edit – 16:02

The PET scan was unable to find any cancer cells in my body. 🙂

No excuses now.  Off to the gym.



This morning I:

Got up

Made coffee

Fed the Dogs

Hopped on my bike for 15 minutes while watching the news.

Made juice out of tomatoes, peppers, Brussels sprouts, kale, parsley, celery, carrot

Gently rubbed jojoba oil onto my eyelashes to remove last vestiges of mascara and moisturize

Took a shower

Cleaned juicer

rubbed lotion everywhere including Oil of Olay Regenerist over my face (LOVE That stuff)

Did a sinus/saline rinse


Brushed my teeth

Hung up and put away the last load of laundry from Sundays marathon session (Shoot! Just remembered I forgot to check the dogs water)

Went to work

My morning maintenance schedule is getting longer and longer! Now I am eating Vegetarian Teriyaki Jerky that my sister brought me for lunch.

This was the random picture that was on my laptop when I booted it up this morning.  This was a beautiful place.


Thank you for all of the positive comments and support. 

As always, hoping for the best – preparing for the worst.

Comments on: "Edit! – Day 21 of 21 (I prefer counting down!) –" (0)

  1. Was that Florida?  It is a beautiful place.I made myself my list and am working off of that.  I may add shredding to my 30 minute a day tasks.  I have so much paper clutter and I want to get rid of it safely.When is your appointment?

  2. hahahahabeautiful picturehahahahapatiently waiting.

  3. @skanickadee – oooo, shredding is always fun! I have a new shredder at work. Nothing fancy but it’s nice to watch all those little pieces of paper appear. 🙂  2:30.

  4. @skanickadee – Oh, and yes it was Florida!  Dan Pedro Island.

  5. The dogs called they are thirsting.

  6. I thought it was Don Pedro??

  7. @irishis63 – Shut UP! Maybe it was named after Dan Pedro the famous pitcher.

  8. Best news EVER!Now down to business.  Espanol will have to wait until I get a headphone/microphone thingie.  Didn’t occur to me that I would need that but Dave is finding one for me to order.  My shredder has once again been hidden by Craig.  I’ll have him pull it out tonight and then I will have at it.I still can’t get over your great news.  That is so wonderful!

  9. Dang girl! You make me look like a slacker! So glad to hear the good news. My water aerobics instructor counts back too! I figure I have enough hard times with numbers going one way!

  10. Glad about the PET that is good news. You are one busy woman ….. I should take notes from you 😉

  11. I need an organized morning routine.  Awesome to hear the good news !!!!

  12. Hooray, hooray, hooray!

  13. @skanickadee – There is an option to do it without the microphone, it just doesn’t check your pronunciation. I went through lesson one today. 🙂@GoodGuyTheBoss – it was a particularly hectic morning!  Then Doctors, gym, spanish, dinner with the kids, cleaning. Geesh!@Mom_with_a_Chainsaw – Agreed, Agreed, Agreed! @karila – Thank you!@isitreal_no –  No, you are perfect just like you are!

  14. Wonderful news!! so glad to hear it!!! Celebrate with a big glass of brussel sprouts..or something :))

  15. So, so, so so pleased for you girl xxxxxx

  16. @strawberryfieldsgirl – “big glass of brussel sprouts” cracked me up.

  17. Best. News. EVER!!!  Soooo Happy!!!

  18. We had some technical issues then I wanted to wait until everyone was in bed.  Finished the lesson with 20 minutes to spare before midnight.  I am really going to enjoy this!  Thanks again!

  19. On to the GYM !!!  

  20. Glad to hear the results were good. Am waiting for the weekends to be decent for my hour long walks…

  21. @skanickadee – Good For you! 

  22. so glad to hear that !!!

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