20 days left

Day 1 was hectic but I managed to check off all four things on my list.

I also went out to dinner with my kids. I brought my leftover hummus & vegetables and a half of a pita for breakfast this morning. Or so I thought! Didn’t really get to breakfast until noon and I opened my to go container and grabbed a pita quarter and filled it with cucumber and tomato and green pepper and a little pepperocini and sprinkled some feta and that’s when I realized I was missing the hummus! DANG! Stupid Hummus.

My desktop background right now is a piece of Carrot Cake in excruciating detail.  Making me hungry for cake! It’s a bad sign when it’s 1:30, you haven’t had lunch and you’re already thinking about dinner. Okay, there…changed the background. Now we’re back to a pictre of Don Pedro Island again. I must have taken a lot of pictures!

I did 15 minutes on my bike this morning and plan on going to the gym after work. I also made juice again this morning. Brussels Sprout/Bell peppers/carrot/celery/parsley/apple.  It was very good. It’s weird how you can’t taste the brussels sprouts at all. There was only a tiny bit of carrot because half of my carrot flew across the room on it’s own accord and I was not faster than the beagle.  She loves carrots. I really need to get on the weight or resistance machines at the gym instead of just the elliptical. I’m just not there yet though.


 Day 2 was very hectic! Almost didn’t get it all done, but I did.


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  1. your beagle likes carrots.  that’s funny!  i had a dog that loved onions.I love brussels sprouts!  and that sounds like a great juice.  does all the fiber make you super regular?I need to work out.  how are you feeling, btw?  stronger?  more energy?  or … ?

  2. So proud of you!!  So glad you suggested this!!  I am loving it.

  3. ahahahahahaha …. beagle took yer carrot !!!!!  

  4. Hope you’re feeling better. It’s been nice here during the week but not nice on the weekends… I miss my weekend walks…

  5. @plantinthewindow – I haven’t noticed any effect from the fiber one way or the other! Perhaps because it’s juiced? I am feeling better thank you. It’s not the quickest recovery on record but I get stronger every week.@Emme402 – I am so glad! Sometimes it’s easier when it’s a group. πŸ™‚@roscoes_farm – If she could open the refridgerator she would eat all of the produce. The only food we’ve ever found that she doesn’t like is parsley. Crazy ass beagle.@Zoz36 – Walking is so nice. Relaxing and healthy. Today looks like it’s going to be beautiful and I am stuck inside all day!

  6. Buenas Dias! Spanish is going well!  Craig asked if I was dreaming in Spanish yet?  No, I am not.  I noticed your comment on juicing and fiber.  Interesting!  I may have to talk to a dietician about juicing and fiber.  I wonder if my guts could take it and if I made it, if I could convince Craig to try it???  Did Corey drink the juice when he was home?Have a fun and productive day!Adios!

  7. @skanickadee – Buenos días, la mujer se come.  That is my spanish so far. πŸ™‚ I just keep going over the first lesson.  I am amazed at how much trouble I’m having finding a 30 minute block of quiet time this week!Yes, Corey liked the juices too. I have trouble with apple juice. Always have, I think it’s the sugar. It makes me dizzy and feel just in general icky, and rushes through me. (TMI?) This has gotten worse since the radiation and I think the apple juice freshly juiced is no exception. Hopefully tomorrow, or the next day I will get a chance to go to the store and restock my beet supply and I’m going to try sweet potato in place of apple. I had trouble with cucumber too, I think. But then Corey told me the cucumbers were really nasty so it may have not had anything to do with the juice!  I really liked the all veggie juices better. Tomato is just good freshly juiced, so different. I’m hoping the sweet potato will be good, sweet potato were my savior food during chemo & radiation so it would be fitting if they become good juicers.

  8. @tracy – I’m glad to know where you are with Spanish.  I was thinking you were doing an entire lesson each day.  So when you juice the fruits and veggies, do you trim and seed and peel?  Or do you use the whole thing?I was talking to Craig about juicing today and he seemed a little interested.  He liked the idea that you could eat something healthy like brussel sprouts and not taste it. 

  9. The elliptical is a great start. I love the sound of all your juices. I’m not a big brussels sprouts fan either, although TravelerBlue will attest to the fact that I, my brother, and my sister-in-law each ate at least one during our visit. The dog story is priceless. My dog wasn’t terribly fond of carrots, but some of us liked to feed her grapes just to watch them roll out of her mouth before she chomped them into juice.

  10. @skanickadee – The only thing I trim is the stems off of apples & peppers. With citrus you are supposed to gently peel trying to leave as much of the white stuff as possible. I just haven’t had any citrus yet. You are not supposed to eat stems. But, seeds & other peels all have good stuff in it! Just be aware that you don’t start out slow and gently you will get an unintentional “juice cleanse” that’s all the rage right now. I never have more than about 10 oz. I will work up to more though. :)I am amazed by the brussels sprouts! I’ve thrown up to four into my little 8oz glass and never tasted it. Have you watched the movie that everyone talks about “Fat, sick and nearly Dead”? That’s what finally convinced Corey.So many nutrients get lost by cooking. Probably be better if I just piled up all these veggies and ate them, but ick. 

  11. @BoureeMusique – You’ve been strangely absent. Hopefully just because you are so busy being wonderful.

  12. @skanickadee – Oh, and the spanish! I would get so bored if I did it more than 30 minutes. 😦 It’s really not very exciting.

  13. I love your 21 day list. I should make a monthly list, and get organized but I tend to be easily…OH, LOOK, SHINY!You’re awesome and inspirational.

  14. I don’t know how you do it!  Husband gone……I would go nuts!  lol  Exercising…don’t like it!  Need to and try but just can’t get with it!  Eating healthy.  Yuck!  Good for you though!  Maybe it can rub off on me!  lolAnd, I am so very happy for your good news!!!  πŸ™‚  Friends here are still having a hard time of it.  After being gone for almost two months living away from home doing treatment they are home now for 3 weeks. Something has changed.  They no longer seem to feel comfortable around us.  Is sad!  I hope it changes back soon.  I really miss our close friendship.  Another classmate of DH and friend has just found out he has cancer.  They have started spending lots of time with him now.  I guess they need to be around other going through what they are. 

  15. @GrannyHappyNanny – I am so sorry about your friends. Here is my unsolicited insight.  When you’re going through that something happens on the inside that affects your relationships. The only thing you can focus on is yourself. Do you remember when you were pregnant the first time and no matter where you were or what you did you were always thinking, I”M PREGNANT! and then as time went on and you were uncomfortable all you could think was I”M PREGNANT! That’s what it’s like when you’re going through treatment except without any real joy. It’s just a constant thought in your head. So it may not be that they’re uncomfortable around you, they just can’t really see you right now. They can only see their circumstances. I hope that made sense. It was something I really struggled with, being able to connect with people. Writing helped me a whole lot.

  16. @Mom_with_a_Chainsaw – thank you I’m hoping the short span will help me stay focused. πŸ™‚

  17. I just can’t eat those veggies girl! I have been a meat and potatoes person all my life. I have toned down both lately and added broccoli as a good food choice. I am managing my 2 to do for 21 so far.

  18. @GoodGuyTheBoss – Yes you can. πŸ™‚ just saying.  I’m glad you’re doing your list!  18 more days to go!

  19. @tracy – You are a doll!

  20. She does a lot of writing also.  On the Caring Bridge site.  Lots of people around here do that to keep everyone up to date.  They came here to the shop for lunch with us.  Seemed like old times.  Was nice.  Though you can never get away from what they are going through.  The waiting is so hard on them as I’m sure you for one know what it is like!  This is such a rare kind that they are just treating it and hoping as it is unknown what would work.

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