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I can’t believe I’m doing this

but here you go #strawberryfieldsgirl



Purses that are going. I used the brown one for a long time but the fabric inside is ripped. I should throw it out but it was expensive and didn’t last long so I can’t. 

Going.  I love my red bags and this was a tough decision. The nine-west on the left was one of the best bargains ever. The little purple one is wonderful and never been used. It is TINY! That’s the problem with buying online if you don’t read all the details.



Going.. I love my Tokyo Bay red plaid, but once I’ve used them for awhile, I just can’t go back!


Brown one in front is the one that I just bought and love the look but it’s just too damn small and doesn’t sling over my shoulder correctly.  It’s going to my sister.

I bought the red plaid on clearance so it was really cheap.  Just got it, haven’t used it yet.

This is the one I bought to replace the brown one and I’m now currently using. It’s nice. It has bright obnoxious floral fabric inside which I love! The straps were too long so I knotted them. I’ll probably use this one for a while. It was not expensive.


Saturday Morning

Slept really badly last night, woke up at 1:30 and then every 20 minutes or so, but feel pretty good right now! 🙂 I’m sure I’ll crash this afternoon. I should have gotten my behind on my bike this morning but i choose instead to wander aimlessly around my house. Going to yoga at 8:30 am assuming my innards stay in place. 🙂 I ate things I shouldn’t have yesterday so I’ve a feeling I’ll be paying for that today. s’okay, good cause & effect reminder.


This weekend I have to;

  • Clean a little
  • collect all my purses and take a picture, then take them all to my sisters house to see if anyone wants any then donate or sell
  • Go to Costco for dog food
  • Laundry
  • Cook up a big batch of sushi grade rice (yay!)
  • Ponder packing decisions for our trip next week
  • Do a little work
  • go online and see if I can schedule a manicure. I haven’t had a manicure since I was 19 and I would like one of those shellac ones to protect my nails while they grow. I think we’re through the irradiated & chemo’s part and healthy nail may be growing.

I think I can manage to fit all that in forty-eight hours. 

Uh-oh…already sleepy again. Time to eat some cultured coconut milk (aka yogurt) then clean up for yoga.

See ya!

This morning I left my house in my levi’s for the first time in seven months. SEVEN months. That’s how long it takes after a hysterectomy. I can’t believe it’s been that long already. My scar is still sensitive, I still have a huge numb area, and if you push on my abdomen in certain spots it still hurts. I am just astounded. I really did think that after six weeks or so I would be all healed up and back to normal. I am an idiot.

A couple of months before I was diagnosed I started gaining weight which was aggravating to me since I had just spent 12 months getting down to a weight I was happy with. I gained like eight pounds (which doesn’t sound like much unless you’re middle aged and trying to lose it) then within 24 hours of my surgery I gained 12. I have three more pounds to lose before I am back to my lowest weight. This whole only being able to eat tiny portions of a very few foods does have it’s positive side! And lest we forget, I am also back to exercising. You can’t have one without the other or you gain the weight right back.  The reason I love my levi’s is because they are the perfect length for tennis shoes and for flip flops.


 I have been eating rice like the super food that it is. I figure if the people on Survivor can survive on it, then so can I! I make a big pot of it and then store it in the fridge and dish it out as needed. I’ve had it with canned fruit on it, coconut milk & cinnamon on it, cold with salad dressing on it (whole foods greek goddess is very good!) mixed with veggie broth as a very thick soup. So far that’s all I can think of. 🙂 Suggestions welcome! No dairy, no fresh veggies, no strong acids (like tomato) oh, and vegetarian.

I bought a bag of trader joes brown basmati rice and I have to say that I think it’s downright disgusting! The distinct smell of basmati rice is way more than I can handle. I looked up Basmati and it said the fragrance is that of Pandanus – AKA Screw Pine. Back to my plain old white minute rice! That’s what is recommended for people with sad digestive systems anyway.


I am eating a bowl of basmati right now with a little ginger soy dressing on it, and I just don’t think it’s going to do it for me today. I think I’ll run across the street and see if Rite-Aid has anything I can eat for lunch.  Though there are some very startling sounds coming from my abdomen so not eating may be the wiser course!





Blogged too soon


I should have held off until this picture was taken.

Apparently we are having Hat Day on Wednesday so I have two people wearing top hats in my office today.

Just a quick lunchtime catch up.

My new glasses had the wrong distance prescription in them. They are being remade right now. That will really screw with you if you have three different prescriptions in your lenses and only of them is wrong! I finally realized that it wasn’t just me getting used to a new type of lens (they grind them from the back instead of the front or some such thing) when we went to the movies last weekend and I was able to see the screen better without my glasses. That was a first.

Our home phone has apparently been broken for at least a week, I’m thinking it might actually be since 03/09/2012. No one noticed. ;)I finally got a voice mail on my cell phone that my sons doctors office had been calling for a very long time trying to change one of his appointments and no one ever answered! One of the phone cords was dead.

Speaking of phones! Now I can’t find my work cell phone. I went to grab it out of my purse this morning and poof.  And apparently the battery’s dead because if you call it goes straight to vm. Boo.

Speaking of purses! I don’t like my new purse. It just doesn’t hold enough, even though it is beautiful. It’s unique without being bohemian. Luckily my sister really liked it so I felt no guilt at ordering a new purse so I can give her my other one. Yay!  I really need to pack up all of my purses and sell or give them away.

I don’t have anything else worth mentioning in a public forum so I’ll give you a picture of Mili I found on my phone. 🙂



I love you guys!!!

  • Put the two together and you get the entire quote. I was fascinated by this quote because it’s exactly how I feel about physical and mental pain, or stress. You just have to ride it through and work with it instead of fighting it all the time.
    Resisting pain is like arm wrestling with a two year old. Your pain will fuss & freak and you will never truly win.
  • But if we go with the rhythym and flow we can ride that dragon forever.


Well, I made it all through the week, all the way to today before I was sick and had to go home!

I still think cutting the dairy has been a huge help.  I have people in my office on Monday & Tuesday. I hope i can stay feeling decent on those two days. I think I will not eat or drink anything all day Sunday and Monday and then Tuesday I will eat lunch. No….I won’t. I’ll just keep my fingers crossed.


Look our baby celery is growing so big!  And now I have another baby growing next to him. It really makes a difference how you cut the stumpy part. I really don’t know what else to call that. When you look at the big on you have to look close to see how big it really is, it kidn of blends into the plant on the left so you don’t notice the big stalk.


This afternoon when I ditched my desk and came home to work I came home to three packages in my mailbox. One was my singular prescription, one was a book,

and one was my new bracelet that I love love love!

It’s a perfect fit, and it’s light and pretty and unique. I like unique a whole lot. I was thinking I might have it engraved too. I wonder how one would look as an ankle bracelet?  Here is the Etsy link if you want to go buy one too.

This weekend I need to go to Whole Foods to pick up many things that are not dairy and not irritating to my delicateness.

We will be going to see The Hunger Games this weekend as well, I hope!

Planning a womens weekend in May.  YAY!


That is all…carry on.


Notes throughout my day…


While looking up the nutritional benefit of Clover I stumbled across this:

Click to access Nutraceuticals2003.pdf

 Not everyones cup of tea, but I thought it was very interesting.


One of things my husband wants to do on vacation is stand on a corner in Winslow Arizona.


Ziploc Plastic Bowl  + Plastic Spoon + Miso Soup + 3/4 cup of leftover rice = Unfortunate discovery of desk Trebuchet.


I think (though it’s too early to say for sure) that cutting out dairy has made a huge difference. Feeling ever so much better the last 24 hours.


The weather is so unexpectedly warm that the building manager is wandering office to office with a temperature gun apologizing and letting us know that there will be a snowcone party in the lobby tomorrow!


A little whining and a little pictures.

Just ate my first meal of the day. A scrambled egg.  Guess that tells you something, doesn’t it?

Spent a lot of time researching radiation enteritus. There’s a lot of information you don’t want to be reading. First things first going to try to drop a lot of dairy out of my diet. 😦 No more milk based yogurt, no more milk in my coffee. Also switching to locally produced milk for those times when I do have dairy. Just need to clean up my system. No more milk from cows filled with hormones.  I really never wanted to be this person but I swear if I can ever get to the point where I can eat whatever I want I’m going to just turn into a sprout growing, almond milking hippy. Also saw where glutamine is highly recommended. I took it during radiation for awhile then thought it wasn’t probably doing anything so I stopped. Guess I’ll go back on it!


Now just pictures.



If this stayed looking like this I would encourage it! Not that it needs encouragement. But, in June it will turn bright yellow and crunchy and my lawn will look like something purposefully killed the grass in great honking big circles.





I love he Red clover!

Would have been a good picture if it had auto-focused on the front, not the middle!




I think I have some sort of pill bug serial killer (Maybe John Lithgow) and this is where he piles the bodies.



The hail from the other night.  Biggest hail I’ve ever seen. This was after a lot melted.  Easily a big gumball size!

I thought they were bird eggs in my yard until I got close.

A stitch in time..

I don’t know what a stitch in time saves, but I do know that a stitch in Tracy that gets pulled hurts. I guess I actually must have pulled the skin not the stitch. I think it was when I was on the elliptical yesterday. I tried not to be too vigorous on the swinging arms but I must have done a little more than I should have. I glopped it with neosporin and skipped the elliptical today. Well, that and its really nice out and I’m sleepy. 🙂

I have some writing in me itching to get out. I’ll get there, or it will go away.

I’m going to try yoga tomorrow.  There are only a couple of things that might pull too much. Things that are easily adapted though. I got over needing my yoga to be the best yoga. My yoga is now, my yoga. I make modifications as I need to and try to make sure I’m pushing myself a little, but not hurting myself at all.

I have been a slug this week. I think I lost a few days because I was really thinking I had a couple of more days left in the week before the weekend.

My celery is growing so fast! Wait!  I’m going to go take a picture really quick.

Isn’t it cute? It’s actually about four and half inches tall now. We have another one started in another little pyrex custard cup. If I had space I could time this so that I always homegrown celery. I love the thought of eating something that I know where it’s been and what it’s touched.

All righty! I’m tired of typing now too. 🙂 Short attention span. Three weeks or so till vacation!


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