You know,  a little lunchtime gossip while I eat my soup.

Which is:

First Me;

Got my port cleaned this morning (sounds kind of like a euphisim for something if you don’t know me doesn’t it?) then had the celebratory Tim Hortons breakfast that I reward myself with if I’m a big girl and don’t whimper when they punch the needles in.  I have grown attached to my port (no pun intended) but I think I will plan on getting rid of it in March. I will look up the recovery time this afternoon and hopefully it’s not as bad as the recovery from the implanting. I can’t do it until Corey gets home and by then the veins should be all the way healed, I hope. Still have one long bruise up one arm and nine or ten lumps. I have some sort of superstitious thing going where I am convinced that as soon as it comes out something will happen to make me need an IV. Forcing myself to get over it by March, or just suck it up and do it anyway.

On my way to the hospital this morning I realized I had forgotten my hearing aid. Thought about going home to get then realized Brad is on vacation this week so I’ll be okay without it at work! I only put this in here in case Brad reads today, but it’s true. 🙂

I made Spice cake with canned pumpkin instead of the oil & eggs again this weekend. It came out much better than the first time I did it! I think I didn’t cook it long enough last time. This time I was sick when I cooked it and got busy with that and couldn’t get it out of the over in time! Silver linings and all. If you cut it into 12 pieces it’s like 120 calories per piece. I cut mine into 20 pieces of oddly assorted sizes, not on purpose. So I figure between 50 & 100 calories per piece. I wrapped each one individually and threw them in the freezer. Really good!

Regardless of what it looks like I did not put sesame seeds, hot mustard or sweet & sour sauce in them. I just never finished putting away my groceries that day.


This morning I was bleaching my sink and somehow managed to splatter bleach on my brand new shirt. I really like this shirt too! I bought it for a whooping $7.00 off of the Kohls clearance rack. I think it’s low enough that I can tuck it in. I did however also discover that it went all the way through and put a couple of spots on my pants too! BOO!


Now YOU;

When I look at you I do not ever see weakness. I see someone who has survived so many things that other people will never have to deal with. I do not see someone who cannot cope, I see someone who is just tired right now. I believe that once you have time to heal physically and mentally, you will be stronger than ever. I think it’s really important for you to realize that this is what you project, people are not looking at you and thinking how weak you are. They are thinking how amazing you are. I hope you can see that for yourself.


Now Them;

So much strife in the world. So many people with not enough money, food or hope. We are very lucky, and it would be beneficial to us all to remember that. I think most of us would be far better people if we spent some time helping other people.

Go sing a song or something, I feel like spring is coming. Of course that probably means snow. I am a reverse groundhog.

Maybe this one that I heard for the first time in my car this morning. I liked his voice.


Comments on: "Let’s talk about people today!" (0)

  1. Like I have told you before you are my hero 

  2. @SisterMae – It was the spice cake, wasn’t it? 🙂 

  3. you’re very bright and colorful today. : )  that spice cake looks wonderful.  yum.yes, so many things happening around the world, so much lack.  this is where, somehow, we need to fine wholeness within – spiritually, in a manner of seem very whole.  I’m glad.  and I really like your photos from your last post.j.

  4. Put a little black Sharpie on that spot. Could help, couldn’t hurt.

  5. @tracy – yeppers for sure it was the cake…LOLSending you a big old Mae hug

  6. @whyzat – OOO! I have a rainbow of sharpies!  Great idea.@plantinthewindow – Thank you. 🙂

  7. The Sharpie idea was great!You were sick this past weekend?  Poor kid.  It is a long recovery.  I hope you are feeling better today.I would be thinking the same thing about the port.  I hope you can get it out in March and never again have to have an IV!Was the spice cake a boxed mix?  That sounds like something my guys might like.I often look around and see what others are going through and it reminds me that as big as my problems seem to me so many people have it much worse.So how is it being a bachelorette?

  8. Why the port? Are you going through chemo? I am sorry if I am being a little nosy, but I just met you. You send a beautiful message and don’t focus on the bad stuff 🙂

  9. @skanickadee – Yup, straight out of the box. I think Duncan Hines. Red box, and said extra moist I think. I used a 13 x 9 inch pan and I don’t know how long I cooked it, but it was quite awhile. The pumpkin really makes it moist! I’ve heard if you do it with chocolate or devils food cake mix it comes out like a brownie. NUM!

  10. @BoulderChristina – Not being nosy at all! I have spent the last six months recounting my particular little adventure through diagnosis, surgery, chemo & radiation right up to last week when I got my first ever completely clear PET scan. I was diagnosed with cervical cancer in July/2011 and after a very radical hysterectomy they found that I had a tumor on my uterus/fallopian tube/ovary so it started as something else and spread to my cervix & lymph nodes. I try really really hard to just let the bad stuff go. I know how lucky I am.

  11. I’m sorry I missed the last 6 months! You are very brave, I know how painful and terrifying this process must have been. Funny how something like this can make you appreciate things and be more grateful? But it does, and for that I am grateful 🙂

  12. @tracy – Did you use the whole can of pumpkin?

  13. May I have the spice cake recipe? It looks so good and healthy. I love Jack White, oh yes I do.

  14. @tracy – Groovy!  Thanks T!

  15. I understand the superstitions with the port.  I fashionably sported an inline IV for 4 months.  When they removed it for good (not just cleaning), I felt the same way. That spice bread looks great!  Thanks for always encouraging us to find what’s best in ourselves and our lives. You are amazing.

  16. I like this post.. and a lotta folks could benefit from reading the “Now THEM” section. 

  17. The pumpkininess looks awesome. I love the Now YOU mantra info awesomestuffs. Also, I have a weakness for Jack White. My boyfriend and my ex hate him, but that’s okay. I just grin and rock out.

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