Lunch hour blogging

Yesterday I was on a long call and my google voice popped up with a text of a voicemail I had missed. It was a call from my Dr’s office saying they needed me to call. This is the office I went and had the bloodwork done for the other day. The only other time they have ever called me was to say they had found cancer cells and I haven’t talked to them since. Not my favorite moment yesterday.

So, I left my conference room and called them. The nurse said “Dr. Solomon got your labs back and your thyroid is very abnormal. She just wanted to make sure you are coming in for your appointment next week.” WTF!!  I mean really!  I said “well, my thyroid doesn’t work at all and I just finished radiation & chemo, I think that might make it a little abnormal.” She agreed, phone call over. I really don’t know what all that was about. I guess I will find out when I go in. I can only assume that they got my wacky results back, called me to tell me to come in, and then before I called back they realized I already have an appointment next week. bugger.

I love my new car. I love having satellite radio (Linda, if you should happen to read this I listen to station number 36, Alt Nation) and I love the bluetooth voice dialing. I really don’t talk on my phone very much, and I drive hardly at all so it will never get used. But it’s fun to have! I do not love not having a remote starter anymore. 😦

I bought this soup at Trader Joes.

I love thai coconut curry stuff. I assumed it would be too hot for me to eat but I couldn’t resist trying it. No where on it does it have the word spicy. It is so good!  Really Really good! At least as far as I can tell from the two bites I managed before my tongue burst into flames. I gave it to the guy at work who loves really really hot food and he said it was HOT! He’s on his third glass of water now. 🙂

Went back to yoga yesterday. This is the 2nd time I’ve tried to go back. I was not ready the first time, it was very painful. It was painful last night but mostly in a “oo, that doesn’t stretch anymore” way. I think it’s the right time now. I will try to go back to my Wednesday / Saturday yoga schedule. Then gym Tuesday, Thursday & Friday.

My husband is going to Mexico for the month of February. At least one of us will be warm.

Done with lunch, back to work! I think I need a cup of coffee.

I think in about ten minutes I will post an amusing email protected.

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  1. Sounds like confusion in the Dr.’s office, but at least they’re alert to the results and keep you up dated. I hope your appointment goes well.

  2. Glad to see you getting back in the groove. Boy, hubby staying warm in Mexico and us still here freezing makes me wish I could go somewhere warm. With or with out the good guy!

  3. That whole phone call thing was ridiculous.  I am really sorry that they scared you like that.Can you get an after market remote starter?  I thought your soup was going to be yummy – ouchy!Good luck with getting back into the fitness groove.  You are one of the most disciplined people I know.  I wish it would rub off onto me!  Are you still really cold? 

  4. Shame you can’t use the spicy soup to keep warm!

  5. I hope your appointment goes well. My brothers gonna be in Tijuana in February! I’m so worried about him going there lol I’m trying my first ever proper yoga class next wednesday night…should be interesting lol I am not felxible at all!

  6. @isitreal_no – Yay! I hope you love it.  Don’t only go to where you are just starting to feel a little resistance and stop there. Let your muscles slowly get used to it.

  7. Just re-joined the Y this week and they are opening a new branch about a mile from my house!  I heard they would have yoga and hope it’s at a time I can go.  Opens on Monday.  We shall see.

  8. i think the thyroid is the latest fad medical test or something. i don’t ever remember hearing anything about it when i was a kid or even in my 20’s or 30’s. two years ago my gyno ordered a blood test to check all my hormone levels, including thyroid, and mine was way out of the normal range. through natural herbs, i have kept it close to normal. but yeah, i keep hearing more and more people being diagnosed with thyroid cancer and i suspect once again we’ve done something environmentally to cause this. i heard recently on a morning show that it was just on the rise because doctors never used to check for it. maybe so.  

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