The printer in my office occasionally makes a noise. It sounds like it is warming up and a job is in print queue and about to print. Then it doesn’t. I find it disturbing.

I have, after a few months of trying, trained myself to only use one space after a period. Mostly. Occasionally I still find myself doing two. I am surprised that I was able to adjust.

It is so gloomy in Toledo today!

I am drinking a slimfast for lunch. 😦 Not because of my super obsessive need to lose an additional ten pounds but because I am just so frustrated with my inability to eat real food! I was going to do a slim-fast fast for a couple of days to give my digestive system a break but I have dinner reservations tonight so this will be just a supplemental liquid. I am going to dinner with the kids tonight to a Jazz Cafe. Very nice restaurant. My son is taking a history of jazz class and needs to attend two jazz concerts for part of his grade. I am looking forward to it.

Oh my goodness this slimfast is filling! I have kindly left you all out of my internal conversation about my weight but I’ll tell you it is driving me crazy!  I have been at the same weight since last April (Haha..I had to come back and correct this because I typed Aptilo instead of April). Except for the six weeks immediately after surgery when I gained 12 pounds in two days and then hung onto it for six weeks. The problem is that the weight I am at is at least ten pounds heavier than I should be and a solid fifteen more than I want to be. Who goes through chemo & radition and stays at the same weight? I lost a few pounds during the weeks that I really really couldn’t eat but then gained it right back and came back to this weight. I don’t gain, I don’t lose. I eat like a pig, drink like a fish, stay the same. I eat healthy, work out every single day, stay the same. I feel pretty good about my size, I really do, but I’m right on the border. It’s driving me crazy it really is. I step on the scale every morning and it says almost exactly the same thing.

The other day I asked #isitreal-no (for some reason #isitreal_no doesn’t tag. I think it’s because your username shows up two different ways, #isitreal-no I bet Xanga is using a Linux server!)  about what kind of books she reads and she answered and then she asked me and I did not answer, then #Zoz36 asked book questions and again, I did not answer!. I am so rude! So I thought instead I would answer here. I haven’t read anything in a while but I will really try any book as long as it’s not about real life brutality. I don’t do true crime. I love English mysteries. The old ones and the new ones. I loved Harry Potter, and The Hunger Games, and The Maze Runner. I will read any book that has a vampire (yes indeedy I read, and enjoyed, Twilight) or a Zombie horde, as long as it’s not a book about vampire sex. I tried the series by Hamilton and after three books it was just too much. My favorite book is Stephen Kings The Stand and I have it on my Nook right now waiting for me to read it again. As a general rule I like light and entertaining books, but anything that can hold my ethereal attention these days is good! Odd use of the word ethereal there, but I think I’m sticking with it. I dislike any book that has the same female character just with a different name and profession finding the true love who then saves them from some situation that they through their own silliness have put themselves in. Usally the savior is a reformed bad boy, or some rich good looking guy who she instantly dislikes but then grows to love as she finds out how wrong she really was. I loved James Pattersons Maximum Ride and have read the first three books in the series. I should go see if I can pick the next ones! I usually don’t remember book names or authors so I have a bad habit of picking up the same books over and over and over again.

Now I want to go read!





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  1. I bet you read that article that I read about spacing after periods.  You are a better woman than I.  I can’t do it,  I just can’t and well, I really prefer the two spaces because it is easier for my brain to grasp the break.  I also like fonts without serifs because it is easier to read.  Weird.So have you discussed the food thing with your doctor?  Have they said what is the typical healing time?The Stand is my favorite Stephen King book.  Erik’s favorite, too.  I just don’t read novels anymore.  It is an ADD thing.  Short stories, news articles are great but I want my reading material to get to the point.  That is funny – I was just thinking about your son and wondering how classes were going.  History of Jazz sounds very interesting.  Have a great time at the concerts.Feeling any better today?

  2. @skanickadee – The last time I talked to a doctor about it they were pretty non-commital. 🙂 I think it’s just one of those it heals when it heals kind of things. Well, and I dont’ want them poking around anymore anyway. I’m done with people looking at the insides of any part of me unless it’s absolutely necessary. At least for awhile. I like to think it’s because I got off so easy on the side effects during treatment that now I’ll just heal a little slower. I’m still feeling cranky! Not as bad though. I think it’s because I’ve had a tiny tiny little headache for the last few days. Not enough to put me out of commission, but just enough to annoy me occasionally. As I typed that it occurred to me that maybe it’s my new glasses. I’ve been having some dizzy issues too but only at work,so that would make sense. hmmm. things to ponder.

  3. have a groovy weekend, Tracy !! 

  4. I too have the weight issue! I seem to stay with in a 5-10 lb range. The one thing I do know is by doing water aerobics 2 times a week all winter I have gone down in pant size. I am happy with that I just wish these 25 extra lbs would disappear!

  5. have you read a discovery of witches?

  6. @lilms_sassy – I have not. Should I?

  7. @lilms_sassy – are you on Goodreads?

  8. Love your choices of books! I need to read the Hunger Games. My daughter went nuts over them and is telling me to read them… read them…. added to my stack of ‘to reads’. I’m a Twilight Fan as well. The books were better. (Aren’t they always?) Loosing weight is hard no matter what we are going through. When I was 30, I had just managed to slide into a size 4. Two weeks later I was pregnant. I adore my four daughters, but… I am twice the woman now than I was then! ::grins:: Aw heck, just more to love. I struggle with that last 25 myself. Hope you are feeling better soon! 

  9. Come on back over to Shelfari. I miss you. Your shelf is always interesting to me. Because of you I have found some very cool authors.

  10. @TNuts – Hey Deb!  How weird is it that I completely forgot about Shelfari!  

  11. There is a gap between the doors where I work, when the wind blows it sounds like  a far away siren coming and I look for it every time. strange little things….

  12. @strawberryfieldsgirl – It is weird how we get in patterns.

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