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Oops again!

Apparently instead of an aaaaaah, I should have done a preemptive arrgg! I woke up at 4:00 am shaking with chills. They lasted hours and hours and hours! That has happened since I was getting chemo. Finally fell back asleep around 8 and woke up just a little while ago. I’m running a little fever but that’s all. The weirdness that is my body now.


We spent all day Saturday out and doing things in massive crowds of people. IKEA and bought a ton of stuff all for my office, that’s a good husband who will spend his Saturday hauling boxes for a company he doesn’t work for. Then Whole Foods and Trader Joes. Sunday we went to Costo and I was just done. So tired of all the people by then. 

I’m frustrated with not feeling good today I had so much to do at work. 

I’ve been using an elliptical machine at the gym, in small doses, for the last month and I’m starting to add more effort & time to it and I can now tell you exactly what muscles it works out because they hurt!

So things to add to my 21 days. I will do 30 minutes of cleaning each day, 30 minutes of Spanish, 30 minutes of working out.  

I thought about doing a food thing but I already eat pretty well most of the time and things are still to dependent on my body to make any promises to myself that I can’t keep.

OH! We bought a juicer at Costco. What a pain in the ass to clean! But tasty juices.  I tried a tomato with celery, sweet red pepper and I tried an apple with celery and cucumber. So good! I’m glad i didn’t try anymore or today could have been extra bad!

I really just want to add some new vegetables that we don’t eat in our normal lives but that are uber good for you. Kale, Brussel Sprouts, Beets (yes those damn beets are back) those are the big three that add so much into your body that’s good but really don’t appeal to me cooked.


Happy New Year!


That is all.



What can you accomplish in 21 days?

My husband is leaving the country for a month and I think I will use that time to improve myself.

I’m thinking about things that I can make noticeable changes to in 21  days. One of my top two contenders is to exercise for 30 minutes a day minimum for 21 days straight. Six months ago I was averaging 60 minutes a day over a weeks time and now I’m probably at about 10 minutes a day average! Time to get back in a healthy pattern.  

Number two on my list is learning spanish in 30 minutes a day. I think in 30 minutes a day for 21 days straight I could get a nice start on it. I think I will start on Monday January 30th.

Still thinking. Have not made a final decision. One week to work it out.

If you had 21 days to devote to yourself what do you think you could do?




Just Wednesday

This morning was my first ever (but hopefully one of many over the next 40 years ) PET scan. It’s not the worst thing I’ve had done in the last four months by far, but it does serve to validate my thought that people who are prone to claustrophobia should not get cancer! It is a teeny tiny tube that you spend twenty minutes (or hours) in.  I had intended to take many pictures for you but truthfully there was nothing to take pictures of. Very boring. 

I had to go to my old haunt the Chemo lounge to get my port accessed so that they wouldn’t have to try and do an IV on my fragile veins. The Chemo neighborhood is always fun because everyone just walks by always telling you how good you look. 🙂

I would certainly never want internet in my car, it would be far to tempting and dangerous for me, but I would like a button that I could push that would send a posting to facebook or twitter that says I love this song!, and show you what song I was listening to.



I don’t remember the buttons on my radio being reflective. I will have to investigate this when I go back out. 


Yay! Went to Yoga tonight.





Day 3

It was finally warm enough to walk around outside!  A balmy 32 degrees when I took these pictures.


This chair was in a clothing store. Loved it!

Many things bought at the Cheese Haus Including a nice bottle of wine and some Amaretto fudge!

These last four were at the Kaffe Haus where we had breakfast.  Very nice!

Day 2

Day 2 did not start off well. Both of us woke up not feeling good. Katy has a sensitive system and mine was a carry-over from the day before. 😦 Still having issues with my poor little intestines being radiated. At least now we’re at the once every 10 days or so. It’s my own fault I was having problems and then didn’t eat correctly. But it didn’t matter, this was our time together and we enjoyed it even when we were just hanging out at the hotel.

We actually went back to the hotel in the afternoon and swam and hot-tubbed during that time of day where everyone had checked out and no one had checked in. We had it to ourselves.  

It was actually too cold to take pictures outside. You can not take pictures in the slushy icy-ness while wearing gloves. Sad.

So here is my pathetic collection of pictures, which also uploaded in random order!

So Cold! But at least no crowds.:)


These three are just my view from sitting on the couch.  The desk is filled with bags, with are filled with baked goods! Maybe we couldn’t eat much, but we could buy for later!


View from our room not in the dark.



Bavarian Inn for dinner. 



Katy of course drinking “adult” hot chocolate. It has Captain Morgans, Kahlua & Baileys.

They bring you this little box of bread to try with your dinner. This is why I am bringing home two loaves of Stollen Fruit & Nut bread. One for home, one for work. So Good!


Day 1

My daughter and I took our first ever weekend away trip. We drove to Frankenmuth Michigan. 

The only thing I was nervous about was the drive. It’s only two and a half hours but I tend to get car sick when I am the driver. Since it was my car, I was the driver. It just occurred to me at 4:00 am this morning that I was driving a car that was two weeks old out of town! You would think with the run of smackdowns we’ve gotten with new cars on road trips I wouldn’t have! So far, no semi trucks, nor little old ladies have hit us. It worked out pretty well, we stopped once at a Biggbys for coffee at about the hour mark. I did have a headache by the time we got here but it was just annoying. Oh, and for some reason when I drive more than 30 minutes or so the herniated disk in my neck swells up. I don’t really get that.

Our first stop for Coffee.

Once we got to Frankenmuth we were too early to check in and too out of our element to walk around so we stopped at Tim Hortons a block from our hotel.


And then hopped on their wifi and looked at all the various and assorted things around us. It was too freakin’ cold to walk around outside. Though we did venture out for about ten minutes around 5:00 pm. It was 18 degrees.


Beautiful clock in the hotel. We are staying at the Drury Inn and Suites. Nice hotel. Everything is a little older and a little frayed, but it’s all wonderfully clean. Two room suite setup. Breakfast & dinner every night included.


Of course the dinner is the cheapest easiest food they can put out that massive amounts of people will eat. No nutritional value at all. We were both pretty tossy & turny all night.


There is also a bar and they give you three free drinks, per person, per night.

Our room is on the third floor.


View from our room.

And sunset. I wish I had thought to look ten minute earlier!

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