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A good day to stay curled up in bed.

I am tired this morning! For the second time in the last three weeks I did not get on my bike within ten minutes of waking up. It’s funny how hard it is to start but once you’ve done it a couple of weeks it’s what your body wants you to do. It wasn’t that I was too tired to ride, I made the choice not too ride because I have yoga at 9.

I will have a substitute yoga teacher today and I’m looking forward to it. I love my yoga teacher but it’s good to switch things up every once in awhile! Keeps you on your toes.

I don’t have any plans other than that! Maybe I’ll see if my sister wants to try for a movie this afternoon. We tried a couple of weeks ago but SHOCK I was not feeling well. I know I bitch about it all the time but I’m really okay with recovery. I mean all things considered, caution and care in what I eat is a small price to pay for, well, not dying! I know I have still have a lot of recovering to do and I’m trying to be patient. I control what I can and just try to get stronger. 

Yesterday I got a bill from the oncology center;

This puts me up to the $100,000 mark. I am so so thankful for insurance. I can’t think about how many people don’t get the same care and treatment that I did simply because they don’t have the same resources. There is something so wrong with our society that people who fall into the middle group struggle for basics like healthcare. I’m sorry, I know this is an old song from me. 

Time to get ready to go!


AAAAA!!!!! Disappearing Blog.

Yup….big long heartfelt blog..GONE!

Something weird happened when I inserted pictures.


  • Dream about going to France..missed Plane.
  • Bridge.
  • It’s too easy to think something can’t be done when in reality you just haven’t really committed to the effort it takes.
  • I’ve seen too many horror movies. I’m scared of walking into dark rooms.
  • My car is dirty and it’s my dirty little secret that I’ve never driven a car through a car wash. 😦


My beagle chewing on a toy. She won’t lay in a bed or chew on a toy until the other dog has done it first.

Picture from the Italian restaurant the other day that got missed on the upload.



Wine!  One for me, one for my sister.

Five packs of coffee from Kuerig! Great way to try other flavors but very expensive.



Today is Wednesday (in case you wondered)

I have four days left on my 21 day odyssey. I think I’ve done pretty good! The only thing I really haven’t done is clean. Oh no! I’m so sad.

My spanish is coming along, definitely still just barely touching it. I know about 100 random words that will not serve me in any context at any point, but at least it’s a start. I will try to continue beyond my 21 days. My exercise has absolutely been the most beneficial. I have lost not even a single ounce but I have definitely been reshaping. My clothes are fitting much much better and my stamina has made leaps and bounds. This has also helped get me back in the pattern of exercise early in the morning which makes such a huge difference for me.

I have been noticing that my face looks different and I could quite figure out what was going on until this morning. I lost more eyebrows but that’s not it. I’m still losing a lot of hair, I can’t believe you don’t look at me and just see scalp but what I noticed this morning was that I have lost all of the small hairs that grow around my hairline! You know the ones that always stay really short? Gone. It just looks a little odd to me, though I’m sure no one else would ever notice. Who notices those small hairs?

I went out to lunch with my kids today and this is why I have lost not an ounce;


This restaurant makes everything on site.  This is the bread basket they dropped on the table. I only ate one!

This is my small veggie pizza. Half today, half for lunch tomorrow.

But somehow I managed to eat the whole damn tiramisu!

Good thing there is yoga tonight. This is my philosophy. Eat what I want when I can, since I can’t always eat, then sweat it out!


A quick weekend.

Yesterday was up early, did a little biking, then did a lot of yoga. I have gotten back like 90% of my flexibility, but maybe 40% of my strength.  It is a lesson in humility.


Came home, worked on Spanish and some cleaning, then out to dinner with my sister and her Doug.

This is what they looked like at the beginning of the meal.

Then this after Sake!

(it’s not true, but it would have been funny if it was.)

Then home, quick conversation with my husband and then I curled up in bed and watched a bad movie until I fell asleep!


Today, up not quite as early, did laundry then off to the Art Museum with my sister.

Today my attention was captured by things that hold other things

And Shadows. Those are both shadows of the stature from different angles.

There is the statue.  On the left. 🙂

My sister pretending like she doesn’t notice those men watching her!

 Go look at this artists site. There was an exhibit of her work. Amazing.

I love taking pictures of myself

in incredibly old mirrors. Sort of makes me feel like I travel back in time.


I love this sauceboat!  How funny it would be to see if filled with gravy.


I love our museum but walking in it always hurts my back!


Then we stopped for a quick lunch, and now here I sit. Finish the laundry, work on my Spanish. Watch TV, bed. Another weekend gone. 🙂





This is what I am doing:



This however is just an avocado and will not help me with Spanish at all.

Someone in my house is cranky today!



I didn’t sleep well last night for some reason and I had weird quirky dreams so I am out of sorts today.

Went to lunch with my sister and that was nice.

Got a lot of work done, and that was nice.

Office mates ran the new lan line and phone line for me, so that was very nice.

Did my Spanish half hour. It makes me feel stupid. Maybe I’m just not meant to learn another language. Still hitting it though! Not giving up for at least another week and a half. 

Going to grab my bottle, I mean glass, of wine and watch tv from my warm cozy bed while catching up on my Words with Friends.


oopsy daisy!

Going to have to make up for today, tomorrow! Got in 75 minutes worth of exercise, but no cleaning and no Spanish. Wednesdays are hard because I’m gone from 8am to 7:30pm. And today had the added excitement of my new coffee maker being here when I got home.  I bought a Keurig with my Discover cashback.  My son was pretty happy with it! I’ll decide how I feel in the morning. 🙂


I appreciate the nice comments I got on yesterdays post both here and on Facebook. I was a little worried that people might think i was talking about them. Well, I guess I was! It makes me sad when people underestimate themselves.


The other day I learned how to do something new at work. Isn’t it amazing how good it can feel when you accomplish something?


My husband would like to plan a trip for our anniversary in April. I really want to see the Grand Canyon! When I get some time I am going to start researching a trip. He wants to fly into Vegas and then rent a car for a few days at the Grand Canyon. That’s probably what we’ll do then.



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