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Why yes! It is Wednesday again!

I’m still cranky. I think it’s just a combination of winter, and not feeling quite back to normal yet. I try really hard not to take it out on anyone else but oh my goodness that’s tough sometimes. Everybody and everything is getting on my nerves. I want to do a post that just spouts off all the things that get on my nerves but that will not serve the greater good today.

 Booked a hotel in Flagstaff AZ for April. I did not book at one of the big hotels. Instead we’ll fly into Flagstaff and rent a car.  It’s a two hour drive to the Canyon and since we’re early people that will be just fine. The hotel is 15 minutes from the Airport and got really nice reviews on Trip Advisor, but it’s $80.00 a night instead of the $230 I was looking at for some by the rim.

We’re also going to do a train tour one day. It departs like 15 minutes from our hotel and then takes you to the Canyon, you spend four hours there and then take the train home. Maybe we’ll do that the first day. There is a bus tour you can take when you get off the train so I think I will add that to my list too.

We like exploring the area so I’m sure from our Flagstaff base we’ll see where we can drive to on day trips. Hope the weather is good!


I am scheduled to get my port removed next week. The Doctors gave me a little push back when I asked for it to be done. She said well normally we like people to keep them in for six months to a year. I have a couple of things to say in response to that, 1.) you guys never suggested I get it to begin with! It was the nurses at the chemo place who suggested it when my veins were all collapsing and causing uber amounts of pain and they are also the ones who keep asking me when I’ll get it out! 2.) My chance of needing the port in six months is probably exactly the same as it is that I’ll need it in 18 months, so whatever. It doesn’t bother me having it in as much as you would think except that it’s always catching on things and it’s painful when it does. I’ve had a bruise there for so long I can’t believe it won’t be permanent.


I can’t believe nobody commented on that fact that my last post was all in rhyme! Okay, it wasn’t good rhyme but I do try to entertain.


A facebook friend started a flickr group for a picture a day for 365 days!  It starts tomorrow. I wonder how many days I will be able to remember to do it.



I finally signed up for a pinterest account today. Does anyone use it? I am TLM0000 (those are zero’s)  Like I need another online site. J  I started with vacation information.


I think that’s all the excitement we can handle today.




It’s funny how sometimes the words just flow and flow and other times you can’t think of any stories or things that people might want to know. I spent the afternoon backing up my sick laptop, I couldn’t do any work because if I tried it would come to a screeching stop. Tomorrow I’ll take my little netbook in and work from that while I I give reinstalling windows a spin.

It’s supposed to get up to sixty degrees here this week, not a normal February in Ohio but sure to excite the weather geeks. I want to curl up and watch The Walking Dead but my husband is catching up on a months worth of tv on the DVR instead. I may have recorded it in the bedroom as well but if I try to go curl up in bed without him my husband will give me hell.

Suddenly I want a big old giant chocolate bar! Or Cookies…



Travel Advice – Grand Canyon

What is the best place to stay if you want to see the Grand Canyon for two days?

What city do you fly into?


No Eucador this time, no vacancy on the dates we want. 😦


This is me:

oops, I forgot to put a title on!

The printer in my office occasionally makes a noise. It sounds like it is warming up and a job is in print queue and about to print. Then it doesn’t. I find it disturbing.

I have, after a few months of trying, trained myself to only use one space after a period. Mostly. Occasionally I still find myself doing two. I am surprised that I was able to adjust.

It is so gloomy in Toledo today!

I am drinking a slimfast for lunch. 😦 Not because of my super obsessive need to lose an additional ten pounds but because I am just so frustrated with my inability to eat real food! I was going to do a slim-fast fast for a couple of days to give my digestive system a break but I have dinner reservations tonight so this will be just a supplemental liquid. I am going to dinner with the kids tonight to a Jazz Cafe. Very nice restaurant. My son is taking a history of jazz class and needs to attend two jazz concerts for part of his grade. I am looking forward to it.

Oh my goodness this slimfast is filling! I have kindly left you all out of my internal conversation about my weight but I’ll tell you it is driving me crazy!  I have been at the same weight since last April (Haha..I had to come back and correct this because I typed Aptilo instead of April). Except for the six weeks immediately after surgery when I gained 12 pounds in two days and then hung onto it for six weeks. The problem is that the weight I am at is at least ten pounds heavier than I should be and a solid fifteen more than I want to be. Who goes through chemo & radition and stays at the same weight? I lost a few pounds during the weeks that I really really couldn’t eat but then gained it right back and came back to this weight. I don’t gain, I don’t lose. I eat like a pig, drink like a fish, stay the same. I eat healthy, work out every single day, stay the same. I feel pretty good about my size, I really do, but I’m right on the border. It’s driving me crazy it really is. I step on the scale every morning and it says almost exactly the same thing.

The other day I asked #isitreal-no (for some reason #isitreal_no doesn’t tag. I think it’s because your username shows up two different ways, #isitreal-no I bet Xanga is using a Linux server!)  about what kind of books she reads and she answered and then she asked me and I did not answer, then #Zoz36 asked book questions and again, I did not answer!. I am so rude! So I thought instead I would answer here. I haven’t read anything in a while but I will really try any book as long as it’s not about real life brutality. I don’t do true crime. I love English mysteries. The old ones and the new ones. I loved Harry Potter, and The Hunger Games, and The Maze Runner. I will read any book that has a vampire (yes indeedy I read, and enjoyed, Twilight) or a Zombie horde, as long as it’s not a book about vampire sex. I tried the series by Hamilton and after three books it was just too much. My favorite book is Stephen Kings The Stand and I have it on my Nook right now waiting for me to read it again. As a general rule I like light and entertaining books, but anything that can hold my ethereal attention these days is good! Odd use of the word ethereal there, but I think I’m sticking with it. I dislike any book that has the same female character just with a different name and profession finding the true love who then saves them from some situation that they through their own silliness have put themselves in. Usally the savior is a reformed bad boy, or some rich good looking guy who she instantly dislikes but then grows to love as she finds out how wrong she really was. I loved James Pattersons Maximum Ride and have read the first three books in the series. I should go see if I can pick the next ones! I usually don’t remember book names or authors so I have a bad habit of picking up the same books over and over and over again.

Now I want to go read!






I heard this song for the first time this morning (I know, it’s old!), and I really thought it was beautiful.



Nothing to say, and no one to whom I should say it.

I do not know what is the matter with me this week! I am feeling just mean! It feels like I am walking around angry all the time, but I don’t have anything to be angry about. You know how your forehead starts feeling like it’s pinching in when you are angry (maybe that’s just me?) like pressure pushing on the sides and front, that’s how I feel. Very aggravating. I think it must be physiological because I’m also craving food.  Any and all food. Eat Eat Eat! I really want sugar. Big giant mounds of sugary goodness. Chocolate and ice cream and donuts and super sweet coffee. I am drinking a big glass of sugar free gatoraide right now which wil hopefully help with my craving & my apparent dehydration.

I also feel really ugly!

My husband sent me an email this morning asking me about my availability for a sudden trip out of the country for a week. HECK yeah! In a heartbeat! Probably won’t happen, but I’m ready! There is another location in Mexico requesting that as long as he’s in the country he should swing by their place for a week. We’ll see.

I think I have scheduled a bajillion things in March without putting any of them on calendars. March could be an exciting flurry of OOPS! Speaking of which, I should really schedule an appointment to get my taxes done. Last year for the first time I had someone else do my taxes, it just doesn’t seem right to go back to doing them myself now.

I haven’t read a book in months.

The excitement of this post is really too much for me.




A good day to stay curled up in bed.

I am tired this morning! For the second time in the last three weeks I did not get on my bike within ten minutes of waking up. It’s funny how hard it is to start but once you’ve done it a couple of weeks it’s what your body wants you to do. It wasn’t that I was too tired to ride, I made the choice not too ride because I have yoga at 9.

I will have a substitute yoga teacher today and I’m looking forward to it. I love my yoga teacher but it’s good to switch things up every once in awhile! Keeps you on your toes.

I don’t have any plans other than that! Maybe I’ll see if my sister wants to try for a movie this afternoon. We tried a couple of weeks ago but SHOCK I was not feeling well. I know I bitch about it all the time but I’m really okay with recovery. I mean all things considered, caution and care in what I eat is a small price to pay for, well, not dying! I know I have still have a lot of recovering to do and I’m trying to be patient. I control what I can and just try to get stronger. 

Yesterday I got a bill from the oncology center;

This puts me up to the $100,000 mark. I am so so thankful for insurance. I can’t think about how many people don’t get the same care and treatment that I did simply because they don’t have the same resources. There is something so wrong with our society that people who fall into the middle group struggle for basics like healthcare. I’m sorry, I know this is an old song from me. 

Time to get ready to go!


AAAAA!!!!! Disappearing Blog.

Yup….big long heartfelt blog..GONE!

Something weird happened when I inserted pictures.


  • Dream about going to France..missed Plane.
  • Bridge.
  • It’s too easy to think something can’t be done when in reality you just haven’t really committed to the effort it takes.
  • I’ve seen too many horror movies. I’m scared of walking into dark rooms.
  • My car is dirty and it’s my dirty little secret that I’ve never driven a car through a car wash. 😦


My beagle chewing on a toy. She won’t lay in a bed or chew on a toy until the other dog has done it first.

Picture from the Italian restaurant the other day that got missed on the upload.



Wine!  One for me, one for my sister.

Five packs of coffee from Kuerig! Great way to try other flavors but very expensive.



Today is Wednesday (in case you wondered)

I have four days left on my 21 day odyssey. I think I’ve done pretty good! The only thing I really haven’t done is clean. Oh no! I’m so sad.

My spanish is coming along, definitely still just barely touching it. I know about 100 random words that will not serve me in any context at any point, but at least it’s a start. I will try to continue beyond my 21 days. My exercise has absolutely been the most beneficial. I have lost not even a single ounce but I have definitely been reshaping. My clothes are fitting much much better and my stamina has made leaps and bounds. This has also helped get me back in the pattern of exercise early in the morning which makes such a huge difference for me.

I have been noticing that my face looks different and I could quite figure out what was going on until this morning. I lost more eyebrows but that’s not it. I’m still losing a lot of hair, I can’t believe you don’t look at me and just see scalp but what I noticed this morning was that I have lost all of the small hairs that grow around my hairline! You know the ones that always stay really short? Gone. It just looks a little odd to me, though I’m sure no one else would ever notice. Who notices those small hairs?

I went out to lunch with my kids today and this is why I have lost not an ounce;


This restaurant makes everything on site.  This is the bread basket they dropped on the table. I only ate one!

This is my small veggie pizza. Half today, half for lunch tomorrow.

But somehow I managed to eat the whole damn tiramisu!

Good thing there is yoga tonight. This is my philosophy. Eat what I want when I can, since I can’t always eat, then sweat it out!


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