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Perfection – something to strive for or just hard to live up to?

Motivation – the ultimate in self respect.

Locked doors – Just a story.


Someone else recently discussed unfinished draft blogs. I tend to keep blog thoughts on a notepad file on my desktop and then fill them in as I get moments through the day. Occasionally I do this however. Add a few lines, publish it, and most of the time go back and fill it in. Occasionally I don’t fill it in which is also sometimes interesting to see peoples takes on it. Sometimes they fill it in themselves in my comments and it’s completely different than where I was going with it.


Perfection – This is a story about my husband and his growth through the years. My husband likes things to be perfect. Now, I know we all would prefer it that way so it’s nothing special, but with him it’s always been a little extreme. He would own something and protect it so that it never got changed from it’s original state. I appreciate that. It’s good to have someone who likes things pristine. Especially when you have someone like me who really doesn’t care. I like to use things. I buy books and beat the shit out them. I grab my shirt out of the laundry to clean up a spill on the counter and end up with a stain on it. Nothing I own survives in it’s original condition for very long. The problem would come in when his things got old or damaged. Suddenly it wasn’t perfect and therefore he did not like it. This could occasionally get extreme, though for the life of me I can’t think of any examples. The worst was when it was something he owned that someone else changed or damaged without asking him. He would just stop acknowledging that it existed. No yelling or anything unreasonable like that.He would never ever touch it again. Period. It can be a little daunting to live with someone like that. You start walking on eggshells around things you’re not supposed to touch and do everything in your power to never ever have to touch them, or you go to the other extreme and stop caring at all. You also start thinking what if I did something so bad or so dissapointing that I become “damaged”, would he just never acknowledge that I existed? Perfection is a very difficult standard to live up to.

Over the years as all of our things (and ourselves) have gotten older and more damaged, he has really adapted well. Like a fine cheese he is mellowing with age. Maybe it’s more like a mountain that get’s hammered by a river day in and day out and he’s just gotten worn down? Either way, I’m really proud of the progress he’s made. He is so much more tolerant. The other day we were driving down the road and a truck tire spit a rock at us. BANG! like a shot it chipped his windshield. Not even one of those teeny tiny chips. Big old chip right in the eyeline. You know how he feels about his cars, right?  But all was well! He was annoyed and he took it to a shop the next day and got it filled in and all is just fine. He said he can still see the fix but he doesn’t seem horribly upset about it. Just moving on with life.  Pretty nice. I hope as I get older I keep progressing and keep changing for the better, as he does.

Motivation – You cannot do things only when you are motivated by other people and or things. It’s internal. You have to decide that you need to do something and then you have to force yourself to follow through.

Locked doors – My sons doorknob broke yesterday. The knob turned but it never opened the latch part. It took so many hammers, screwdrivers and chisels to get that stupid ass thing off! But..everyone smiled the whole time.

Finally synced my phone and found more pictures from Florida. 🙂




Erins new beau.





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