New Traditions

As I fulfilled my one and only New Years Eve day tradition….

I did a non-tracy-traditional thing and actually thought about my last year ( I am not retrospective unless forced). I may write about things in the past but I really try not to think about it too much. I pulled my calendar back out of the garbage and leafed through it. It was certainly a year full of events. Do you know I actually went to Florida THREE times in 2011? Once for a vacation and 25th anniversary celebration,

once to go back and pick up our repaired car


and then of course this last one to back out the remnants of the chemo drugs and get a better balance in my psyche. Went to Vegas, Niagara Falls, Henry Ford Museum, Daniel Boone State Park.

I had more Doctors appointments then I can possibly count. I had surgery in August. This was startling to me because for some reason I thought I had it in July and this is what I tell people. I will now give myself one extra month to recover.

I saw Legally Blond the musical with my husband, bad seats, good show. I missed seeing Stevie Nicks, which I really didn’t want to see but I really wanted my husband to be able to see. We had to sell our tickets at the last minute because I ended up having surgery on that day.

I became closer to my sister, my husband, and my son, but more distant from my daughter.

I gained bionic hearing and had confirmation that I have hearing loss in both ears. I think that’s still ongoing. Eventually I will go back and get re-checked and find out how fast it’s going. I just don’t want to deal with that right now.

I bought a couch, a couple of chairs, a dresser and a car. I lost a dog. 


I did not see enough people that I care about;

That’s right MB I have a picture of the Sundae we ate and not you and Nina and Erin. 🙂


I think that 2011 was very odd. Judging the things that have happened in my house so far this morning 2012 will be as well.




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  1. I think it was kind of a strange year for lots of people…2011-an odd year – go figure.  I can’t believe it was July when you had surgery..I asked Corey about coming to Iowa in your new car…he didn’t answer me…just sayin’  I had PAT since I was 13…paroxymal atrial tachacardia…it was a very annoying heart problem that plagued me all of my growing up years…finally in 2001 I had ablation to the extra beat triggers and between it and scar tissue I”ve been good as new for almost 10 years…physical heart wise anyway.  The day after ablation…or gee..maybe it was after I had the benign tumor removed from my breast, we went out and bought a big, new refrigerator to celebrate.  I told you that story because it popped into my head thinking about the new year, new stuff, starting over after surviving cancer, actually surviving the treatment!!!The 4 of us WILL see each other in 2012…my hope is maybe a couple of times!!!…and tell Corey I’m pissed that he obviously was ignoring the offer to come to Iowa!!!

  2. OH….and I couldn’t be any happier that you put your good witch picture back up for your profile…it brought back a really good feeling – it’s how I got to know you and quite frankly was disappointed when I met you in person….not even the tiara or wand…I figured you would leave the pink dress at home while you were here on business but the tiara and wand?????  

  3. Holy Crap, sista…that is a huge tiara

  4. i hope for you that this year is a lot more relaxed.. less doctors appointments for sure, but the traveling…that’s awesome, i wouldn’t cut back on that I felt bad reading about the distance iwth your daughter, but i know you 2 are close and that’ll change…I think there is some mother/daughter thing that just isn’t there in other relationships…ok well obviously cuz only our daughters are our daughters…but that’s not what I mean. you know what I mean…it’s just different, and big. and maybe we understand them a little more because we were them once…Idk, but boys are so easy, all you have to do is love them. Anyway, Happy New Year!

  5. @Ninasusan – Maybe next time I’ll bring mine. 🙂

  6. You’ve had the year from hell, as we can certainly all attest.  I cannot emphasize enough how much strength I’ve gained from your courage.  I have a tendency to sit on the pity pot, but you’ve shown me that squaring off and facing your foe can actually empower you.  You, my friend, are an amazing woman.  I wish you and your family the best of everything life holds in the coming year. 

  7. I hope you will keep that 2011 calendar out of the dumpster!  That was some year!  You may want to refer back to it if you are ever feeling like you are not strong.  The calendar will prove you are!  I hope 2012 finds rebuilding between you and your daughter.Kathi

  8. Out with the old, in with the new. I hope that 2012 brings much good health and renewal.

  9. No matter what, start things new and all the best and good health for the Year 2012!

  10. I love that picture of the sundae.  Some years are just bad.  1987 was a horrible and wonderful year for me.  Good riddance 2011.Well, this makes me wonder what was happening at your house today – “Judging the things that have happened in my house so far this morning 2012 will be as well.”I like that you have your good witch picture back up as well.  It made me smile.

  11. @skanickadee – The outside water tap turned itself on, the shower curtain rod kept falling ( with a might bang) and I’m pretty sure there were a couple of other weird things happening that I just don’t recall. 🙂

  12. I looked through my calendar from 2011 yesterday and noticed that March had not one entry.  March was my surgery month, and I wrote not one thing down.  That’s strange for me.  What a brutal year, Tracey!  Let’s not have another like that…  Happy New year to you.

  13. @tracy – Poltergeists! 

  14. that sundae looks yummmy…..  Happy new year, Tracy !!! 

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