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20 days left

Day 1 was hectic but I managed to check off all four things on my list.

I also went out to dinner with my kids. I brought my leftover hummus & vegetables and a half of a pita for breakfast this morning. Or so I thought! Didn’t really get to breakfast until noon and I opened my to go container and grabbed a pita quarter and filled it with cucumber and tomato and green pepper and a little pepperocini and sprinkled some feta and that’s when I realized I was missing the hummus! DANG! Stupid Hummus.

My desktop background right now is a piece of Carrot Cake in excruciating detail.  Making me hungry for cake! It’s a bad sign when it’s 1:30, you haven’t had lunch and you’re already thinking about dinner. Okay, there…changed the background. Now we’re back to a pictre of Don Pedro Island again. I must have taken a lot of pictures!

I did 15 minutes on my bike this morning and plan on going to the gym after work. I also made juice again this morning. Brussels Sprout/Bell peppers/carrot/celery/parsley/apple.  It was very good. It’s weird how you can’t taste the brussels sprouts at all. There was only a tiny bit of carrot because half of my carrot flew across the room on it’s own accord and I was not faster than the beagle.  She loves carrots. I really need to get on the weight or resistance machines at the gym instead of just the elliptical. I’m just not there yet though.


 Day 2 was very hectic! Almost didn’t get it all done, but I did.


Edit! – Day 21 of 21 (I prefer counting down!) –

edit – 16:02

The PET scan was unable to find any cancer cells in my body. 🙂

No excuses now.  Off to the gym.



This morning I:

Got up

Made coffee

Fed the Dogs

Hopped on my bike for 15 minutes while watching the news.

Made juice out of tomatoes, peppers, Brussels sprouts, kale, parsley, celery, carrot

Gently rubbed jojoba oil onto my eyelashes to remove last vestiges of mascara and moisturize

Took a shower

Cleaned juicer

rubbed lotion everywhere including Oil of Olay Regenerist over my face (LOVE That stuff)

Did a sinus/saline rinse


Brushed my teeth

Hung up and put away the last load of laundry from Sundays marathon session (Shoot! Just remembered I forgot to check the dogs water)

Went to work

My morning maintenance schedule is getting longer and longer! Now I am eating Vegetarian Teriyaki Jerky that my sister brought me for lunch.

This was the random picture that was on my laptop when I booted it up this morning.  This was a beautiful place.


Thank you for all of the positive comments and support. 

As always, hoping for the best – preparing for the worst.

getting ready….

I have been withholding things from you my little computer. I promised myself when I started this cancer “thing” that I would be honest but I have taken a month off. A month to try and not think too much. I’ve been mostly successful but now it’s time to start focusing again. I need to arm myself. To be ready. We’ve been pretty not-talking here at home but the other day my husband broke the surface tension and we talked about next week. We’re both preparing ourselves for the worst. 

My oncologist was so optimistic last time, before surgery he said it was probably just cervical cancer, nothing to it. After the surgery he said well it was a little more and there was a tumor but I’m sure I got it all, nothing to it. When we went in at four weeks to hear the results of the biopsies my husband was totally shocked. He didn’t expect to hear how bad it was and he certainly never thought there would be chemo & radiation. So now it’s like the old saying. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. So he’s getting prepared to hear the worst come Monday. Well, that’s some of the problem. He leaves Sunday morning for a month. I will go to the Doctor on Monday and hear whatever I hear. He said, just don’t start treatment before I get home.

Horrible to be in this position. Horrible to have to think about these things But there you are, now you know.  We’re thinking.

I hope on Monday you’ll hear the best, but I’m prepared to tell you the worst.


Nothing much

I saw this little tea-ball at IKEA and picked up a couple. One for home and one for work. It was $1.99. My son has been using the one at home and said he really like it. I finally got around to trying mine at work for a nice cuppa Almond Oolong. Perfect size!


When I connected my phone to get the tea ball picture I found this one on there. I don’t remember what I was trying to take a picture of but this is dinner last weekend at Bravo’s. Mr. Tracy Murray is on the left. The couple immediately behind Mr. Murray came in shortly after we did. We choose to sit in the bar and eat rather than waiting the expected half hour for a table. The couple behind us hung out in the bar drinking soda while waiting for their table. We ordered, ate, and left before they got a table. They gave us very sad looks as we left.


I have finalized my choices for my experiment in doing something for 21 days straight. I love Excel so I off course had to make a chart to track myself.

It of course actually goes to 21 days not just 18. I’ll be starting this Monday.


I have a ton of things scheduled the next week or so. Doctors appointments, massage, other doctors appointments (SHOCKING!), hair appointment, a jazz dinner with my kids, and such. (Still need to schedule an eye doctor appointment) This might be a problem only because I’m having an issue with my calendars syncing. I hope I manage to make it to all of the places I’m supposed to be, when I’m supposed to be there. I either enter appointments on my google calendar, or my outlook calendar, or my phone calendar and then every 60 minutes or so they all sync up so no matter which one reminds me, I get the reminder. It could be a catastrophe if one piece fails. I also think I may have written an appointment on the fridge calendar which really doesn’t sync at all!

Peace out my peeps.




A big old Happy Birthday to YOU!

Just morning thoughts

In the mornings I sit with all these windows open around me but I can’t see outside. I am watching the local news and they talk about the weather and it’s always so startling when they tell me there is bad weather out there. If you can’t see it, it must not be there, right?

Put together the last of the IKEA furniture at work yesterday and then moved a bunch of stuff around. My hands are raw. I then went to Yoga at 5:30, yay! Didn’t fall asleep even though I had been up since 4 am. Ouch! At least the office is almost done. I piled all of my stuff all over my desk when I moved it so today I have to clean that up and then put assorted things back in place. Then I think we’re done until we hire the next person!

My husband leaves Sunday morning so I have to nail down my list of things that I will do during the time he is gone. Not that I couldn’t do them when he was here! I’m just using this time to build some new habits.

How about for 21 days I will rub vitamin E oil on my fingernails every night to see if it makes a difference?

Or, for 21 days I will brush my teeth one extra time a day to make them shiny white!

For 21 days I will drink my coffee without milk 

For 21 days I will keep nothing extra on any table in my house (we’re pilers)


Off to the shower.



4am & beets

I woke up at 4am and spent the next two hours listening to my husband sniff & snore while lamenting my inability to fall back asleep. At 6am we all got up and I made beet/brussel sprout/apple shots. I have a few things to say about these two statements, I bet you can figure out which one I’m talking about.

  1.  I would suggest not asking me to do anything very difficult today
  2. I’m thinking I may have to skip yoga at 5:30 because I may fall asleep
  3. EVERYONE in Toledo is SICK!
  4. Huge immunity boost, only a few things could make it bigger.
  5. Juiced beets are beautiful
  6. Juiced beets still taste like dirt
  7. Maybe it’s like exercise and if I do it early in the morning I don’t even notice how annoying it is to clean it all up 
  8. Only two brussel sprouts, can’t even taste them.
  9. I warned my husband about the potential effect of uncooked beet juice on white porcelain (It    can be scary if you don’t expect it)
  10. I wonder if I could sneak a nap at work for lunch
  11. I don’t want my husband to be sick in another country


I like all three of the “with friends” games from Zynga on my iPod; Hanging, Scramble and Words, but I cannot add any more “Words” games or I will have to quit my job and play full time. I am TLM0000 if you want to add Hanging or Scramble. I play slowly because I only play on my iPod when I happen to notice it’s my turn.

Oops again!

Apparently instead of an aaaaaah, I should have done a preemptive arrgg! I woke up at 4:00 am shaking with chills. They lasted hours and hours and hours! That has happened since I was getting chemo. Finally fell back asleep around 8 and woke up just a little while ago. I’m running a little fever but that’s all. The weirdness that is my body now.


We spent all day Saturday out and doing things in massive crowds of people. IKEA and bought a ton of stuff all for my office, that’s a good husband who will spend his Saturday hauling boxes for a company he doesn’t work for. Then Whole Foods and Trader Joes. Sunday we went to Costo and I was just done. So tired of all the people by then. 

I’m frustrated with not feeling good today I had so much to do at work. 

I’ve been using an elliptical machine at the gym, in small doses, for the last month and I’m starting to add more effort & time to it and I can now tell you exactly what muscles it works out because they hurt!

So things to add to my 21 days. I will do 30 minutes of cleaning each day, 30 minutes of Spanish, 30 minutes of working out.  

I thought about doing a food thing but I already eat pretty well most of the time and things are still to dependent on my body to make any promises to myself that I can’t keep.

OH! We bought a juicer at Costco. What a pain in the ass to clean! But tasty juices.  I tried a tomato with celery, sweet red pepper and I tried an apple with celery and cucumber. So good! I’m glad i didn’t try anymore or today could have been extra bad!

I really just want to add some new vegetables that we don’t eat in our normal lives but that are uber good for you. Kale, Brussel Sprouts, Beets (yes those damn beets are back) those are the big three that add so much into your body that’s good but really don’t appeal to me cooked.


Happy New Year!


That is all.



What can you accomplish in 21 days?

My husband is leaving the country for a month and I think I will use that time to improve myself.

I’m thinking about things that I can make noticeable changes to in 21  days. One of my top two contenders is to exercise for 30 minutes a day minimum for 21 days straight. Six months ago I was averaging 60 minutes a day over a weeks time and now I’m probably at about 10 minutes a day average! Time to get back in a healthy pattern.  

Number two on my list is learning spanish in 30 minutes a day. I think in 30 minutes a day for 21 days straight I could get a nice start on it. I think I will start on Monday January 30th.

Still thinking. Have not made a final decision. One week to work it out.

If you had 21 days to devote to yourself what do you think you could do?




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