I am tired this morning! For the second time in the last three weeks I did not get on my bike within ten minutes of waking up. It’s funny how hard it is to start but once you’ve done it a couple of weeks it’s what your body wants you to do. It wasn’t that I was too tired to ride, I made the choice not too ride because I have yoga at 9.

I will have a substitute yoga teacher today and I’m looking forward to it. I love my yoga teacher but it’s good to switch things up every once in awhile! Keeps you on your toes.

I don’t have any plans other than that! Maybe I’ll see if my sister wants to try for a movie this afternoon. We tried a couple of weeks ago but SHOCK I was not feeling well. I know I bitch about it all the time but I’m really okay with recovery. I mean all things considered, caution and care in what I eat is a small price to pay for, well, not dying! I know I have still have a lot of recovering to do and I’m trying to be patient. I control what I can and just try to get stronger. 

Yesterday I got a bill from the oncology center;

This puts me up to the $100,000 mark. I am so so thankful for insurance. I can’t think about how many people don’t get the same care and treatment that I did simply because they don’t have the same resources. There is something so wrong with our society that people who fall into the middle group struggle for basics like healthcare. I’m sorry, I know this is an old song from me. 

Time to get ready to go!



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  1. Good Morning!Talk about sticker shock.  I can’t imagine life without healthcare.  I feel it should be our national shame that we as a country don’t care enough to provide universal healthcare.  I have a constant worry that something will happen to Craig’s job and that we will lose our coverage.  We couldn’t survive financially without it.And really, you do not bitch about being sick all the time.  You speak of it so little it is actually hard to remember that you are still recovering.I hope you have a great yoga class and a great day!

  2. Yes..morning workouts are the best but often the hardest to start up! I hope you have a great yoga class.After having my baby I thought the same thing- how do women without health insurance do this? Turns out the government pays for it. I don’t that’s the case with illnesses like cancer. I’m glad you have insurance to help you out with all those bills. 100,000?? That’s insane!

  3. I watched The Woman in Black, scary! Those bills get outrageous, I don’t know how people without insurance do it. 

  4. The insurance my sister had when she underwent treatment was not very good at all.  The sad thing about it is that the creditors hounded her day and night for the remainder of the balance, and the bills kept piling up.  Such a stress.  Those are such astronomical amounts and it makes me wonder just how much those items cost to produce.  I know the profit margin has to be astronomical and it’s a shame that those profits are made off of someone else’s illness.

  5. Lucky you have the insurance to cover your medical expenses.  For some, they just can’t have because of financial problems :(I like my yoga class too πŸ™‚

  6. I’m glad I’ve got insurance when I was out for my foot. That and diabilty insurance. Nothing like a steady paycheck when you can’t work…

  7. @skanickadee – I too am thankful for healthcare. At my age though things keep changing and it seems I lose more benefits every month. I am so for universal healthcare and feel our country is so far behind so many others that take good care of their people.

  8. You have been an inspiration for the past 21 days. Now on Wed. I get to go into spring Lent mode. I am looking for some positive addition to my life for 40 days.

  9. wow the price of health hey!! I’m glad you have insurance too!! I can’t even believe how much that costs, I never saw any of the bills for my fathers treatments and that was 5 years worth I can’t even begin to imagine. Enjoy yoga with the substitue instructor πŸ™‚

  10. Amen on the health care/insurance. I remember my dad become more liberal when he realized a) social conservatives have taken over his fiscally conservative party and b) he’s had socialized medicine through the military since he was 18.

  11. @skanickadee – sticker shock was the best way to describe what I was thinking.I agree about the insurance and our society and medical care..I hope you were good to the substitute teacher, Tracy…being a sub is hard work ;)Moving on to the next blog…I have lots to catch up on.BTW…I have totally enjoyed Corey’s posts over on the other site

  12. Hi Tracy, I found your blog on the 40+ group. I came here because of what you said in your profile. I am so glad you are recovering. It’s a tough haul, really tough. Keep on keeping on! I’ll be cheering for you and keeping you in my prayers. ::hugs:: Namaste, Barbi

  13. @StormyMuse – Thanks Barbi!  Namaste.

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