I do not know what is the matter with me this week! I am feeling just mean! It feels like I am walking around angry all the time, but I don’t have anything to be angry about. You know how your forehead starts feeling like it’s pinching in when you are angry (maybe that’s just me?) like pressure pushing on the sides and front, that’s how I feel. Very aggravating. I think it must be physiological because I’m also craving food.  Any and all food. Eat Eat Eat! I really want sugar. Big giant mounds of sugary goodness. Chocolate and ice cream and donuts and super sweet coffee. I am drinking a big glass of sugar free gatoraide right now which wil hopefully help with my craving & my apparent dehydration.

I also feel really ugly!

My husband sent me an email this morning asking me about my availability for a sudden trip out of the country for a week. HECK yeah! In a heartbeat! Probably won’t happen, but I’m ready! There is another location in Mexico requesting that as long as he’s in the country he should swing by their place for a week. We’ll see.

I think I have scheduled a bajillion things in March without putting any of them on calendars. March could be an exciting flurry of OOPS! Speaking of which, I should really schedule an appointment to get my taxes done. Last year for the first time I had someone else do my taxes, it just doesn’t seem right to go back to doing them myself now.

I haven’t read a book in months.

The excitement of this post is really too much for me.




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  1. I know just how you feel! Congrats on giving up sugar, I always get angry when I do that! I promise you aren’t ugly, but we always feel that way sometimes. Have fun on your trip 🙂

  2. I’ve felt like that before…I usually warn my family to just let me be.  It takes time for me to work out of it.  And I hate feeling like that because it makes me feel crummy.  Ugh.A trip!  So fun!!  I would absolutely love it if my hubby would surprise me.  Not likely.  He’s in the middle of a huge project that I fear will never end.

  3. haha ah sugar, I love it lol Funny you should mention your tax because I just put my tax in for last year yesterday….I completely forgot about it and my accountant ended up sending me a letter because it’s almost time to put this years tax in! Also, you need to go get a book and read!! I hadn’t had the time to get to the library for a few weeks and woke up almost craving reading some books! So I had yesterday off work because I was sick, went to the library and almost feel a kind of relief now I have something to read. 🙂 and that’s my story 🙂

  4. @isitreal_no – What is your preferred type of book?

  5. @tracy – I mostly read fiction, romance (of course haha) from authors like Cathy Kelly and Jodi Picoult well hers aren’t  romance but you know what I mean, thrillers from Stephen King and Mysteries like Agatha Christie, Dean Koontz. And inspirationals like Lance Armstrong…but that’s just because I’m cycling at the moment lol i loved Alan Alda’s books too. I don’t know I guess it’s quite varied. What is your favorite genre?

  6. Haha, I could have written this post (well, except my hubby hasn’t e-mailed me about going anywhere).  Sugar is the HARDEST thing to lose a craving for!  I haven’t mastered it, yet, at least not with any kind of lasting effect.Kathi

  7. That is a terrible way to feel.  Could it be emotions you tried to keep in control during the whole illness process?  You never really showed anger here and I sometimes wonder if you have to go through all the steps of dealing with such a life changing event or they come back to haunt you.I don’t know why I thought he would be home after the 21 days.  This is a long time.  I hope you can go and spend some time with him.  Time off and away might be just what the doctor ordered.I loved when we had someone do our taxes.  I did them and then we had someone do them and now Craig is doing them.  I don’t care as long as I don’t have to do them.  Go make your appt.  It will be one less worry once you have it done.May I just say you rock!  Have a better evening or day depending on when you read this.

  8. Have energy, will travel? 

  9. yeah when I get in one of those moods I warn people not to talk to me. I get cravings once in a while. For some strange reason I can’t find a place in north eastern Ohio that makes a half way decent pecan pie. Which is good because I have impulse issues…  I may pick up Hunger Games and see what’s all the fuss is all about. Have you read any of the Harry Potter books? I may go back and start that series again.

  10. I didn’t think anyone else ever felt that way. Sometimes it’s almost like I’m looking for trouble. The good guy just has to sit in one place to long and I’m mad it him!!! And he did nothing! My 21 days has turned into 40 for lent. Wish me luck. Have a good day.

  11. Ya what MB said…or you could have just gotten up on the wrong side of the bed.Judging from Skanick’s posting today – you two need to get together and drink!

  12. I keep telling myself, “Oh, I should do my taxes next week,” but I keep putting it off. This is the first year in a while that I only have to file the federal ones. No income in Ohio = no state or local taxes. Whee! As for food, I was craving just about everything last night, but I know why: a) I’d been sick with minor/weird/maybe food poisoning and hadn’t eaten much all day and b) I turned on Food Network. Lameness. It’s too bad I think I’ve given up soda (even diet, which is pretty much the only soda I drink anyway), because that also sounds really good right about now.

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