Just morning thoughts

In the mornings I sit with all these windows open around me but I can’t see outside. I am watching the local news and they talk about the weather and it’s always so startling when they tell me there is bad weather out there. If you can’t see it, it must not be there, right?

Put together the last of the IKEA furniture at work yesterday and then moved a bunch of stuff around. My hands are raw. I then went to Yoga at 5:30, yay! Didn’t fall asleep even though I had been up since 4 am. Ouch! At least the office is almost done. I piled all of my stuff all over my desk when I moved it so today I have to clean that up and then put assorted things back in place. Then I think we’re done until we hire the next person!

My husband leaves Sunday morning so I have to nail down my list of things that I will do during the time he is gone. Not that I couldn’t do them when he was here! I’m just using this time to build some new habits.

How about for 21 days I will rub vitamin E oil on my fingernails every night to see if it makes a difference?

Or, for 21 days I will brush my teeth one extra time a day to make them shiny white!

For 21 days I will drink my coffee without milk 

For 21 days I will keep nothing extra on any table in my house (we’re pilers)


Off to the shower.



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  1. I love the keep nothing on the table thing! We are pilers also. I think I want to join you in doing something for 21 days. I’ll think about it and let you know what . When do we start? I think I’ll wait until after my birthday Friday.

  2. Oh man, I am a stacker and it drives Craig crazy.  I blame it on having a small house because it is hard to get to my file boxes because they are buried in a closet so I can’t put things away.  Craig will clear a surface and in no time at all I have a stack of papers on it.  I hope you are feeling well today and have a great day!

  3. @GoodGuyTheBoss – Monday January 30!

  4. Coffe without milk might hurt the whiter teeth plan.The mini is just because it’s a cup of coffee.

  5. @whyzat – Yeah, I don’t think I would do that one. A woman in my yoga class last night told me she went off milk for a few weeks to see if it helped with some allergies, so I thought I would throw that idea out for anyone who might want to try it. 🙂@skanickadee – I am feeling good today! Thanks. 🙂

  6. One of us in my house is a piler..the other isn’t..I’ll let you decide.I can’t tell how you are feeling about being alone for 21 days. Sometimes I think you are positive and other times I feel like you are aren’t.  I really like the 21 day plan.  One time when Phil went to visit his brother in Texas for 7 days, I walked every day on the treadmill but didn’t lose 25 pounds..

  7. I think you’ve inspired all of us to try something for 21 days.  I’ve been walking (hit and  miss) with my daughter (until she got sick recently), so we may pick up the 21 days…walking each day at the park.  Once around is 1.5 miles, but we usually go at least twice.  If it rains, then we would just go to the Y.  We are pilers too.  I would attempt the no-pile at my house, but DH is worse than I am, so it would be like running in quicksand to keep all horizontal surfaces clear!

  8. @Emme402 – A month or so ago I did a clean sweep on one table in my house and then very day I came home and just cleaned that table. I stopped a couple of days ago and it’s already accumulating things.  The difference is now I notice! 🙂

  9. Is Vitamin E really good for nails? I never heard that, but I’m always splitting them…. 

  10. @roscoes_farm – This may be a longer answer that you wanted because I have put entirely too much thought into this. I have heard many times over the years that putting Vitamin E on your fingernails makes them strong and pretty (I am vain) but when I research this a little I find that it can’t possibly be true. Last year I bought a bottle of Vitamin E oil and tried it for a couple of weeks and noticed that my fingernails were stronger and nicer. This vexed me because I just don’t believe it’s the Vitamin E.This is my conclusion, it’s not the E, it’s the Oil. I tend to be very dehydrated. Dry skin, dry hair, dry whatever, and my nails are no exception they are thin and brittle like dried up grass. I think the oil and the nightly attention make your hands and nails more hydrated, thus making them less prone to cracking and breaking. So there you go!

  11. @tracy – that makes perfect sense… and you obviously DID put a lotta thought into it. Thanks, Tracy!! 

  12. It seems like no matter what in this little trailer something gets stacked ….there are many things I have given up but cream in my coffee is not one of them that is one of the few pleasures I indulge in I so hope you are doing well you are such a living doll

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