are done.  My ophthamologist told me to do this with viral eye infections.  My mil’s opthamologist told her to do this, too, so it must be pretty standard instructions for this kind of thing.I hope the rest of the day is better. Just a reminder – You are wonderful!

  7. @irishis63 – Yay for dumpsters!  We could use one now, too.  Out with old and nothing more in this house!Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, too!

  8. @skanickadee – Thanks for the info!  I am happy to say that today my eyes are just a little warm, almost no red at all. Just a weird one day phenomenom I guess.

  9. Darn!  We were all hoping you’d tell us the yummy details of the worst response email. 

  10. @TheEmeraldPixie – Oh, I will. But it will be protected. 🙂

  11. wish i had a dumpster would make life easier! but they require like 5 year contracts out here plus cost like $50 a month!

  12. @Baby_TX_Grl – This might be a different kind of thing. This kind you usually get for a few days and then they haul it away. You see them a lot when people are roofing. Great incentive to fill it up. 🙂  Happy New Year.

  13. @tracy – nice they don’t offer those out here unfortunately 

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